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I love Creative Market and use this awesome website to purchase most of the graphics (e.g. clipart, fonts, mockups, stock photos) that I use on my blog, in my Etsy and Amazon shop and on my social media!

Rest assured whenever they're offering kick-ass freebies, discounts or flash sales I'll try and keep you updated right here in the content Vault as I know how important having access to amazing graphics is to every girlboss and how hard it can be to find awesome elements that you can use and love!

(Note: Always check the licensing for each element you download) 

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Why are online passive income businesses so awesome?

In this video i'm going to tell you the main 4 reasons why I love building passive income businesses online in this super exciting video!

If you're tired of living pay check to pay check and exchanging your 'priceless' time and energy every day for cold hard cash then I definitely think it's time you try setting up and growing an online passive income business.

Yes they take work and focus to build and you're going to need to make it as much of a priority as possible for at least the first couple of months to help it grow BUT I promise you it can be the most rewarding and empowering experience of your life!

Learn how to gain back your precious free time, whilst skyrocketing your income and most importantly learn super valuable life-changing skills that will teach you how to create online businesses that exponentially grow your money pot whilst achieving your financial FREEDOM!  



Hey guys,

I created this essential video to help you easily navigate how to ethically and legally source the GRAPHIC DESIGN ELEMENTS you'll need to use to grow your business and visually style your brand from day 1!

Whether you need stock photos and product mockups to create your shop banner, product listing photos or to decorate your blog posts or email freebies...

...or you need gorgeous clipart and fonts to use directly on your products such as art printables, tote bags, mugs, digital planners... 

You will eventually need to SOURCE and download all the amazing graphic elements you're going to need, to add the finishing touches to your online business and products!

In this video I will show you how to easily use an amazing graphic website to find and download all the elements you'll need!



Hey ladies,

So this is a little bit of a unique video for me because for once i'm not waffling on about my own blog and resources lol.

In this video I'm going to be talking to you about a truly LIFE-CHANGING program and the MOST influential online business resource i've ever become a part of... and am still a member of to this day!!


Because I know that so many of you kick-ass girlies are looking for fun and easy to follow ways to start your own online income streams that will help you sky-rocket to financial freedom and if there is one awesome course that i've personally taken that has seriously helped me grow my online income then without a doubt it's been this one! 


How to create a drop-ship product using Printful!

In this video i'm going to show you how straight forward it is to create a drop-ship product using the awesome drop-ship company Printful! I've been drop-shipping now for around 6 months and to be honest when I first started out I was terrified. At the time I thought that drop-shipping businesses where for big time online retailers and that I would require some major graphic design skills to even create my first product, but I couldn't of been more wrong!

Within 2 months of starting my drop-shipping business I was already doubling my existing online income and what's more drop-shipping enabled me to offer beautiful physical versions of my products without having to worry about the manufacture, packaging and shipping of every order.

If you're looking for a fun small online business to start you passive income journey then definitely check out this video and Printful (My chosen drop-ship company to use) and discover how to place a sample or customer order on this simple to use platform!



The internet is awash in articles promising you the super easy secrets to passive income success (trust me I've almost read them all) but after you get past the flashy title and enticing first words they melt into a pile of lukewarm advice that does nothing to set you on the right path to building your own passive income source. 

So that's why I decided to create this REAL Ultimate Guide on the 7 steps it takes to grow passive income from scratch. No wishy washy advice.



In this blog post I will tell you exactly how I make over a £1000 a month through my low-maintenance online income streams.

That's right i'm going to list out every single method I use to make low-maintenance and passive income online myself including how much money each stream brings me on a monthly basis!!

I'm doing this because I truly want to help every woman discover that there are so many other ways to making money that don't involve you waking up day after day and handing over your time by the hour!

So if you're ready to discover exactly what I do to earn a full-time income online then please check out this blog post!



Hey there lovely! 

Selling digital downloads is an absolutely awesome way to build passive income!

The beauty of digital downloads is that they allow you to do the hard work once, upload them to an online marketplace platform, website or blog and then sit back and watch them sell (well as long as you're able to keep driving traffic to your product - which i'll show you how to do aswell).

In this exclusive blog post i've short listed 40+ awesome digital download product ideas you could learn to create and sell online.   

To keep this list from dragging on forever, i've focused on 15 of the most popular digital downloads you could create and gone into a little more depth explaining the pros, cons and skill level required to create them. 

I've also added a fun and hopefully useful infographic of over 40 specific digital products you could research a little more and potentially create and sell! 


How to create a successful low-maintenance online business!

Ohh Lady,

Get ready for some serious info injection as this video and blog post outlines 6 key elements you'll need to include in any online business you create to make it low-maintenance AND successful!

Over the last 2 years i've been on a journey creating and growing my own low-maintenance online businesses that now make me over a £1000 a month in the background as I focus on whatever else I want to do with my time.

I love knowing that my online businesses are working quietly in the background bringing me income whilst I focus on the things I love and I want to share with you these super helpful tips and tricks on the things I included in my businesses to gain back my free-time so you can include them in yours too.


8 ways to stay organized and motivated!

Hey ladies, So in this video and blog post and video I wanted to talk to you about something I know almost everyone of you will struggle with at some point if you're thinking of/or have already started building an online business! How do you stay motivated and organized when you're trying to build an online business?? Well in this video I'm going to be sharing 8 super helpful tips and tricks that have helped me build 3 successful online businesses and still have time to live a happy, fulfilling life over the last 2 years!


How to make passive income on Etsy! (Series)


Video: How to create a successful etsy shop in 5 steps!

Hi guys,

In this video tutorial I want to highlight some of the ABSOLUTELY key elements every Etsy shop must have in order to be successful!

I totally love Etsy!

In fact it was one of the very first platforms I used to start selling my passive income products and I definately recommend that if you're totally new to creating a passive income business it is one of the BEST places to start!

Check out all the essential elements you'll need to start a successful passive income Etsy business right here in this video.


How to make passive income on etsy: HOW TO EASILY CREATE ART PRINTABLES TO SELL ONLINE! (part 1)

Hi Guys!

This is a step by step video tutorial showing you how you can create fun and beautiful digital download art prints that you could create and sell online as a 'Passive Income' Product. 

Art printables are a great product to try your hand at creating if you're interested in making passive income because they're really cheap to make, super fun to create and help you learn and hone your graphic design skills which comes in real handy when you're designing your social media marketing material and building the branding in your shop or blog. 


How to make passive income on Etsy: How to list a digital download on Etsy! (part 2)

Heya girly!

So if you've managed to watch video 1 of the "Passive Income on Etsy" series then you'll now know how to easily create 1 type of digital download on Etsy - Art Printables!

Of course there are tons of other downloads you can easily create and list on Etsy so don't feel constrained to just the choice i've used to illustrate how simple they can be to create, go on have a go yourself and experiment with Canva or Picmonkey to design whatever digital download you'd like. 

In this video I'm going to carry on with the digital download tutorial and show you how easy and straight forward it is to take your digital downloads and upload them on Etsy's platform into your own shop.

In future videos i'm going to be going into much more depth about how to create a successful low-maintenance Etsy shop as Etsy has played a huge role over the last 2 years in generating me thousands in passive income!

But for now we're going to be taking it step by tiny step, starting with how to create and upload your very first digital item!


Evaknows Video Tutorials!

Binge watch these videos for instant knowledge or check out the blog posts above to get a real in-depth understanding of each subject!


Hi guys,

In this video I want to talk to you about a few awesome tips and tricks i’ve used to grow my email list to over 200 subscribers in 2 months!

I’ve focused on how I managed to get my FIRST 100 subscribers because once you’ve put the wheels in place on your blog and in your marketing funnels then it really does start to compound on itself and bring you new subscribers almost daily without you having to slog away at it everyday.


💕CONVERTKIT - Try Convertkit Email Marketer FREE here.

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Hi guys,

In this video I want to talk to you about the 8 big mistakes I think new and existing Etsy sellers tend to make when starting up or growing their first Etsy business.

Trust me i’ve been there before and made all these mistakes a thousand times over so I just wanted to share them with you in hopes that they’ll help you reach your Etsy shop goals 100x faster!


Looking for kick-ass resources to help you create a super successful Etsy shop? 

Including an awesome in-depth step-by-step guide covering the 4 essential elements you'll need to start making serious sales...


💕 DOWNLOAD the FREE Step-By-Step guide to creating a Successful Etsy Shop right here.

💕 MARMALEAD.COM - A helpful keyword research tool specifically for Easy

💕 TAILWIND.COM* - An awesome Pinterest schedule tool



ey guys, 


I'm just at the start of my Financial Freedom journey but during the last 2 years i've been able to create 4 awesome income streams online that bring me in a full-time income each month!

Having (Easy to Maintain) income streams that I can manage from the comfort of my own home is truly changed my life and most importantly given me the drive and focus to steer my financial future in the direction I REALLY want!

If you're tired of exchanging your time and energy every single day in exchange for cash each month then you're definitely ready to explore the world of online low-mainteance income. 

On my blog i'm sharing my financial freedom journey using online income streams with anyone interested in doing the same thing. I share my successes, my failures, my tips and most importantly my processes with you and I totally invite you to visit the blog and start on your path to financial FREEDOM with me!


💖 Gain Access to My Exclusive Passive Income FREEBIE Library: ACCESS THE FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY


Hi Guys, 

In this video i'm going to be going through the 5 key steps you need to take to create a successful online low-maintenance/passive income business + 1 super essential ingredient that'll help you claw back your free time and make growing your online income stream 1000% more manageable!

If you're looking for even more online income resources including links to anything i've talked about in this video then check out the full post on my blog.

Full blog post -

"How to create a successful low-maintenance online business" blog Article!

I'll be listing all the resources, blog posts and videos I spoke about regarding making low-maintenance income online in the full article!



In this video i'm going to go through 5 awesome automation tools and resources I use to make running my online businesses 100% easier.

If you already have an online business or you're looking to start one then automating as much of it as possible is one of the BEST things you can do to help it grow and keep it sustainable.

There is nothing more frustrating then trying to grow an online business from scratch by yourself and trying to juggle the mountain of daily tasks and maintenance chores that comes with keeping it happy and healthy as it expands.

So below i've listed the 5 BEST automation tools and resources that I use to help me maintain all of my online businesses and keep them running perfectly WHILST freeing up more and more of my time to do other things I love!

If you want to learn more about how to create an online business thats low-maintenance and brings in passive income then don't forget to check out all my awesome tips, tricks and step by step guides on my blog - https://www.evaknows.com/


💕 Coschedule (A social media scheduling tool) - COSCHEDULE   

💕 Convertkit* (Email Marketing for Online Creators) - CONVERTKIT

💕 Tailwind* (A scheduling program for Pinterest) - TAILWIND

💕 The drop-shipping company I use (Printful*) - PRINTFUL

💕 A Freelance platform I like to use -UPWORK


Hey ladies,

So in this video and blog post and video I wanted to talk to you about something I know almost everyone of you will struggle with at some point if you're thinking of/or have already started building an online business!

How do you stay motivated and organized when you're trying to build an online business??

Well in this video I'm going to be sharing 8 super helpful tips and tricks that have helped me build 3 successful online businesses and still have time to live a happy, fulfilling life over the last 2 years!

I'm still on my journey to financial freedom and I totally understand that finding enough time and energy to build multiple online businesses whilst maintaining a happy lifestyle can be one of the most challenging things you'll ever do!

So that's why I want to share with you as many helpful nuggets as possible to *MAKE SURE* you don't give up on your journey to improve your financial future just because you're struggling with finding enough time and energy to reach your goals.


Hi Guys,

So in this fun video I'm going to show you how you can create awesome drop-ship products that you can easily create and sell in your Etsy shop, on Amazon or even offer on your own website or blog!

I've been selling drop-shipped products in my Etsy and Amazon store for over 6 months now and i've never looked back. It's super easy to do, it takes almost no time to place an order and most importantly it's a super fun and low-maintenance way to make income online!

If you want to check out Printful for yourself then here's the link to their website - *PRINTFUL

Also don't forget to grab your FREE downloadable Printful checklist which takes you step-by-step through your first order and ensures you flow seamlessly through the entire process whether you're ordering your first samples or placing a customer delivery!

Download your FREE step-by-step Printful checklist here:

"How to Easily Place an Order on Printful" - FREE PRINTFUL CHECKLIST