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Create the Perfect Passive Income Product!

Have you got an awesome idea for a passive income product??

Fill out this essential 12 question workbook to find out if your product idea really is good enough to sky rocket you to financial freedom!

This workbook is also a must download for anyone looking for passive income product ideas in their first online business.


9 Fun Ways To Make Passive Income Guide!

Want to find discover some amazing ways to make passive income online? 

Then download this free awesome guide to 9 super and creative ways to start earning passive income as soon as possible. 

You have to start your passive income journey somewhere. So gather up some amazing ideas on how you can start earning money online pronto and get to work on creating your very first passive income stream! 

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Meet Your Perfect Customer

Use this workbook to help you discover more about your target audience. 

Answer detailed questions about your ideal customer and use the avatar sheet to help you pin point exactly what your customer needs and what you can do to drive them to your product! 


The ULTIMATE Passive Income Planner!

Are you ready to start creating life changing passive income but your financial freedom goals seem so big you don't even know where to start??

Don't panic this awesome and super effective passive income planner will help you break down your big passive income goals into much smaller easy to manage chunks.

This workbook features a monthly, weekly and daily planner with over 31+ To-Do list pages for you to fill out each day of the month.

Print it out, staple it together and easily keep track of all your passive income tasks to help you reach your financial freedom goals! 

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The Essential #Girlboss Office Checklist

This checklist works hand in hand with the blog post "10 Essential Items and Tools Every #Girlboss Should Have in Her Office!"

This checklist and article are perfect for any girl creating her very first office space.


The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Passive Income Summary + Note Sheets

Are you ready to start growing your passive income online?

Then this super helpful cheat sheet is exactly what we need to kick start your passive income jounrey!

Grab this FREE cheat-sheet to The Ultimate Guide to Passive Income blog post!

It's an easy to follow 7 step summary that breaks down all the essential steps you need to take to create passive income from selling products online. This content upgrade summarizes all the steps into one useful workbook + there's additional note pages for you to write down your own take aways, tasks and to-do's to start your passive income journey!