5 Things To Do To Create A Successful Art Printable Etsy Shop!



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Well Hello Guys, 

So in this video I'm going to be talking about a topic that I'm super passionate about and a subject that may be rather specific to my viewers but also totally RELEVANT if you're looking to create passive income online.

I've been the proud owner of an Art Printable Etsy shop for the past 2 years and in the last 7 months I was also able to take that awesome business and include drop-ship Art prints simply by taking a few more steps to easily transform my existing art printables into physical products.

Although for the first 6 months of my Etsy shop journey I truly struggled to understand exactly what my shop needed in order to drive traffic, attract customers and grow my low-maintenance business...


Ohh yes lady, that sh*t went straight over my head too!

ONCE I started really buckling down and putting in the time, energy and focus to learn everything I could about creating a successful Etsy shop I began to see my sales rise from 5, 50, 100 to 600+ sales in the course of just a year and a half, all in my spare time!

I can't tell you how awesome it feels to see sales and passive income rolling into your Etsy shop even when you're busy getting on with other things you love such as working on creating another passive income stream, spending time with your friends and loved ones or simply grabbing a few extra hours for yourself.

It's also pretty amazing to know that you've gained some seriously awesome skills from your Art Printable business that you can use over and over again to grow your passive income pot in a whole host of new ways that would of been almost impossible to grasp before.

That's why in this video I want to talk in depth about 5 awesome ESSENTIAL elements that you'll need to ensure your digital download Etsy shop is strong, efficient and successful and I really want to share them with you guys here on YouTube just incase you're in the process of setting up or growing your own Art Printable or Digital download Etsy business and you're looking for a little help.

Like I said I'm by no means the biggest or best full time seller on Etsy but I'm truly proud of how I've managed to set up successful traffic and sales driving systems and create an Art Printable Etsy shop that has made me £1000's in low maintenance income over the past year and a half and that now only takes me a few hours a month to maintain!

I know how important it is for so many of my amazing readers and video watchers to learn EXACT actionable strategies to create low maintenance and passive income streams online, not just lip service from people telling what you COULD do in an endless list of "50 passive income businesses you 'could' start now" in which you receive  ZERO guidance and help in actually getting any of them up and running and what's more the person speaking has NEVER created any of them themselves.

Believe me i've seen enough people gossiping about how to create a passive income stream that have NEVER EVEN TRIED any of the methods they claim you can make £100's and £1000's from!!!

That's why I personally love to talk to you guys about my journey with growing my Art Print online business that now constantly supports me and helps me grow my online passive money pot so that you have the option to learn from my personal successes and mistakes in what it TRULY takes to build a passive income stream from scratch!

Ohh yes, we get up close and personal on my videos and on my blog evaknows.com

And hopefully using my first hand knowledge you'll be able to get your own REAL Etsy business up and running and bringing you in 'consistent' passive income in a matter of months rather than years! 

I hope you enjoy watching the video guys and definitely don't forget to sign up for the "Art Printables on Etsy course" if you're really ready to create your first passive income stream from SCRATCH!



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See you in the video lovely,



Amazing Resources To Help You Create Your First Ecourse!

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DISCLAIMER: This blog post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase one of the products, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. The use of affiliate links in no way effects my view or opinion of any product. I would never recommend a product I didn't 'use' and love to my audience!


Resources I'm Currently Using To Create My First Ecourse:

🎉Need Guidance Creating Your First Course?

Here's the 'Course By Numbers' Course by Suzi from Startamomblog.com that I'm using to help me create my course. - COURSE BY NUMBERS BY STARTAMOMBLOG.COM

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Hi Guys,

So in this video I wanted to talk to you about a completely new online income stream i'm currently focusing on and that i'm SUPER passionate about... Creating my Very First Ecourse!!

For the last few months i've been quietly (cough cough) or not so quietly working away at my latest project of creating my very first Ecourse for my blog evaknows.com.

I'm so passionate and motivated about it right now and as I have always promised my awesome YouTube watchers and my blog followers that i'll always keep you in the loop along my online income journey, then I just knew I had to share this video with you on how i'm getting on prepping and creating my first Ecourse!

I have to admit when I first decided to start work on my course I was TERRIFIED!!

I had no idea where to start, what a course involved and how I was going to get across EVERYTHING I wanted to teach in a coherent manor to my amazing future course takers...


I did what any over enthusiastic girlboss does and researched the heck out of "how to create your first course online?".


I was probably a touch faster than this at typing! lol

I was literally scouring the internet for any super relevant and helpful resources I could find to make the journey as 'easy' as I possibly could.

After a loooonnnggg and super overwhelming search I stumbled across a few absolutely kick-ass tools and resources that I just had to mention to any of you guys if you're in the same position as me and starting out on your first Ecourse creation journey!

A few months back I signed up for a Free Teachable account and started practicing creating a few free online mini courses just to get used to how it all worked and make doubly sure that I enjoyed using the platform... Safe to say I LOVED IT!

Then once I decided to get super focused and create my very first paid course I did what I personally recommend almost anyone who's completely new to creating an Ecourse does, I went in search of someone who had a proven and strong track record for successfully achieving my goal and as awesome luck would have it at that exact time one of my absolute favorite bloggers and someone i've been following and listening to for over a year released her amazing course on how to create your own Ecourse from scratch - It's called Course By Numbers.

I bit the bullet and purchased her course and within the first few hours of watching and reading I already felt like I knew exactly what I needed to focus on (scarily not the things I originally thought I needed to do) which has literally saved me from spending days and probably weeks of wasting my time on pointless tasks that never needed to be done in the first place.

I've also discovered how to properly lay out my course, what to include, how to warm my audience up for my first launch in advance and literally all the ESSENTIAL elements that go with not only creating a course but actually 'launching' it as well... 

Something that I will shyly admit to you guys (as I always like to be brutally honest about my online journey) I hadn't realized I needed to have in place well in advance!

Anyway long story short I just wanted to create this video to recommend a few amazing resources that I'm currently using to create my FIRST online course. I have always promised to take you along my passive income journey every step of the way so I just wanted to keep you updated with what i'm up to now and hopefully give any of you guys a couple of super helpful resources if you're also working on creating your own online course and need a little help!

I will of course keep you updated on my first Online Course journey as I go along lovelies, as I'm hoping I will learn some super helpful do's and dont's along the way that I will be able to share with you to make your own path to creating a course that little bit easier (if that's something you'd like to do to of course) lol.   

If you're struggling to watch the video in this blog post then feel free to view it here on YOUTUBE!

 🚀 Here's the Course By Numbers Course I'm using to help me create my course. I personally love it!! - COURSE BY NUMBERS BY STARTAMOMBLOG.COM

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See you in the video guys.



how to shift your mindset to make passive income!

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(Note: This post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and decide to buy I will get a tiny bit of compensation for your doing so. I want to stress that in no way does me including affiliate links affect my opinion of a product good or bad and I would never bother linking to an item I didn't deem worthy of being checked out by me or my readers. I never want anyone to waste good money they've worked hard to earn!)



Hi guys,

So in this video I wanted to talk to you about 5 mindset changes I had to make when I started out on my financial freedom journey!

Like I think most people, I came from a social economic background that's taught me that in order to earn money, I have to hand over my time, skills and energy each and every month by trading "myself in" for my monthly income!


Ohh yes, I now realize what a crappy trade that was!!!


But once I discovered the power and freedom that can come from building 'passive' income streams and creating assets that can earn money for me even as I sleep, I began to realize that I'de been hardwired to 'AVOID' my own financial freedom and instead keep myself in the constantly dangerous situation of having *ME* as my 'ONLY' financial Asset and Source of Income!! 

 I know I like to put pressure on myself but damn!

I know I like to put pressure on myself... but damn!

I'm not going to lie, it's taken me time and required me to drastically improve my financial education and understanding to really shift my mindset towards focusing on slowly building up my assets rather than constantly scrambling to create more and more 'active' income, but once you start to see the drastic difference building 'passive income' can make to your financial situation you'll never look back!

In this video I want to talk to you about 5 Essential Mindset Shifts I think you'll either need to experience or you'll already be experiencing if you're on your passive income journey and why it's super important that you work towards expanding your mindset when it comes to building sustainable income streams that will help you reach your financial freedom goals in the long run!


3 awesome RESOURCE TO HELP you expand your money mindset:


If you're looking for a fun and super motivational way to start your passive income journey and discover more about how to make passive income online then I have an awesome FREE "How to Make Passive Income Online" 4 Day Mini Email Course that's perfect for helping you uncover how YOU can start making passive income online and start your own journey today!




Lets talk about the bigger picture -

why does having passive income even matter?

Right now my blog is focused on helping you take practical steps to 'starting' your financial freedom journey because I totally know how frustrating it can be to be ready to jump in, get your head down and start scaling your own pot of passive income but have absolutely no clue how or where to 'start' building your FIRST passive income streams especially if you're completely new to the subject!

However, I also want every single one of my awesome blog readers to truly understand that becoming financially free and completely self-reliant takes alot more personal growth and education then simply setting up a bunch of low-input online business or investing in the stock market...

It's takes a complete mindset shift to learn how money REALLY works, what you should REALLY be doing to make the most out of every penny you earn and most importantly WHY you need to ensure that you're completely financially savvy and competent even if it's a subject that you've never taken SERIOUSLY before!

Why am I so serious about this??

My dream is to help as many awesome women (and men of course) as I possibly can gain a healthy, strong and completely accurate understanding of personal money management so that I can prevent as many amazing individuals as possible from falling into the soul destroying trap of handing over their precious time, their energy and lets be honest the most special years of their life to endlessly work for the worst of all bosses - money itself!  

As Ann Wilson and so many other amazing financially free individuals often say - "Money can be a great servant but it's a terrible leader!" 

That's why, on Evaknows I want to start sharing with you the BIGGER PICTURE of the financial freedom journey itself and why it's so important not to let money lead the way in your life!

Over the last 2 years i've been climbing my own personal journey to financial freedom and I have become overwhelmingly aware of how much I let myself (through lack of financial education) become led and controlled by the myth that I had to hand over 'me' each and every day to 'earn' money to support my lifestyle.

No one had sat me down and told me there was another way! No one explained anything about assets, liabilites, expenses and how I was meant to go about building a financial future that I could truly love and enjoy... 

A future in which money wasn't my boss/leader but instead was my servant!...

(This is something I would love to start including in my blog in the next few months if you guys would be interested in me expanding my topics to talk more about my own experience with 'personal money management' and how i'm putting processes and steps in place to ensure that every drop of passive and active income I make, I keep working for me to either create more assets or I use to help build a rich juicy lifestyle I love!)    

...So for the past 2 years whilst I was building my passive income I also started my own 'mini personal school of financial education' and i've read, watched, researched and applied as much knowledge as I possibly can about money management to my passive income journey to ensure i'm doing to the very best I can to create a financial future I'm proud of!

That's why once you make the amazing decision to get started on your passive income journey, I also think it's super essential to get truly educated on not only the right ways to make money to create your financial freedom but I also think it's super duper important to get clued up on the realities of personal money management and how exactly you should be building the RIGHT 'cash-flow' to help you reach your financial freedom 100 x faster.

It didn't take me long on my own journey to realize that i'de only touched the tip of the iceburg when it came to my financial literacy when I decided to start building passive income and I soon uncovered a whole world of amazing financial knowledge once I really began taking my money and my future seriously.

Below i've listed just 2 absolutely amazing 'introductory' financial education books that have really helped me gain insight into the huge mistakes I was making with my own money and my cash-flow.

I personally think they're definately worth checking out if you're looking for 2 ultra financially savvy authors to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to gaining your financial freedom.

As I mentioned above it's so essential to encourage your mind to look at the bigger picture when it comes to your overall financial situation before you dive right in and start building your own passive income businesses, investing in the stock market or anything else you decide to give a try...


Simply because before you're about to embark on possibly one of the most long, tedious, focused, amazing, rewarding and most importantly profitable personal growth journeys of your life (building the financial future you dream of through passive income) and to it right I personally think you need to have everything in place mentally to not only remain persistant in your BIG goals over the years to come but also to ensure you are doing everything you possibly can to  MAKE THE MOST of every penny of income that you create along the way.

In one of my absolute favorite money management books Ann Wilson - The Wealth Chef, she articulately breaks down not only the right way to create and scale your income but she also goes way more depth then I possibly can in this blog post into the BEST ways for you to utlilize every penny of passive and active income you earn to help you reach your financial freedom goals so much faster. 

If you're a complete newbie to building assets and creating wealth then I personally think The Wealth Chef is an amazing book to help broaden your mind and bust some of the worst myths about money management - I'm not going to lie I read this book from cover to cover in 2 days and it still sits on my bedside table now! 

I also truly love Tony Robbins book - UNSHAKEABLE and think it's an awesome read to inspire you to think bigger, broader and most likely out of your comfort zone as it's centered around the cold hard myth busting truth that you actually can't 'actively earn' your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

I've read a number of Tony Robbins books and personally think this is my favorite by far!

As much as I love the concept of improving your mindset in general when it comes to believing in yourself, achieving happiness and generally becoming a more content person as a lot of Tony Robbins books centre around, in truth I'm not really one for reading a book cover to cover if there isn't alot of PRACTICAL guidance and advice on how exactly i'm going to achieve my BIG goals so that I can actually really apply them in the physical world!

Ohh yes, as much as I love motivation, inspiration and all things intangible - I studied Biological Science for 4 years and because of that i'm one heck of a PRACTICAL kind of girl!

The geek inside me likes a whole lot of methodology and step by step guidance on exactly what it's going to take to achieve my financial goals and I personally found UNSHAKABLE an awesome resource to help me shift my mindset to the world of investing and using the money I earn to help enhance my financial future instead of letting it gather dust in a low income saving account or simply spending it away!      

When I sat down and started reading UNSHAKEABLE I personally found so much practical value and financial information crammed into the pages and this book alongside the Wealth Chef has helped me scale my mindset and opened my eyes to so many false beliefs I've carried around with me about not only how I should be 'earning' my money but also what I should be doing with it once it hits my bank account!   



📚 ANN WILSON: The Wealth Chef - How To Make your Money Work Harder, So You Don't Have To!

📚 TONY ROBBINS: Unshakeable: Your Guide to Financial Freedom through investing! 


So there you have it 3 hopefully helpful resources to guide you at least a little closer to your goals on your own financial freedom path.

I hope you enjoyed the video and defiantly share it with anyone else who's also working on their own financial situation if you think it can help them at all.

I truly welcome anyone on my blog no matter their current financial situation or were they're at in their own passive income journey - the more amazing like minded women and men here the better ;)    

Thankyou so much guys for taking the time and energy to read my blog post and watch the video.

It truly means so much to me that so many of you are as motivated and inspired as I am to build a better financial future for yourself and you're checking in with me from time to time to listen and read about my personal journey to improve my financial situation!

I wish you so much luck in achieving your own financial freedom goals...

You got this girl, go get the financial future you want and deserve! 

See you in the next blog post and on the Youtube channel - Evaknows!




12 Digital downloads you can make and sell on Etsy!

(Note: This post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and decide to buy I will get a tiny bit of compensation for your doing so. I want to stress that in no way does me including affiliate links affect my opinion of a product good or bad and I would never bother linking to an item I didn't deem worthy of being checked out by me or my readers. I never want anyone to waste good money they've worked hard to earn!)


Hey guys,

In the video above I want to talk about 12 fun passive income opportunities you can create and sell on Etsy!

I love creating digital downloads.

It's fun, it's creative and it can be a great way to earn passive income online.

It's also an awesome way to start your passive income journey without having to invest a huge amount of capital as you can set up an Etsy shop and start listing digital products for pretty much free!

Below i've added a wealth of hopefully super helpful resources for you to check out if selling digital downloads sounds like something you'd like to do.

Don't forget to take advantage of as much of the information available online as you can around this subject before you dive in.

Before I really started making money with digital art printables on Etsy I sat down, did my homework and worked out a strong step-by-step strategy to achieve my Etsy shop goals and I really recommend you do the same too!

I hope that at least some of these resources can help you with whichever digital download you fancy giving a try and don't forget although creating an Etsy shop can be a good way to make extra income, I also want you to remember that making and selling digital downloads online should also be FUN!!

So go ahead check out this video and blog post, find a product you're passionate about and that gets you're creative juices flowing and get started on creating an online business that in time will start to help you build your passive income!!  




In this section i've added a few key resources that I personally think are vital for any budding digital download Etsy seller including a great place to source your clipart, fonts and graphic elements if you're interested in creating goodies such as art printables, cv templates, social media packs etc plus two awesome online (beginner friendly) graphic design programs you can use to create your gorgeous digital products and my absolute FAVOURITE Etsy Success program that helped my own Etsy shop sky-rocket from making next to nothing to bringing me in a small full-time income (£1000+) per month! 



I absolutely love creative market. From when I first started out to where I am now I credit this platform for about 60% of all the artwork, mockups and flatlays I use to create and display ALL the products I sell in my store.

I would love to write a full blown article all about this awesome website detailing exactly how I use it to create the most beautiful digital downloads that literally sell themselves, so let me know if any of you would be interested in that and I will? 

Powered by Creative Market

**Check out creative market for yourself and download these gorgeous designer artworks available for FREE on the creative market platform - make sure to always check the license that every graphic design product comes with just to check if you can use it in your commercial products or not!


The best thing about creative market is quite simply that its the ultimate one stop shop for everything a girl needs to create out of this world digital products, social media graphics, website backdrops and so much more!

I personally love to use this platform to source gorgeous clipart and fonts for my art printables and those interested in creating social media packs, cv templates, printable invitations, printables games etc will find creative market super handy to grab gorgeous commercial use designs to add detail and style to your products.

If you're not a natural born artist or don't want to spend all your super valuable work time drawing mediocre stick figures that you know would never sell online then it's best to just leave this part of the product process to the experts.

In a future post I will write a step by step guide on how I create my digital downloads using other peoples artwork and how majorly fun it is to get creative and use their stunning illustrations and fonts legally to create artwork, cards or templates covers to sell.

But for now if you're new to creating digital products I would suggest taking a good look at Creative Market not only when you're ready to start creating your amazing products but also as a regular inspirational hotspot to get your creative juices going as you research what to sell.      

Above i've attached an offer that Creative Market has on right now to download a bunch of completely free goodies from the platform for you to see what you think of their artists stunning graphics and fonts so you don't just have to rely on me and my experience (Note: affiliate link)

Try out these gorgeous graphic freebies and really get the juices flowing with ideas on what digital products you could potentially create in your store to help build your passive income - I love finding and sharing gorgeous FREEBIES with you guys!



When it comes to creating my digital download products I have to say I have experimented with both Picmonkey and Canva over the last 2 years.

I absolutely adore both so this paragraph is not going to be a tear them apart comparison. The one thing I will say that steered me a little more towards Picmonkey in the beginning of my passive income journey is it's insanely easy to use platform for complete graphic design beginners and the fact that within seconds you can create absolutely beautiful digital downloads with little to no previous graphic knowledge.

There design layout is super simple and just like Canva they have absolutely beautiful templates you can play around with to create most of your digital and printable products.   

Now 2 years down the line I still love to use a mixture of the two platforms to come up with all my designs.

I've created art prints, digital cards, social media posts, digital planners, screensavers, phone backgrounds, ebook covers and even 90% of my blog graphics and downloads on these 2 graphic websites and trust me i've had zero professional training when it comes to design.

If you're looking for somewhere to start creating your own amazing digital downloads to sell then I would definately recommend you check out Picmonkey.

If you're serious about building passive income from an online store or blog you won't be disappointed with what you can achieve on this platform alone! 

I'll drop your off on the Picmonkey Homepage right here if you want to see what this amazing website has to offer you.

I personally recommend trying out Picmonkey first if you're a complete graphic novice not only because it's a touch simpler than Canva but also because they have great tutorials and blog articles stuffed full of super helpful advice and guidance to improve your design know-how that helped me out when I had no idea what to do! 

I will be creating way more posts on all the tips and tricks i've learned to create stunning ultra sellable downloads for my shops in the future but for now I just wanted to mention this amazing resource if you guys want to try them out.



I adore Canva not only because it's fairly easy to use (granted after the first few attempts) but mostly because they provide an astounding wealth of design templates for you to play with for almost every kind of graphic you could want.

For example if you need inspiration for a CV template or social media layout they have you covered and they have so many tools and processes you can easily use to create gorgeous digital downloads of your own. 

(Note: Never simply copy one of their templates and sell it as your own on another platform - this could wind you in serious trouble).

However as long as you stick to creating original pieces such as unique art printables or digital planner pages with commercial use imagery and fonts you've purchased form places like Creative Market you're good to use this killer platform to create stunning designs you can sell in your own Etsy shop!

If you want to try Canva out for yourself then here's a link to their website. 

I'll drop you off on their homepage so you can have a good old nose and discover everything they have to offer on their amazing platform!

Note: There are also much more detailed and advanced programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator that are excellent for people confident in graphic design! 



Subscriber tribe: THE PERFECT PLACE TO START! 

There is no other reason for me to put this course at the top of my list except for the fact that this program quite literally helped me start and build my online business from nothing to the little powerhouse it is today that makes me my full time income. I promise you i'm not giving Jenni Waldrop's course too much credit. I discovered this online academy quite literally by accident about 3 months into my online seller journey at the time when I had almost completely given up on the idea of building passive income. Everything online seemed so confussing and the few strides I managed to make towards building my online business kept turning out to be wrong and had to be corrected over and over thus I was getting nowhere fast. 

Then I stumbled upon the Subscriber Tribe course and plucking up all my courage I made the first (and best) decision I could of possibly made for my business and my income.

...I enrolled!

Within a few weeks following Jenni's advice and course modules I quite literally turned my business around. Even now I know that if I hadn't took my future into my own hands that day and decided to learn about online business the right way on this course I wouldn't be here talking about my success now.

That's why I want to share this course with you guys not because I want you to sign up but because I really want you to see that making a decisive descision and getting the help you need in the beginning is the most important step to building a strong profitable business online. 

Subscriber Tribe is chocked full of priceless advice, guidance and easy to follow modules that carefully guide you through the maze of creating online income.

I personally love her friendly warm writing style, her amazing how-to videos and the fact that she takes so much time to interact with the group. From facebook lives where you can ask her any question you want to the group page where you can chat with so many other like minded people working hard to build there own online income.  

If you're interested in taking a look at Etsy Academy then this is a link to their homepage. 

Jenni also has tons of free articles on her blog to help you scale your Etsy Income and grow your Etsy shop in no time!


You're also welcome to download here HUGE Ultimate Guide to Running an Etsy shop awesome FREE course which is chocked full of FREE tutorials to help you grow your Etsy shop once you've created your first passive income products!


Now lets talk specific Digital downloads you can have fun creating and selling on Etsy (+ other online platforms such as Creative Market)...





Art printables are digital downloadable versions of art designs you can sell online to a customer and they can download and print out themselves.

Art prints can be super fun and creative to make.

Personally I love this type of passive income product simply because with a little graphic know-how (i'm talking basic) and a great design website like Canva or Picmonkey you can create absolutely stunning digital prints that you can share and sell in an online shop. 


If you're interested in discovering how to create art printable to sell on Etsy then I have a kick-ass 'Passive income with Art Printables' ecourse coming in November 2018.

Register your interest early and gain an EXCLUSIVE 15% discount coupon for the course herehttp://tiny.cc/PassiveIncomeWithPrints

Also don't forget to check out my Art Printables video and blog post hereHow to Easily Create Art Printables To Sell Online



If you love organization and you fancy helping your fellow entrepreneurs or busy working families keep track of their hectic day to days then why not learn to create super helpful planner pages or organization worksheets and workbooks that your customers can download and print out at home.

I love to try designing useful planner sheets for myself (although they're no where near the quality i'm sure a dedicated digital planner Etsy shop can create) but if you're like me and enjoy planning ahead then why not use some of that forethought and invest your organization skills into your passive income journey. 

Wedding planners, digital journals and meal prep worksheets are just a few niches you could venture into but truly the list of options remains endless as more and more people are investing there time and pennies into organizing their hectic lifestyles. 

There are a wealth of template ideas on Canva and Picmonkey to help you create beautiful, unique and most importantly helpful organizational sheets and workbooks your customers can purchase form you and download themselves.

If you're looking for more inspiration and guidance on this particular digital download then definitely check out these resources.


Here's a super helpful video to guide you in the basics of creating planner pages using Adobe Indesign How to Design Planner Pages in InDesign | A Beginner's Guide

Definitely check out this mini course for a step-by-step guide to creating physical and digital planner pageshttp://bit.ly/TrishaTaylorPlannersCourse

Examples of digital planners being sold on Etsy - Etsy Digital Planners!



Creating digital download cards can be such a fun way to spend a few hours of your free time. Places like Etsy.com make it super easy for you to upload your card designs onto their platform and start selling to their audience in just a few days.

From season greetings cards, inspirational cards and housewarming cards to wedding and bridesmaid request cards there's a whole host of niches and occasions you can cater for.

All you need to do is get to grips with an easy to use design platform such as Picmonkey or Canva (or Photoshop for the more advanced) to start creating these fun and crafty digital download products.



Do you love using printable stickers in your own home for journalling, d.i.y projects or for just rewarding the kids? Then you might also enjoy learning how to create your very own designs and even better discovering how you can sell them on places like Etsy and Creative Market for passive income. I love using digital download stickers in my day planner and in the future I will definately be looking further into adding these super fun products into my own Etsy shop. As I don't specialize in this form of digital download myself I've compiled a small collection of resources to help you learn more if you think digital stickers could be a fun way for you to start earning passive income on Etsy.

Here's a super helpful video tutorial from Nicole Elizabeth onHow to Make Planner/Bullet Journal Stickers - Step by Step Guide

This awesome in-depth article from Nicole Elizabeth helps explain digital stickers in a clear and easy to follow context... including startup costs, common sticker sizes and so much more How to Make Planner Stickers to Sell on Etsy  



Printable invitations to all sorts of events and occasions can make excellent 'passive income' products you can upload once and sell again and again. Birthday invitations, wedding invitations, baby showers and holiday party invitation templates are just some niches you can use to create beautiful invitation designs to sell on marketplace platforms or your own websites. 

Downloadable invitations can be a super easy and fun digital product that anyone can learn to create and again websites such as Canva and Picmonkey and design programs like Photoshop and Illustrator make the design process so much easier for graphic design beginners and intermediates.

For tons of inspiration and to help you see the kinds of fun and elegant designs other have created in this niche then browse some printable invitations here on Etsy.com



Printable games and coloring books have been skyrocketing in popularity and demand on marketplace platforms such as Etsy.com. From children themed colouring pages to hen night and baby shower downloadable party games there's a wealth of different printable ideas you can come up with to entertain your audience and grow your passive income. 

Using websites like Canva and Picmonkey its now easier than ever to get creative and design your own downloadable games, quizzes and colouring pages you can easily sell in your online shop. Just like art printables and greeting cards you may have to create quite a few variations and options for your customers to choose from in order to start earning a good income from this type of passive income product. But if you enjoy the process and grow your shop overtime there's no limit to money you can make from your online stores. 



If you have a talent for drawing or graphic design then this really could be your ideal niche to create gorgeous 'passive income' products. I personally couldn't be without all the amazing artists I buy from who allow me to use their designs for my own digital products. If you have a skill for art and you're willing to learn how to upload and promote your work then selling your artwork as vectors or clipart that others can use on their branding, commercial products or social media graphics can be a great way to make money from your talent. 

This again can be quite a competitive sector particularly on the most popular digital marketplaces such as Creative Market and Etsy.com. Uploading truly beautiful high resolution designs and clearly stating your terms of use with each clipart package you sell is essential to not only help build loyalty and trust with your customers but also to prevent copyright issues creeping up through accidental (and not so accidental) miss-use of your work.  

If you're serious and passionate about creating art then designing gorgeous graphics can be a great way to express yourself and make money over and over for your digital artwork however this method can vary greatly in start up costs depending on what type of design equipment you want to use to create your product (e.g. scanning your hand-drawings onto your computer (relatively inexpensive method) or using detailed illustration equipment and programs to create digital artwork on places like photoshop (costs can ratchet up using this method) but at the end of the day it's totally up to you and how much you're ready and able to invest in your business at the start! 


This is an in-depth 1 hour video introducing budding artists to using photoshop to create graphic designsA Basic Introduction to Illustration in Photoshop with Aaron Blaise

If you're interested in creating digital artwork and want to give it a go this video and youtube could be a helpful starting place for you - Photoshop Clip Art Tutorial | Intuos Drawing Time Lapse | How To Earn Passive Income For Your Art

Transferring you hand-drawn art onto your computerGetting Your Drawings into Your Computer

Check out some gorgeous graphic elements I love being sold on Etsy here - Gorgeous Girly Clipart on Etsy



Do you love photography?? Do you have a keen eye and a knack for styling that means your images always stand out from the crowd??

Then creating stock photos may be an excellent way for you to dip your toes into the world of passive income.

Stock photography is again a super competitive game and getting your images noticed amongst the wealth of free imagery out there can be a grueling task but with a little determination and focus on building your portfolio and brand you could start earning passive income from stock photography in a few months.

Again I want to reiterate that stock photography is a competitive game so do your homework on the best niches, photography websites and marketing techniques to jump start your earning potential selling stock photos.

Powered by Creative Market

A beautiful stock photo bundle by Floral Deco!



Following with the trend of photography I just wanted to mention a smaller more niche style of imagery that truly appeals to small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

If you're handy with a camera and you know how to create beautiful photo layouts then Product Mockups could be a really lucrative way for you to make passive income!

 Product mockups are photos that help businesses or online shop owners display their products. Whether it's a print frame mockup, a tote bag mockup or even a ceramic mug mockup numerous digital download and drop-ship art designers love to use styled mockup photographs to display their product designs to their customers.

I personally love to use product mockups for my digital art prints. I can easily insert my art designs onto beautifully styled frame photos and hey presto... my audience gets to see what my art could look like if they printed it and framed it in there own home. 

Powered by Creative Market

A Stunning product mockup collection from WhiteHeartDesign co!



Creating your own fonts could be a fun and interesting way to spend a few free hours of your time in order to make a 'passive income' product. I personally have had no experience crafting my own digital fonts and so I'm limited in how much I can attest to it's ease and the level of skill you'll need to acquire in order to create this type of download. 

I love to purchase new and unique fonts on Creative Market and on the websites blog they have tons of useful advice, tips and tricks on how you can go about creating your own designs for yourself or your customers to download and use. Although I haven't sold fonts myself, if you're interested in this type of digital product then I suggest doing your research extensively before you consider setting up shop.

Just as with every other digital download you could potentially create there will most likely be a steep learning curve and plenty of rules and regulations you'll need to uphold in order to safely sell you fonts online.

I'm not saying this to put you off... almost the exact opposite in fact. If you have a love or real interest in beautiful typography and you think font designing may be a fun way to create your passive income then by all means have fun and explore.

With patience and persistence there truly are very few limits to what you can create. Who knows I might even be purchasing my next font from you in the near future.


This is a great ecourse you might want to take to help you learn how to create and sell your own custom fonts - Paper to Digital: Create Your Own Hand Drawn Font

Check out come beautiful digital fonts on Etsy here - Etsy Digital Fonts

Powered by Creative Market

An example of a stunning font from Nicky Laatz!


10. Printable Decorations

As I mentioned in the video above, there's a whole (relatively) hidden world online dedicated to customizing and theming almost anything you're heart desires and it seems that the idea of creating awesome uniquely themed party decorations for a child's party, wedding event or any other celebration has not escaped the digital printable madness... especially not on Etsy!

I've included a link to Etsy below showing you some of the awesome unique printable party decorations available for sale right now just to get your inspiration buzzing. I've also added a fun course you might like to take from a women far more adept at creating party printables than me plus a kick-ass video of hers to give you as much information as I can in this direction.


Check out these gorgeous Party Printable designs on Etsy - Go on get your creativity pumping!

A helpful video tutorial guiding you through creating a simple party banner using Photoshop - How to create a printable party planner in Photoshop!

(Ecourse) How to Make Party Printables in Photoshop and Monetize Your Designs - Check the course out here!



Social media templates can come in real handy for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to promote and push their products and brands. If you're willing to put in the time and attention to learn how to create them then selling social media digital download templates can be a super useful way to help your fellow entrepreneur and start or grow your passive income.

You can include a wealth of elements to help your customer elevate the look and feel of their business online including stunning stock photos you've taken, background patterns and textures for your customer to use in their social media posts, unique fonts and Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook vertical or horizontal templates ready for them to upload to Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva or Picmonkey and overlay with their own wording.

You can even include pre-made inspirational quote graphics that they can quickly upload on their feeds when they're on the go. 

Again creating social media templates does require a level of graphic design skill but with a little patience and persistence, you'll be uploading amazing social media packages your customers will love in no time at all.



Finally I want to quickly mention a few digital download products that I have fallen in love with since starting my online income journey and couldn't be without. Business templates such as bill tracking spreadsheets, budget spreadsheets, inventory and revenue templates, price lists and even resume templates are popular digital download products loved by so many small business owners and entrepreneurs all around the internet.

If you have a knack for creating easy to follow spreadsheets, perfectly laid out resumes or business focused workbooks then the niche of business related digital downloads could be the perfect place for you to start creating your 'passive income' products.

I love discovering and downloading super helpful spreadsheets and templates that keep my business tasks and to-do's lists on track and if you think you could create something in this niche to help your fellow entrepreneur tackle the day to day hassle of running their business or keeping track of their finances then I definitely recommend taking a look at the wealth of digital design choices you could create here and help your fellow girlboss succeed by creating the perfect product to help them out!


Discover some super professional and stunning CV resumes on Etsy - Digital CV Templates!  


Powered by Creative Market

A gorgeous CV Template from Keke Resume Boutique!

Thankyou so much guys for making it through this giant post!

I super hope you've found something to help you move further along you passive income journey and definately let me know what digital download ideas you're excited to try.

See you in the next blog post guys,



the importance of PERSISTENCE in achieving your big goals!

Well hello there Lady!

So, If you've been reading my blog posts for the last few weeks, you'll know by now how passionate I am about helping you in every way I can to improve your financial situation and create safe, secure and super 'rich' online income streams that will jump-start your financial freedom journey and get you earning extra money in your free-time from the comfort and convenience of your own home!

I do love me some online passive income!! 

You'll also know how passionate I am about debunking the soul destroying myth that the only way you can earn a living is by following the 'traditional method' of bringing in income each month...

You know the one... 

"Find a 'good' paying job, pitch up to work and hand over your precious time each and every day in hopes you can slog and save enough to retire before you reach a 100 years old!"


"If this is you at the end of a work day, then I think it's time you seriously rethink your current financial situation!" 

But on my blog I want you to forget all that "Just go out and get a normal job" rubbish!

Because unless you really enjoy handing over your time and energy to someone else or you love the uncertainty of never quite knowing if you'll be made redundant or loose your job in the next few years due to cut-backs or just plain bad luck, then there are MUCH BETTER ways of bringing in regular, more independant income then replying solely on your employer to pay your bills each month!!   

Instead I want us to be able to talk in-depth about how you should really be working towards building a safe, strong and profitable financial future that you'll truly LOVE in the long-term!!

Ohh yes, a financial future in which you never again have to hand over your precious time and skills for another irriplacable 8 hours of your life, you don't need to bend and flex to your bosses every wish and whim in desperate hopes she'll keep you on at the end of the month, or worry if you can afford to pay the mountain of bills you owe if you need to take some well deserved time off!

Instead... I want to talk to you about how you can build an awesome life-changing financial future that sky-rockets your standard of living to new heights!!!

One in which you can have complete control of your money and finances from the comfort of your own home, knowing that you've created amazing secure income streams that will not only easily support your current lifestyle (and all the expenses that entails), but is also working whilst you sleep to improve your wealth in the long run, grow your assets and scale your financial situation to new levels that would of been almost impossible to reach in your normal 9-5 job!! 

I know what you're probably thinking right now...

"Yeh, sure that sounds awesome in my dream world... but I could never replace my current salary with enough online income to support myself!!"

But I promise you lady, you're wrong!!!

Not only is it super possible to build low-maintenance online income streams that generate enough to support your current lifestyle in the short term...but it's also well within your reach to scale your online income FAR FAR past what most people could ever dream of earning before retirement and generate digital assets such as online businesses and investments that will set your FINANCIAL FUTURE up in the long term!!

BUT lets be as always 100% straight forward here on this blog...

Learning how to grow your online wealth from scratch, how to generate new and low-maintenance online income streams and discovering how to PROPERLY manage your money to help scale it in the long run takes hard work

It's also going to take time and focus and it requires ALOT of self-motivation and discipline to keep working on your financial future goals day after day until you finally reach them.

In hopes of finding other like-minded financially driven women, I initially created the Evaknows blog to share my personal experience in building my own online income streams from scratch and quickly started talking to you about the invaluable lessons, tips and tricks i've discovered along my journey to help keep me moving towards my financial freedom goals. 

Well I felt it was finally time to share a HUGE PROBLEM I'm constantly working on and I know so many of you all wrestle with whilst trying to grow your income in the big online world...

Well, what is it??

Well I'm going to be straight forward with you and tell you that for the last month I have been endlessly struggling with one BIG problem...

A mammoth lack of self motivation and drive to keep pushing towards my goals!!!

That's why in this video I want to talk to you about the 1 word that keeps me pushing on towards my personal goals each and every day... PERSISTANCE!!!

In this video I want to give you a little push in the right direction whether you're just starting your online income journey or you've been quietly chomping away at it for quite some time.

Take 5 minutes out of your hectic day to remind yourself exactly why you're reaching for your financial freedom goals and why PERSISTANCE is the key to your success!


If you're looking for a fun and super motivational way to start your passive income journey and discover more about how to make passive income online then I have an awesome FREE "How to Make Passive Income Online" 4 Day Mini Email Course that's perfect for helping you uncover how YOU can start making passive income online and start your own journey today!


I can't wait to see you in the next blog post lovely,

See you soon!



How to Find and Download Clipart, Fonts, Mockups...The Right Way! (Using Creative Market and Canva)

how to download clipart | How to find commercial use clipart | Creative Market | Creative Market tutorial | how to find fonts | Royalty free graphics | Where to find commercial use clipart | graphic design

DISCLAIMER: This blog contains affiliate links (marked with an *), which means that if you click on one of the product links, I could potentially receive a small commission. In no way does this effect my opinion of a product and I would never recommend something that I did not use and love myself!

Powered by Creative Market

Well hello there lady,

So today we're going to learn how to easily AVOID the MOST important 'legal and ethical' issue you are bound to come across as you start your first online passive income business!!!!!

How to LEGALLY source and download all the graphics (e.g. clipart, fonts, mockups, stock photos ect) you'll need to visually style your online shop, blog, website and social media platforms! 

Why are we talking about this NOW??

Well because if you're thinking about creating ANY form of online content... (e.g. shop branding, drop-ship or digital download products, website and blog graphics, email list freebies... literally anything that has a visual design element to it at ALL)... then you really need to watch this video...

...How to Find and Download Clipart, Fonts, Mockups...The Right Way! (Using Creative Market and Canva)... 

I created this essential video to help you easily navigate how to ethically and legally source the GRAPHIC DESIGN ELEMENTS you'll need to use to grow your business and visually style your brand from day 1!

Almost EVERY type of online business (both passive and active) usually requires at least some graphic design elements (unless you have the time and skill to hand design all your graphics yourself)

Whether you need stock photos and product mockups to create your shop banner, product listing photos or to decorate your blog posts or email freebies...

...or you need gorgeous clipart and fonts to use directly on your products such as art printables, tote bags, mugs, digital planners... I'm going to stop here because I could go on and on!

You will eventually find yourself wondering how you're going to SOURCE and download all the amazing graphic elements you're going to need, to add the finishing touches to your online business and products!

Well i'm going to tell you something right here that I don't EVER want you to forget missy...

(Gosh, that sounds so serious and kind of bossy - sorry for the dramatics there) lol😉

BUT... I want you to remember that whatever you do... NEVER simply hop onto Google images, find a photo, graphic or font you love - copy and paste it to your downloads and start plastering it all over your blog, online shop or heaven forbid your products!!!



(Ohh Yes, if you see someone encouraging you to do this... this is exactly how you should react!🙀)


Huh... but isn't that what Google Images is there for??

Heck NO!!!

I've seen so many fellow Youtubers and bloggers recommending to their viewers that it's fine to slide onto Google and use it as your personal FREE graphic design resource tool not caring that they could be easily setting you up for some major legal copyright and trademark issues (trust me that shits super serious)!

I've been using commercial license clipart and royalty free graphics for over 2 years now and I can guarantee you that no one serious about building a sustainable online business would dream of going down that route to source their graphics and clipart, heedless of the potential issues it could cause them if they were caught using a copyright image they had no right to use!!

That's why in this video I would like to talk to you about how you can EASILY AND QUICKLY pick up gorgeous clipart, fonts, mockups, stock photos… and so much more with the full rights to use them in your branding, products, blog/website, social media or in any other way you’d like to use them using this awesome graphics resource - 

Powered by Creative Market


I love to use Creative Market and Etsy to find and download ALL the graphics I want to use in my online shops and blogs and that’s why I wanted to create this EASY tutorial to help you find a safe, secure, legal and ethical way to source and purchase kick-ass elements plus how you can easily download them onto Canva to get started making ANYTHING you want for your shop or blog!!

Trust me using a platform like Creative Market to easily guarantee you're playing within the rules is the ONLY way to ensure your business is safe and happy in the long run!!!

See you in this awesome step-by-step tutorial lady, 



Video: How to Find and Download Clipart, Fonts, Mockups...The Right Way! (Using Creative Market and Canva)


🎉 You're welcome to sign up to Creative Market for FREE Here *- Creative Market!


As a little extra, i've gone ahead and curated a gorgeous collection of *Creative Market Graphics I love and I think all you gorgeous Girlbosses could definitely use: 

Powered by Creative Market


Subscriber Tribe Review | Discover the best online course to create a successful Etsy shop! Increase Etsy sales | Selling on Etsy | Etsy tips | Subscriber Tribe | Make More Sales on Etsy | How to sell on Etsy | How to create a successful Etsy shop | Make money on Etsy | How to make money | How to make money online | Fuzzy and Birch Review

DISCLAIMER: This video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to make videos and blog posts like this. 

F.Y.I - The use of affiliate links in no way effects my view or opinion of any product. I would never recommend a product I didn't use and love to my audience!

You're Welcome to Check out the Awesome Subscriber Tribe for Yourself Here - SUBSCRIBER TRIBE


How has subscriber tribe helped me grow my online income?


Hey ladies,

So this is a little bit of a unique video for me because for once i'm not waffling on about my own blog and resources lol.

In this video I'm going to be talking to you about a truly LIFE-CHANGING program and the MOST influential online business resource i've ever become a part of... (and am still a member of to this day)!!

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.50.34 AM.png

It's called Subscriber Tribe!

As I mention in the video, this super helpful program has had a truly ASTOUNDING impact on my online income journey and I accredit ALL my initial Etsy Shop Success to the skills, advice and tricks I discovered and implemented using this amazing interactive resource.

And that's why I want to recommend it to anyone interested in starting their own Etsy business from scratch or looking to upscale their existing store from lack-luster to income busting in a matter of months!

If that's not exactly you then lady feel free to go ahead and check out my other blog posts below...


What is Passive Income + 5 Ways to Create It in Your Spare Time!

The 7 Key Steps to Building Online Passive income! (Exclusive Content)

7 Amazing Resources to Skyrocket Your Passive Income!

40+ Amazing Digital Download Ideas you can Create and Sell Online!


...But if you're ready to start making killer income online in a fun and newbie friendly way then read on to discover more about the perfect program for you to get to your goals in a matter of months!!!  


💖 Resources mentioned in this video 💖

🎉 Check out Subscriber Tribe Here - SUBSCRIBER TRIBE

Wanna start a 'Passive Income' Etsy business?

🎉 Check out my kick-ass up-coming 'How to make passive income on Etsy' Course



Etsy is an amazing platform for ALL online income newbies, whether you're in it to make extra money through selling digital downloads, drop-shipping products or creating handmade items you design and make yourself, Etsy is an awesome platform to learn how to successfully sell to an audience, build a brand and gain recognition all from the comfort of a 'marketplace platform' that makes it super easy for newbies to gain experience and start bringing in major bucks each month!!

Etsy is one of the very first platforms I ever used to start making 'passive' income online through digital downloads and I still make a strong monthly income from it 2 years down the road!

I truly recommend it to anyone if you're interested in learning how to build an online business (passive or not) and create another stream of income to support you and your family each and every month.

But I have a HUGEEEE word of warning for you before you simply dive in and duct tape together a rickety looking Etsy shop in hopes you'll quickly make your fortune and retire by the end of the month...

Unfortunately to gain real, long lasting and sustainable income success on Etsy - You need to know EXACTLY what you're doing and be able to implement it step-by-step!

I'm afraid there are no short cuts to this rule and to be honest why bother trying every cheap ass trick in the book to hijack your way to making killer money on Etsy only to have no clue how to replicate your success in the future??  

Trust me in my past stupidity I tried every silly tactic and method to bypass my way to Etsy shop success without putting in the hard work and focus and the only thing I ended up achieving over the course of 4 long months, was a mess of ill thought out branding, half baked products and an Etsy shop I was too ashamed to promote to my friends let alone to anyone in the big online world!!

I learned the lesson the VERY hard way!!! 

What ever you do, don't follow in my footsteps and do the same!!   


How can you reach your own etsy success?

If you're serious about creating a truly sustainable, profitable and beautiful Etsy business in the next few months then I'm telling you finding a course or program that can take you step-by-step through the set-up and creation process, to the building an audience and scaling your business portion of growing an Etsy shop is an ESSENTIAL!

I honestly wouldn't be bothering to write this...

...(I'm not a massive fan of writing big blog posts - but I do it on occasion if I really think the subjects worth while)...

...If I thought it was worth scrimping and saving your way through building your Etsy shop to get the same results.

It's NOT!!!

 As I mention in the video above I always want to be honest with you and tell you exactly how I achieved my goals so hopefully it will help you with yours, even if sometimes that means it sends you away from my blog and courses towards something more suited for your needs. 

And when it comes to showing you hwo to create a kick-ass Etsy shop and scale your business to life-changing income results there is truly only one program I have personally taken and can add my seal of approval to... Subscriber Tribe.

Like I spoke about in the video, Subscriber Tribe is an awesome super content packed program perfect for all Etsy business newbies. If you're ready to set-up your first Etsy shop but you just don't know what steps to take or you're struggling with a failing Etsy business that's causing you more trouble then it's worth then now's the time to invest in a killer course that's going to show you exactly how to build an Etsy business that works for you and scales your income to new heights!


Why do I love being a member of subscriber tribe?

Before I joined the program I had just opened my very first Etsy shop in late 2016 and had literally no clue how I was going to turn it into a full-time income generating business with my limited (basically non-existant) experience in selling online and driving visitors to my products.

At the start of 2017 I hacksawed my way for 4 months through setting up my branding, creating my products and trying to create some semblance of SEO and for all that initial hardwork and 'misguided' effort do you know how much money I made?


In fact that's kind of an over estimate because that ignores the fact that I had wracked up some expenses during those 4 months so I might as well be honest and say I'de ended up in the negative.

That was until I joined (Etsy Academy) now called Subscriber Tribe. 

For those 4 long ass months, i'de been despirately searching for any help online that I could find to guide me in some way to improve my profits and start making a success of my business and although there was great free (super general) advice showing me how to make little improvements here and there, I could find nothing that gave me a solid step-by-step easy to follow action plan to help me reach my Etsy shop goals in months (not years).

Then one day I finally stumbled upon a super quirky (and funny) fellow Etsy seller called Jenni Waldrop who for the first time gave me real 'actionable' guidance I could follow and implement in the awesome Ultimate Guide to Etsy 40-Page MEGA tutorial 

(Your welcome to download her free Step-by-Step Etsy Resource yourself if you fancy a look)

And it's safe to say as soon as I'de worked my way through her free Ultimate Guide I signed up to become a member of her super sales boosting Etsy Program Subscriber Tribe!


Because by that point (and for the first time since I'de started my Etsy journey), I knew exactly where I wanted to take my Etsy shop and I knew exactly who I wanted to help mentor me achieve my Etsy success goals! 

And I can safely say, It was the VERY BEST decision I made to boost my online income since I started over 4 months before!

Trust me if it wasn't, I wouldn't be using precious space in MY blog to tell my valuable readers about it...

I truly never want to steer any of my crazy cool ladies towards a product that I don't think is worth it's weight in gold! 

But I can truly say that this course (to this day) helps me stay accountable for my Etsy success and grow as an Etsy shop owner and so I'm super happy to recommend that if you're looking for Etsy guidance then you should check it out yourself - SUBSCRIBER TRIBE!

Believe me, finding legit actionable Etsy advice and guidance in an easy to follow format (and) a mentor that you genuinely trust and find MAJOR value from is no easy feat to accomplish and i've had to wade through an ocean of bloggers promising you the world and delivering zip...

...to finally find someone I would recommend to my valuable blog visitors!

And that's why I want to literally shout this course out to anyone who's struggling to grow their Etsy business or who's thinking about starting one up because I KNOW you'll find crazy awesome value in this program and the kick-ass members only facebook group it comes with.


What Do you get in subscriber tribe?

🎉  Kick-Ass In-Depth video tutorials!

🎉  Super Helpful Downloadable resources!

🎉  Awesome Live Q&A sessions each month in which you can ask Jenni questions!

🎉  'Get Shit Done' Workshops to keep you focused!

🎉  Exclusive Etsy Guides and Blog Posts full of action packed advice!

🎉  And the Super Interactive Facebook Group - Who you can chat to everyday! 


I was able to scale my ramshakle Etsy shop into a strong and profitable online business that now makes me (£100's) per month plus use the skills and techniques i've learned to open an Amazon shop that now brings my combined income up to over (£1000+ a month)

All in the course of 9 months!!

And most importantly it's given me the confidence and knowledge to take all the skills i've learned so far and am still learning, as the tribe is an amazing lifetime membership program that still releases new kick-ass Etsy success content each month, to create and scale any online business that I set my mind too (including the blog you're reading right now).



😍 What TASKS you should be doing, all in the exact order you should be doing them to create a successful Etsy shop!

😍 How to SET-UP and SCALE your Etsy business to awesome heights in a matter of months!

😍 And how to think and work like a SUCCESSFUL business owner! 


These are just a few of the thing's i've learned since being an active member of the Subscriber Tribe Group!

Jenni will show you ALL the skills and tools you'll need to reach your Etsy shop goals in a matter of months! 

When you know all the tricks that make you KILLER income consistently, it’s easy to apply them all over your business, in a million different ways. 



Just like any online income stream you build, there is no such thing as easy success when it comes to making money online.

Just like with anything worth while you are going to have to sit down, get focused and really start implimenting all the tips, tricks and techniques Jenni has to offer in her program to really see your income build and scale in the months that follow...

Believe me i've worked my little butt off to surpass my income targets in such a short time.

BUT...I can without hesitation say that even if i'de put the exact same effort in to my Etsy shop but had never found and took the step to join Subscriber Tribe I know I wouldn't be anywhere near as far along as I am now.

I would not be in the position to go part time in my full-time job (long story short I've chose to stay in my active employment simply because I enjoy the work and love the people) nor would I be far enough along in my journey to feel confident and knowledgeable enough to start my own online blog documenting my 'Passive' income journey to financial freedom!

And that's why i've taken the time to sit down and write a blog post about my favorite Etsy program and talk to you about how it's helped me on my journey and why it might be perfect for you to try aswell! 

I've never been afraid of putting in the hard work as long as I know that what i'm working towards is going to help me and my financial freedom goals in the long run and when you're building an profitable Etsy business I think that's the exact mentality you need to keep to get you through the difficult bits and gain your reward...

A kick-ass online income stream you can manage from the comfort of your home (or anywhere you want).

And in my experience the good times of building my Etsy shop, the increased monthly income and the knowledge and skills i've gained from being a member of Subscriber Tribe and scaling my online businesses have FAR outweighed the time and effort i've had to put in to set them up...

And I recommend giving Subscriber Tribe a real go to anyone looking to start their own Etsy business and improve their own financial future in the short and long term!   

If you're looking for an easy to follow step-by-step Etsy program that you can really sink your teeth into and get started creating kick-ass online income then I KNOW this is the course for you!!

No matter what course or path you choose to take to improve your online business skills and income I hope no matter what you have fun!

See you in the next blog post lady,




Top 3 Beginners guide to personal finance books I love!

Hi Guys,

So in this video I quickly want to talk to you about 3 awesome money management books i’ve purchased that have helped me to seriously sky-rocket my money skills as a 28 year old woman!

I think one of the MOST important elements to building wealth and gaining financial freedom is learning how to manage your personal finances properly...


Personal finance books | Money management for young adults | Personal finance tips | Personal finance tools | Personal finance planning | Personal finance goals | Personal finance management | Personal finance 20s

And it's something that over the last year I have become truly obsessed about because i've finally caught onto the reality that so many of us are just quite simply NEVER taught in school and university.

"It's not about how much money you make, it's about how much money you allocate in the right places to improve your financial situation!"

Put it this way, If you received a nice fat £1000 check from your granny because she went ham and won the motherload on the bingo (we can only dream) lol

Would you know exactly how to allocate that £1000 to get the very best bang for your buck from every penny that went into your bank account?

Would you splash out and spend it on new shoes?

Hide it away in a low interest savings account?

...Or even use it ALL to pay off SOME of that credit card debt you've wracked up?

Would you know what's best for you and your current financial situation or would you just randomly choose the option that FELT best to you at the time (inevitably missing out on the great opportunities staring you in the face on how to make that money work hard for you and improve your financial position).

I've seen so many amazing, strong and super driven women hustle day after day to earn as much money as possible whilst having zero clue how their meant to use it to get maximum rewards for all their hard work.

They take on extra shifts, work double time in the holidays and scrape together as much as they possibly can only to watch it trickle out their bank accounts and disappear into the ether, never to be heard from again.

I promise you, i'm not judging!

For most of my life i've followed in the exact same footsteps blindly filtering my money into any old bank account and paying little to no attention to how I'm managing the awesome resource I have available, only caring enough to make sure my bills are paid on time and I can afford a meal or two out once in a while!

Well just over a year ago I finally decided I'de had enough of living hand to mouth and completely clueless, and I went in search to find out what I should actually be doing with my little limited pot of money.

I decided to do something I'de never done before and put some real focus and energy into making sure that every penny that fell into my account was allocated to slowly improving my financial situation, investing in my financial future and pushing me closer and closer to financial freedom!

And what surprised me the most??

Looking after your money isn't all that difficult or scary!!

I now have pre-set income allocations that I use to pay my bills, invest in my future and dedicate to guilt free spending each and every month and I went from the girl who swore blind she barely made enough to pay her rent and phone contract to feeling secure in the knowledge that I'm doing the best I can to build my finances properly whilst allowing myself the guilty pleasures I enjoy once in a while (with cash to spare)!! 

Ironically during that period of time my income didn't really increase that much but through improving my financial education and finally understanding how I should be moving my money to achieve the goals I want, I went from feeling constantly stressed out that I wouldn't have enough money to get by each month to honestly lifting a weight off my shoulders and being pro-active in achieving my financial goals.

Below i've created a video talking to you about just 3 awesome books i've read (and used) to help improve my financial knowledge and gain more control of my finances as a whole and in future months i'm going to be creating more articles and videos on the subject of money management because I want all my readers to understand that it's not just about how much income you make it's about what you do with it after it hits your bank account!

I want my blog to be a safe space for women to gain the whole picture about building financial security and freedom.

Yes, my main focus right now is about helping you build awesome online income streams that increase your cash-flow and your ability to allocate more money to different areas of you current financial situation but I also want to start opening conversations with you kick-ass ladies on how to best use your money to build the financial future you want...

And deserve!

I'm all about learning on this blog and i'm so excited for you to share in my experience and journey with discovering much more about financial education.

Together we can work to create a financially confident and competant group of women who feel safe and secure in their ability to make the most from the income they earn.

So without me waffling on even more (as you probably by now know I love to do) lets get on with the video I created about my favorite beginners personal finance books and exactly what i've learned from them :)  

If you’re looking for an awesome place to start your money mindset journey and learn how to manage your income properly then I seriously recommend picking up these 3 amazing books...

My Current favorite Money Management Books as Mentioned in the Video:

📚 ANN WILSON: The Wealth Chef - How To Make your Money Work Harder, So You Don't Have To!

📚 TONY ROBBINS: Unshakeable: Your Guide to Financial Freedom through investing!

📚 THE HAPPY PLANNER: A great resource to use to help you organize you own finances and note direct debits, standing orders, subscriptions ect somewhere visible! 


side NOTE:

I will be adding more books and Guides that I personally love to this list as I go along to help anyone looking for awesome resources and tools to help build their own financial education!

See you back on the blog, 



It's time to start your passive income journey!


Hi Guys, 

In this video I want to talk to you about the MOST important part of creating passive income and money online...


Work out what you need to do to take the first steps towards your passive income and financial freedom goals and dive right in!

I promise you, it's no where near as scary as people make 'creating passive income' out to seem!


Watch the video to discover the most important element to making passive income online:



I’m currently working on a fun and most importantly 'beginner friendly' way for you to start your passive income journey right now, which I will hopefully be releasing on my blog in the next months...

But no matter whether that course is for you or not, what's most important is that you work out what you want to achieve in your financial future, you set your first goals and you start taking the essential steps YOU need to take to create your first passive income stream online!!

I promise you, you can do this girl!

Trust me, once you start taking steps towards building a financial future you love and that works for you (away from the time and energy draining 'normal' 9-5 job)... 

You'll discover so many life-changing skills and adopt amazing cash-flow improving habits, that your future self will worship the ground you walk on for taking that VERY FIRST STEP and starting your passive income journey now!     



As I mentioned in the video I will soon be releasing a STEP-BY-STEP online passive income course for my blog readers in the next coming months, just to help you make that BIG leap and dive right into creating your first passive income stream on Etsy (one of my favorite passive income platforms)!

If you’re interested in taking that course as soon as it’s released then sign up to the waiting list and you’ll receive a free 15% coupon you can use if you decide to buy…


When I started my passive income journey designing and selling easy and fun to create art printables online 2 years ago, I had no idea how far it would take me into growing my cash-flow online and changing my financial future for the better. 

I also had no idea that I would be learning LIFE-CHANGING passive income skills that I could easily use over and over again to steadily replace my full-time job with the low-maintenance income I now make online!

Now I want to show anyone willing and ready to build their own passive income streams online EXACTLY how I did it and more importantly I want to teach them the killer passive income skills I’ve learned over the last 2 years that have sky-rocketed my ability to make passive income from the comfort of my own home whilst working on WHATEVER online business I decide to put my focus into!

So why am I so driven to help women build their own safety net of passive income?

Well, I'm going to be completely honest and tell you it's based on my own personal experience watching so many amazing women in my life struggle to actively 'work for' enough income each month to support their families, pay their bills and scrape together a semblance of savings from their FULL-TIME job! 

     Ohh yes, I really am that blogger that cringes when asked about her life story!

    Ohh yes, I really am that blogger that cringes when asked about her life story!

For the last 28 years of my life, i've been raised around so many amazing, strong, capable women who've spent their lives working tirelessly for every penny they've been given and though its 100% admirable, its also 100% the most risky way to maintain you're financial lifestyle in the short and LONG run!

If at ANY point and for ANY reason (e.g. accident, illness) most of the women in my life had to stop working for a month or 2 at a time, they would have ZERO income to fall back on and what's worse they're monthly expenses would keep filter in, robbing them of any precious savings they'd managed to hold onto and so they have to start all over again, back at square one.

(Ohh yes, this scenario happened a lot in my single parent family).

I'll be honest with you, it's a truly scary and vicious cycle to watch someone you love constantly scramble and tirelessly work to pay the bills each month, knowing that if they took more than a few days off a year they’d be plunged into a financial crisis they couldn’t get out of.

With no alternative forms of income, nothing to keep the cash-flow pumping even if they HAD to stop working for a month, I witnessed what it truly looked like to be completely dependent on one form of active income and what’s worse what it felt like to witness that hard working person, through no fault of their own loose that job and what little financial security that came with it!

That is when I finally learned the HARD LESSON...

Relying solely on your active employment to pay the bills each and every month is not only time, energy and soul destroying but it’s also flat out DANGEROUS in the long run and quite frankly it's a cruel situation that I truly don't want anyone willing and ready to do something to improve their financial situation to get trapped in!

So, if you're willing to put in the time and the effort up front then I'm honestly here to help you steer the wheel of your finances in a MUCH MUCH MUCH safer direction!!!

It's time to start growing multiple streams of PASSIVE income!

On my blog I want to help women create and grow 'easy to maintain’ online income streams that they can run from the comfort of their own home!

I want to help you set up online businesses that give you financial choice, financial gain and most importantly financial freedom in the long and short term!

These businesses are designed specifically towards giving you back more and more of your free time, enabling you to choose what you want to spend your hours on each day knowing that you’re constant active involvement in the business isn’t needed to keep it bringing in income each month!

              Can you explain that again for less geeky folks?

             Can you explain that again for less geeky folks?

I know what I just said might sound like a lot of mumble jumble, but really all it means it that you no longer have to exchange you precious time and energy everyday to pay your bills each month, that's because your well structured and automated online businesses will begin to work for you whilst you focus on whatever else you need or want to get done with your free time!

Ohh yes, you really can create online businesses that run on their own! 

Now I never ever want to lie to any one following my passive income journey and so i’m always upfront about how much work you’ll need to put in upfront to build any passive income business… (To cut it short... ALOT!)

And it’s going to take a steep learning curve and a change in your financial mindset to reach a point in which you trust you’re online income streams to support you each and every month…

BUT I promise you, it’s so worth your time and effort and it’s truly going to be the best thing you’ll EVER do for your future self, because you’ll be granting her the holy grail… FINANCIAL FREEDOM in the long run!

What ever you do, don’t be the girl who closes her eyes to the vicious work cycle she’s trapped in and blindly follows the rest for the crowd for the next 30+ years of her life hoping and praying she can afford retirement!

Make it happen for yourself, take the first steps and grow your passive income pot from the comfort of your own home... starting NOW!!

If you want a financial future full of security, certainty and FREEDOM?

Then it's time you sit down, roll up your sleeves and make it happen for YOURSELF!

It’s time you take the state of your financial future into your own hands and i’m going to help you every step of the way to build your own online passive income streams that have got your back over the long time, steadily filtering money back into your life each and every month!


Are you ready to create your first online passive income stream?

As I mention in the video I'm currently working on creating a STEP-BY-STEP online course to help you get past that 'scary' hurdle and set up your FIRST online passive income stream which you can grow to whatever income level you want!!!

I want to show you how to go about it PROPERLY and help you skip over all the time and money draining hurdles that stopped me in my tracks for months before I got past them...

You're about to learn some seriously life-changing passive income skills in my upcoming course and I genuinely can't wait to help you take your first BIG step and create your first online passive income stream.

So let’s focus on jumping the first LIFE-CHANGING hurdle on your big passive income journey and get you up and running with your own low-maintenance online business.

You can do this lady, I know you can!

To grab an EXCLUSIVE 15% off my step-by-step to passive income beginners course “How to Make Passive Income on Etsy” and receive an email on the day of its release then sign up to the waiting list below and get ready to start building your first passive income stream with easy art printables in no time…

Pinterest Pins for Squeeze pages-13.jpg


Tailwind Mini course Pins and media-4.jpg

Hi guys,

In this video I want to talk to you about the 8 big mistakes I think new and existing Etsy sellers tend to make when starting up or growing their first Etsy business.

Trust me i’ve been there before and made all these mistakes a thousand times over so I just wanted to share them with you in hopes that they’ll help you reach your Etsy shop goals 100x faster!


Looking for kick-ass resources to help you create a super successful Etsy shop? 

Including an awesome in-depth step-by-step guide covering the 4 essential elements you'll need to start making serious sales...


💕 DOWNLOAD the FREE Step-By-Step guide to creating a Successful Etsy Shop right here

💕 MARMALEAD.COM - A helpful keyword research tool specifically for Easy

💕 TAILWIND.COM* - An awesome Pinterest schedule tool



Creating a low-maintenance Etsy business online truly isn't hard, especially when you enlist the help of other online sellers who've gone through the whole process before you like me!

DISCLAIMER: This video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!



What is Passive Income + 5 Ways to Create It in Your Spare Time!

The 7 Key Steps to Building Online Passive income! (Exclusive Content)

7 Amazing Resources to Skyrocket Your Passive Income!

40+ Amazing Digital Download Ideas you can Create and Sell Online!



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Feel free to share my blog content with your followers and friends and lets get every women pumped and ready to start building their own financial freedom! 


Why are online passive income businesses so awesome? (Video + Blog Post)

Why are Online Passive Income Businesses so Awesome | Passive Income | Online Passive Income |  passive income ideas, passive income streams, passive income side hustle, online passive income, easy passive income, types of passive income, passive income business, building online wealth, smart passive income, passive income for beginners

Hey Guys, 

So in this video (Scroll to the bottom to watch) and blog post I want to talk to you about one of the biggest growing movements online right now!

If you're anything like me and you love discovering awesome ways to make money online then Evaknows is exactly where you want to be and i'm going to explain exactly why to you below. 

                  ↑ Ohh yes, Aladdin! You know what I mean! ↑

                ↑ Ohh yes, Aladdin! You know what I mean! ↑

If you've never heard of them before then this is going to be one heck of an introduction to 'Online Passive Income Businesses' that you really shouldn't miss because the information i'm going to share with you can quite literally change not only the way you think about 'earning' money but most importantly inspire you to take the leap yourself and try creating an online passive business that will (eventually) give you back your freedom as well as skyrocket your income! 

2 years ago I started my journey creating and growing small passive income streams online and what I quickly realized is that it's by far the best thing i've ever done for my financial situation!!

Now i'm not going to lie to you like anything worth while, building online passive income streams takes persistance, determination and most importantly the ability to learn a different way of thinking about money that most of us were never taught growing up!

You see, most of us are taught from an early age that we need to get a good education, find a stable job and work our way to retirement without even considering if that's really the best thing for ourselves and the lifestyle we dream of living.

What's sadder, is that even with the birth of the internet, social media and yes blogging, most us will never take advantage of the new wealth of swirling knowledge that's now available on how a select few people are (not so secretly) raking in cash each month from a wealth of other sources aside from the 9-5 job scheme!

If you've made it here, then I'm confident that you're one of a very select group of ladies who know that there are much BETTER ways of 'earning' money and affording the lifestyle that you truly want then handing over your valuable time and energy every day to a boss who loves to control you and a company that thinks of you as just a number.

And i'm here to tell you that from my experience, creating passive income streams online is by far THE very best way to start steering your financial future towards a lifestyle you love and are proud of!

Ohh yes, one in which you can earn money from the comfort of your home with minimal maintenance in the long run and one in which you can (eventually) control:

  • How hard you work
  • How much time you put in to your businesses


  • How high you want your income to skyrocket each and every month!


Discover how to make passive income online with this Awesome 4 Day Email Course!

                                                                         ↑ Click the image below ↑

                                                                        ↑ Click the image below ↑


Now i'm going to be 100% real with you here, because i'm not one of those charlatans that promises you FREE, SUPER EASY money just to get you to hand over yours...

Creating online passive income streams is truly a life-changing action and over time you will start to build businesses that can almost entirely run on autopilot and merrily bring you in strong, consistant income each and every month...




Passive income in the long run can give you back your free time, liberate you from the harrowing 9-5 rat race and ensure that you're building a financial future that's rich in FREEDOM and ENJOYMENT but they take determination, focus, energy and most importantly time to reach that level! 

In the video below, I want to talk to you about 4 of the most important reasons why I think creating online 'passive income' businesses from scratch could be the best journey you ever take to financial freedom but I'm going to be ruthless here... don't bother watching if you're looking for a quick way to make a few bucks and move on because passive income is certainly not for you!

I really want commited, driven and most importantly determined women to join me on this awesome journey to financial freedom! 

It's not always going to be an easy ride to build the financially free lifestyle we want but together on Evaknows I know we can build an empire of online businesses that are self sustaining, time freeing, uber powerful and will most importantly liberate us from ever having to hand over our precious time and energy to companies and bosses that could never value us as much as we value ourselves.

Over the last 2 years I've taught myself how to build small manageable online businesses that now generate me over £1000+ a month in passive income.

Trust me it's not been the easiest thing i've done in my life but I promise you it has been by far the MOST rewarding!!




I'm currently working on a kick-ass ecourse for you gorgeous ladies to take that'll help you set-up your VERY FIRST Passive Income business and help you start raking in the £$££ in a matter of month!!

Ohh yes, we're about to get super organized and productive up in here!

What you'll learn:

  • How to set up a super easy and fun art printable Etsy shop in a matter of days!
  • How to start driving traffic and making sales on auto-pilot using easy to create sales and marketing funnels!
  • How to scale your Etsy shop to bring in steady and reliable passive income each and every month!

It's time to escape the world of ACTIVE WORK and start building your very own passive income pot NOW!!!

This course is due to be released at the beginning of November and I will be emailing you awesome super helpful Passive Income FREEBIES and resources which will be exclusive to the pre-sign up mailing group until then!!! 

Register your interest early and gain an EXCLUSIVE 15% discount coupon for the course!



On Evaknows I'm passionate about helping other women build online passive income streams, because trust me i've learned some hard lessons over the last 2 years and what better thing to do with those tough lessons then share them and help others hurdle them faster than I did (hey, it's one way to make lemonade and turn those negatives in positives huh).

Yes I know I'm super passionate about building passive income online and to be honest I hope that if you're on my blog you are aswell, because you're going to need that passion, that drive and that energy to skyrocket your income in the next few months and years to take control of your financial future and steer yourself towards your financial freedom!

So, for the sake of saving you a little more of your precious time i'm going to cut this blog post short and switch to this awesome video on the 4 reasons you should create an online passive income business!

Trust me if you're ready to change your life for the better then this is one video you're going to wanna watch! 

↓ Watch the Video Below! ↓



If you're ready to join over 200+ women already starting on their journey to financial freedom then join the Evaknows girl gang and get started today with the free NEW "How To Make Passive Income Online" 4 Day Beginners Email Course! 

                                                                         ↑ Click the image below ↑

                                                                        ↑ Click the image below ↑

Head back to the Content Vault for even more guidance on how to grow your online passive income pot.





How to use Printful to create super easy drop-ship products you can sell on Etsy and Amazon!

How to create a drop-shipping product using Printful | Passive income | passive income ideas | passive income streams | passive income side hustle | online passive income | easy passive income | types of passive income | passive income business | building online wealth | smart passive income | passive income for beginners

Hi Guys,

So in this fun video I'm going to show you how you can create awesome drop-ship products that you can easily create and sell in your Etsy shop, on Amazon or even offer on your own website or blog!

P.s Download your FREE step-by-step checklist to using Printful here:

I've been selling drop-shipped products in my Etsy and Amazon store for over 6 months now and i've never looked back. It's super easy to do, it takes almost no time to place an order and most importantly it's a super fun and low-maintenance way to make income online!

If you want to check out Printful for yourself then here's the link to their website - *PRINTFUL.COM

Also don't forget to grab your FREE downloadable Printful checklist which takes you step-by-step through your first order and ensures you flow seamlessly through the entire process whether you're ordering your first samples or placing a customer delivery!

On my blog I talk alot about how important it is to start building profitable online low-maintenance income streams to either help support your current financial situation (e.g. if you have job or active self emplyment) or replace your 'active' income streams all together.

Creating an online drop-shipping business is a great option for those of you who want to open an easy to maintain online business such as an Etsy shop, Amazon store or blog, as products are manufactured, packaged and shipped everytime someone places an order by a competetant company who knows exactly what they're doing and leaves you to do nothing in that department at all.

It also frees you up to focus solely on building awesome low-maintenance sales and marketing funnels within your business that will do most of the driving traffic and  converting your visitors into paying customers for you.

Like I talk about in most of my blog posts and videos, creating a low-maintenance online income business is all about setting up strong, stable systems that work for you rather then you working for them day in, day out.

Creating passive income products is a super important element to any online passive business and trust me i've experienced the draining timely tasks that come with actively manufacturing and shipping each and every product myself that my customers order in my shop.

If you're looking to make low-maintnence income online then creating and shipping products yourself is a big NO NO!

If you haven't already checked it out, or if you're not 100% sure on what 'Passive Income Products' are or what types you can create then definitely check out my FREE "How to Make Passive Income Online Email Course" which will take you step by step through everything you'll need to set up an online passive business INCLUDING "What products you should sell to make passive income online."

As I mentioned in the video, I personally love using Printful to drop-ship my products to my customers and as they've shipped over 3 million customer orders to date, I definitely suggest checking them out if you're looking for a super reliable and easy to use drop-ship company if you're interested in setting it up as your first business! 

Check out Printful for yourself- *PRINTFUL.COM

If setting up a passive income drop-shipping business sounds like fun to you (trust me it is) then i've got tons more video tutorials and blog post coming your way in the next few months!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me and give me some ideas for future videos or blog post you want to see on Evaknows!

See you back in the vault,



The 4 Ways I make Passive Income From Home!

Hey Ladies,

So in this video I wanted to be super real with you and talk to you all about my current financial situation (Trust me it feels so scary to put myself out there and actually talk to you about what i've managed to achieve so far).

I'm going to be honest, I feel nervous, vulnerable but also super pumped that I might be able to help even one single person discover a new way of making money online that they've maybe never considered before!

I'm just at the start of my Financial Freedom journey but during the last 2 years i've been able to create 4 awesome income streams online that bring me in a small full-time income each and every month (£1000+)!

I promise you I literally started with zero knowledge about passive income, making money online or what it would take to build a business and scale it to making me anything more than a few pounds a month, but although i'm certainly not making millions right now I have learned enough to share my jounrey with you so far if you're interested and hopefully give you first hand (in the trenches) tips and guidance on what it takes to reach your first big mile stone of making a full time 'passive' income online.

I know that they're are tons of uber successful passive income creators out there that you could follow and learn from and trust me I would never dream of stopping you from exploring the wealth of knowledge they all have and in fact I encourage you to branch out and try as many different techniques and tricks as you want but If I can do one thing for you, then it might be to give you the up close insider advice on what it takes to be a small fish in the giant world of online retail and blogging and slowly work your way up to the big leagues.

Trust me i'll be sharing every moment of the experience with you, helping you take your very first terrifying steps into growing your 'own' online passive income streams from scratch and scaling them up just as I did.  

Having (Easy to Maintain) income streams that I can manage from the comfort of my own home has truly changed my life and most importantly given me the drive and focus to steer my financial future in the direction I REALLY want!

If you're tired of exchanging your time and energy every single day in for the sake of cold hard cash each month then you're definitely ready to explore the world of online low-mainteance income. 

And so without further chatter let's dive straight into the video on the 4 ways I make Passive Income online!

How to Stay Organized and Motivated When Building An Online Business!

Hey ladies,

So in this video and blog post and video I wanted to talk to you about something I know almost everyone of you will struggle with at some point if you're thinking of/or have already started building an online business!

How do you stay motivated and organized when you're trying to build an online business??

Well in this video I'm going to be sharing 8 super helpful tips and tricks that have helped me build 3 successful online businesses and still have time to live a happy, fulfilling life over the last 2 years!

I'm still on my journey to financial freedom and I totally understand that finding enough time and energy to build multiple online businesses whilst maintaining a happy lifestyle can be one of the most challenging things you'll ever do!

So that's why I want to share with you as many helpful nuggets as possible to *MAKE SURE* you don't give up on your journey to improve your financial future just because you're struggling with finding enough time and energy to reach your goals.

So I'm about to stop waffling and let you dive straight into this super helpful video!


So I hope you enjoyed the video and discovered some tips and tricks you may not of thought of before!

I'm not going to lie to you I wasn't always a super organized and driven human being. I used to laze around, expect things to just work out for me without even trying and assume that luck would help me achieve anything I wanted in life.

That's until I woke up and got wise on the fact that the future really doesn't care how much you WANT to achieve your goals, she only cares about how much time and energy you put in to MAKING them happen.

After that I quickly took being organized super seriously and I can honestly say that I would not of been able to build my 3 super awesome online businesses without it!

If you're ready to start building an online business and looking for a way to get super organized and prepped before you begin the journey then definitely download my Passive Income Planner which will take you step by step through setting your monthly passive income goals and setting easy to manage daily tasks to achieve them.

Download the Passive Income Planner Here!

If you're looking for even more helpful tips and tricks to help you start and grow your first passive income business online then check out these awesome blog posts and videos!


How to Create a Successful Low-Maintenance Online Business - Watch the Video! 

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Passive Income - Click Here to Read!

15 Amazing Digital Downloads You Can Sell Online - Click Here to Read!


See you back in the Content Vault Lady,



How to create a successful low-maintenance online business

Hi Guys, 

In this video i'm going to be going through the 5 key steps you need to take to create a successful online low-maintenance/passive income business + one super essential ingredient that'll help you claw back your free time and make growing your online income stream 1000% more manageable!

How to Create A Successful Low-Maintenance Online Business | How to create an online business | Video Tutorial | How to make Passive Income | Discover how to create an easy to manage online business in 5 steps!

I've listed all the resources, blog posts and videos I spoke about regarding making low-maintenance income online under the video so don't forget to scroll down!

And whatever you do don't forget to download the 3 awesome super helpful FREEBIES that'll help you get started creating your own passive income TODAY!

Get started creating your first online passive income streams with these FREE workbooks and guides in the Free Resource Library!

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Below I've listed some awesome resources to help you on your passive income journey including killer guides and workbooks to take you step by step; from feeling inspired about the life-changing benefits of passive income to actually creating your very first low-maintenance online business!

If you haven't already then don't forget to download all of these awesome help guides and resources in the FREE Resource Library to really focus your mindset on the fun and super profitable task ahead:

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and decide to buy I will get a tiny bit of compensation for your doing so. I want to stress that in no way does me including affiliate links affect my opinion of a product good or bad and I would never bother linking to an item I didn't deem worthy of being purchased by me or my readers. I never want anyone to waste good money they've worked hard to earn!


Tools and Resources I use:


Now that you've got all the info in your back pocket (or saved in your downloads) it's time to discover some awesome resources that you'll NEED to build your very first (and future) low-maintenance online business:

Graphic Design Platforms

These websites and programs are the corner stones for almost any online business!

They give you the tools to create your passive income products, design your own business branding and create super traffic enticing graphics to splash all over social media and the rest of the online world.

Although there are tons of graphic software programs out there for you to choose from I personally have used and recommend all 3 of the ones I've listed below:

PicMonkey* - If you haven't heard of PicMonkey then you've truly been missing out. Out of the 3 i've mentioned I personally think that PicMonkey is the EASIEST design website for complete graphic newbies and it makes creating visually stunning branding, products and social media posts a breeze for almost anyone!

Try PicMonkey for FREE here!

Canva - I love Canva. It's super intuitive and if you have even a splash of graphic design knowledge then you'll find it super easy to navigate and use. It comes fully loaded with hundreds of gorgeous graphic design templates and once you get to grips with it's set-up then you'll loose hours having fun and creating gorgeous visuals with this website!

Try Canva here for FREE!

Adobe* - I like using Adobe for more of the technical stuff that to be honest you don't really have to get to grips with at all when you're just starting out selling online but when you're ready to upgrade you graphic design tools to something a little more advanced and powerful then Adobe offers tons of awesome resources and elements that will skyrocket your graphic skills!

Try Adobe for 7 Days for FREE here!


Drop-Ship Companies:

As I mention a little bit about drop-shipping in this video I wanted to include a few options for you to look at and discover more about.

I love drop-shipping. It's a super easy and managable way to be able to offer physical products to your customers without sacrificing much of your time manufacturing, packaging and shipping each order everyday.

I personally use Printful to offer physical art prints to my customers that I created using the graphic design programs I mentioned above.

Printful takes my digital designs and prints and ships my art prints to my customers everytime they purchase from my shop, so it's a wonderful way to introduce physical products to your selling platform without having to worry about fulfilling the orders yourself.

(Note: Always remember to test and sample your finished products from your chosen drop-shipping company BEFORE you offer them in your shop or website. It's always essential to make sure that you are 100% happy with the quality of the product, packaging and shipping times when you are considering offering any form of physical product to your customers)

Printful - As I mentioned above this is the only drop-shipping company that I currently work with and I absolutely love how helpful, efficient and easy to use they are. If you're considering selling physical products online such as t-shirts, mugs, clothing, art prints e.c.t then I definitely recommend you check them out!

Printed Mint - I haven't personally worked with Printed Mint but during my research phase to find the perfect drop-shipping company for ME I came across this company and the stunning wide range of items they have to offer. If I hadn't of ended up going for Printful then I think I definitely would of gone for these so I think they're worth checking out!


Which Platform to set-up on?

Deciding where to set-up your first low-maintenance business whether its on an online marketplace like Amazon or Etsy or on your own independant website or blog is a huge decision and one that can have a huge impact on how easy and profitable your online business will be in the long run.

I'm not going to go into this super IMPORTANT decision in this little section on this blog post but I will be focusing some major attention on it in my up-coming videos because it literally can make or break your low-maintenance business if you don't do your homework and understand the pro's and cons to each BEFORE you set-up shop!

I actually have a super helpful video HERE on "Marketplace vs Independant platforms" that lays bare the clear Positives and Negatives of selling on both and helps you find the right platform for YOU before you even think of selling anything online!

If you've already watched that video or you're just ready to dive in a take a look around some awesome platform options then i've created a list of options below:

Marketplace Platforms:



Creative Market*

Not On The High Street



Platforms to Create Independent ecommerce websites or blog:






Great Traffic-driving and Automation Tools:

Now I know that if you're just starting out you may not yet have a single product to sell or a blog or website for visitors to browse on but trust me when I say how quickly you'll find yourself reaching that point as soon as you set your mind to building your first online business. 

That's why I wanted to just mention a few amazing platforms and tools I use to drive traffic and don't worry I will be creating tons of super helpful videos and blog posts on every resource I use and EXACTLY how I use it to drive thousands of interested passionate visitors and customers to my online businesses each and every month!

Pinterest - My number one traffic driving resource!!! I absolutely love Pinterest and accredit at least 60% of my monthly sales to being able to easily drive traffic from this awesome platform. 

Tailwind* - This wonderful tool enables me to set up my Pinterest Pins months in advance. Since I've had it I've been able to step away from constantly Pinterest pinning my life away and gain back heaps of my time, only sitting down for a couple of hours to lay out my traffic driving Pinterest sequence for months at a time!

Convertkit* - In the past i've tried a wealth of other email automation programs and for me personally nothing comes close to Convertkit. In the past few months I've skyrocketed my email subscribers and I truly accredit almost all of it to finally getting on board with an email program I get on with. 

Coschedule - I love Coschedule! It's in my opinion one of the BEST social media schedulers for any online business especially low-maintenance ones. You might not be thinking about it at the beginning of your passive income journey but I promise you pretty soon you'll be hankering for a killer social media platform like Coschedule that enables you to schedule all your social media posts months in advance and synchronize them in perfect uniform. 

Etsy on sale - This tools is obviously pretty specific to one platform (can you guess which one??) but I just wanted to include it in this short list of all the automation and traffic driving tools I use simply to highlight that amoungst all the big mainstream popular resouces out there, there are also heaps of smaller, varied and super duper useful tools that can help give you back more and more of your free time as your business grows. 

I personally love Etsy on sale. I use it to automatically renew my Etsy product listings (something I will go into much more detail about in future "How to create a low-maintenance Etsy Business" tutorials) as well as run sales in my Etsy shop and back up my product photography on autopilot.


So let's sum up this Low-Maintenance business sh*t!

Using amazing online resources and tools to help run your business and drive traffic to help it grow is truly the difference between an actively run "full-time job" online business and one that's deliberately engineered to be low-maintenence and take care of itself.

I'm going to leave this blog post here lovely, before it turns into a full blown article on automation and driving traffic organically (which I love) but I hope that you've found some super useful inspiration and advice on how to start up your own low-maintenance business and start making your passive income online.

If you haven't already then definitely download these FREEBIES to really kick-start your journey to financial FREEDOM and build online income streams that work for you... NOT the other way round and I can't wait to see you in the next video or blog post!

Speak to you soon lady,




How to make passive income on Etsy: How to Upload a Digital Download Etsy Listing!

How to list a digital download on Etsy | passive income | make money online | Etsy tutorial | how to make passive income | sell digital downloads | wealth building

Hi gorgeous girlies.

So if you've already had the chance to watch my "How to create art printables on Canva" video, then you'll know that creating easy digital downloads and selling them on marketplace platforms such as Etsy or Creative Market is a great way to start making passive income in your spare time.

If you haven't watched that video yet then I definitely recommend you check it out before watching this tutorial! 

... and now that you're all caught up and ready to learn how to take those killer art printables (or other kind of digital downloads) you've made and upload them into your Etsy shop then it's time for you to settle in, sip your coffee and watch the video below.

So there you have it... 

How to list a digital download on Etsy!

I absolutely love creating digital art printables that my customers can purchase and print out themselves because its fun to learn, it's super creative and most importantly its not difficult to design and upload them onto a marketplace platform.

Trust me it can be done in minutes!!


The beauty of digital downloads is that once you've created them you can easily upload them into your online shop, add a description, pricing and photos and they'll be set-up to create you residual passive income for years and years to come. 

Of course I always recommend that from time to time you go back to your listing and update it to incorporate new keywords, more up-to-date cover photos and better product titles, but the awesomeness of creating a digital download product that your customer purchases and then prints out or uses online is that once you've done the initial work to design and display it in your store or indeed on your blog, you're FREE from the traditional ailments that usually keep an active seller up working late into the night (e.g. creating new inventory, packaging individual orders and arraging for shipment to your customers chosen address)

In the past i've been that girl up till all hours packaging and processing my physical products to ship out to customers as soon as I can, believe me when your shop starts to go bat sh*t crazy with orders and you're working yourself into a frenzy with duct tape and shipping labels to get each purchase fulfilled, you can bet you'll be wishing you'd gone down the digital download route and let an automated system cater to your customers order instead of you!

Of course if you would still prefer to, you can create awesome physical products and sell them in your Etsy shop aswell however in order to keep your involvement and time low I would always recommend using a service such as a drop-shipping company that will manufacture and ship your design to your customers for you if your wishing to keep your business as passive as possible.  

In future videos I will be discussing more and more about drop-shipping and all the essential facts you'll need to know in order to keep selling physical products online relatively low-maintenance.

But for now I just want to introduce you to selling digital downloads online and how fun, easy and profitable it can be as a hustle on the side.

If you're interested in selling any type of digital download on Etsy or you're thinking of taking that extra step and looking to start offering drop-ship products in your new Etsy store then I want you to go ahead and download my FREE workbook "How to Find the Perfect Passive Income Product to Sell on Etsy!" to help you narrow down exactly what product you want to sell before you hop to work designing and uploading your chosen items.

I'm so excited that you're thinking of growing your very own passive income Etsy shop lady and don't worry I will be releasing way more blog posts and video tutorials packed to the brim with super helpful advice and tricks in the next coming weeks to keep you on track as you go!

See you back on the blog lady!






Hi guys,

In this tutorial I want to highlight some of the ABSOLUTELY key elements every Etsy shop must have in order to be successful!

I totally love Etsy! 

It's one of the very first places I set up shop and started selling low maintenance products online at the start of my passive income journey and I have to say just over a year and a half down the line I still class it as one of my favorite platforms to make regular passive income.

Now by no means in this video am I saying that my Etsy shop is completely perfect (#aspirations)! 

I still spend a portion of my month trying out different tips, tricks and strategies to squeeze even more juice out of my Etsy shop with less and less effort, but I did want to show you gorgeous girlies what i've learned so far and how i've managed to go from being literally CLUELESS about how to sell online to make a full-time low maintence income each and every month!!

Just to be transparent Etsy isn't the only platform I sell on and I will be making even more videos if you're interested on how I make additional income from Amazon and Creative Market (which are two other great platforms)

...but Etsy has consistently been a strong income source for me from the moment I set up my shop and so I thought what better platform to introduce you guys too as you start your own journey to passive income.

That all being said lets get on with the tutorial. Ohh and don't forget to download the awesome How to find the perfect passive income Etsy product workbook (Whew thats a mouthful) once you're done! 



→  Grab the FREE Workbook Right Here! 

I hope you found some really useful advice and guidance in this video and you're all pumped to focus on opening your own Etsy shop!




Creating an Etsy shop can be a truly rewarding and fun way to build an online passive income stream that you can eventually automate and largely leave to run itself. 

However I'm not going to lie to you, the initial set-up and build of any online business including an Etsy shop takes dedication, work and a little time to get it right before you can leave it to run on auto-pilot.

Remember the goal isn't to create a haphazard income stream that quickly fizzles out because the foundation you laid for the business in the beginning was sh*t!

What you should be focused on building is a STRONG and EFFICIENT online income stream that's strategically set-up, effectively marketed and correctly automated so that you can eventually leave it alone to do most of the heavy lifting for you each month, safe in the knowledge that you've crafted a passive income stream that can stand the test of time and what's more grow in the years to come!

 As my blog grows I will be releasing more and more video tutorials, guides and courses to help you create and scale your very first passive income stream the RIGHT WAY!!





Don't forget to download this blog post's FREE DOWNLOAD before you leave you guys as it's a great resource to help you focus on building a fun, efficient and most importantly SUCCESSFUL Etsy shop!

See you back on the blog,



How to create a successful etsy shop in 5 steps!

How to create a successful Etsy shop in 5 steps | Passive Income | Etsy Success | Passive Income Blog via www.evaknows.com/exclusivecontent

Hi guys,

In this tutorial I want to highlight some of the ABSOLUTELY key elements every Etsy shop must have in order to be successful!

I totally love Etsy! 

It's one of the very first places I set up shop and started selling low maintenance products online at the start of my passive income journey and I have to say just over a year and a half down the line I still class it as one of my favorite platforms to make regular passive income.

Now by no means in this video am I saying that my Etsy shop is completely perfect. I still spend a good portion of my month trying out different tips, tricks and strategies to squeeze even more juice out of my Etsy shops with less and less effort but I did want to show you gorgeous girlies what i've learned so far and how i've managed to go from being literally 'clueless' about how to sell online to making a full-time low maintence income each and every month.

Just to be transparent Etsy isn't the only platform I sell on and I will be making even more videos if you're interested on how I make additional income from Amazon and Creative Market (which are two other great platforms) but Etsy has consistently been a strong income source for me from the moment I set up my shop (the right way) and so I thought what better platform to introduce you guys too as you start your own journey to passive income.

That all being said lets get on with the tutorial. Ohh and don't forget to download the awesome How to find the perfect passive income Etsy product workbook (thats a mouthfulonce you're done! 


I hope you found some really useful advice and guidance in this video and you're all pumped to focus on opening your own Etsy shop.

Go ahead and download the FREE "How to find the perfect passive income Etsy product" workbook and take the first step towards creating your very first passive income stream using an Etsy shop!


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Why you need to have passive income in your life!

When was the last time you stopped and thought about how much money flows in and out of your life on a yearly basis?

If you've given your personal finances even a lick of thought lately then tell me exactly how you felt when you considered how many hours it takes you to earn your monthly income and in how many seconds your expenses spend it!

Was it a good feeling? Did you like it?

Whilst you're at it do you also feel confident knowing that you're making all the right financial decisions to (absolutely) ensure your future will be bright and shiny and most importantly secure for the next 20, 30 or 60 years of your life? 

What about if you had a serious accident or a critical illness and had to take a year off work? Could your current financial circumstances take it? 

Could you rest up in front of the t.v secure in the knowledge that even though you're stuck at home for the next 365 days of the year, more than enough income to cover all your expenses and liabilities will still be filtering merrily into your bank account each month?

Whats more you're happy in the knowledge that the financial system you've created guarantees that that money will be allocated perfectly to paying you bills, investing in your future and having enough left over for you to play with?

If you answered hell yes to all of the above questions then wow girl you ROCK! 

Your financial freedoms safely in the bag and you've clearly had one hell of a solid financial education that'll set you up for life!

However if you scrolled through the top set of questions so fast your index fingers gone numb cuz you couldn't bare to think about how precarious your financial situation really is then it's probably time you pour yourself a coffee or wine (your preference), take a deep breathe and open your eyes to the huge holes poking through your life plan when it comes to how you manage your income.

Why you need to start building passive income for you financial future now | Passive Income Blog | Female Entrepreneur | Financial Freedom blogger via http://bit.ly/2GaWdt4

Most young women are taught the following...

That you get a good eduction, you hop into a well paying full time job and you spend whatever money you earn on acquiring beautiful 'must have' liabilities and expenses that make you look like your wallets stuffed with £50 notes rather than the mountain of IOU's it's actually secretly hiding.

"It's ok be in debt!" People whisper.

"Everybody does it! How else could you afford a nice home, a fully loaded car and all the trinkets and tassels that go with keeping up with the Jones's?"  

The only problem is whilst you're enjoying your latest trip to the beach cottage or installing the new smart T.V into your home you also have to remember that if your circumstances change even a little bit you could easily trip and fall into an ocean of financial terror and uncertainty that's threatened to unhinge even the most secure of humans in a financial crisis. 

I've not made you consider this for the sheer shits and giggles it brings me to know that there are people out there totally unaware of how dangerous their financial situation is. I promise you I think it's totally wrong and immoral that we're not taught pretty much any financial education in the UK school system.

I'm telling you this because just like you, only a few years ago I also had no clue that I was hop, skipping and jumping into a terrifying financial future in which I became a slave to both my job and my expenses because I had no other way of balancing the books each month.

Well I want to stop you right here!

Handing over your time, skills and energy each and everyday for the next 50 years of your life without fail just to earn enough to repay the mountain of liabilities and expenses you've already racked up is by no means the ONLY option you have. 

In fact I want you to know that just by waking up, taking notice and holding yourself accountable to ensure you have the BEST and most FULFILLING financial future possible for you and your loved ones is possibly one of the most awesome decisions you've ever made.

Most women will never bother looking for an alternative way to create income aside from their 9-5 job.

They'll wake up each morning, trudge into the job they hate and hand themselves over to ensure the tax man, the mortgage lenders and their favorite retailer gets paid each and every month on the dot from their hard work.

They have absolutely no idea that out there in the big wide world are tons of ways to make  amazing sums of money without sacrificing your free time and your life force, and because of that unfortunately most women will never know the awesome life changing effects of creating passive income!

Well I'm going to be blunt... 

I don't want that for you. I want you to WAKE UP!

I want you to have the facts and most importantly the choice to create a financial future thats safe, profitable and most importantly gives you the freedom to use your time how you want. 

Yes that's how you want... Not your boss! 

It's time to stop ignoring the parts of your income structure that are either unsafe and uncertain (e.g. working for an employer and relying solely on them to pay all your liabilites and expenses each month) or not ensuring that you're creating a financial future filled with abundance, opportunities and most importantly freedom!

By now I hope i've succeeded in at least making you think about the direction you're financial futures heading and whether or not the horizon looks amazing to you or down right crap. 

If when you peek into your financial future in 20 years from now you don't like the way it looks then I've totally been there with you and I know what it feels like to suddenly envision your helplessly floating in a cheap rubber dingy towards that work horse future without even a hint of wind to steer you in another direction. 

That's why on my income blog I want to show you how you can abandon that shitty inflatable prison and build a strong dependable life raft that will broaden you knowledge of how to create the right type of income to create your financially free future.

So how do you take the bull by the horns? (alright enough with the metaphors)

You start building passive income!

More specifically you focus on building a wealth of passive income streams that work to steadily put money back into your bank account each month and over time replace your active income.

A quick vocab shoutout before we move on.

Active income is income you create through giving up your time, your skills and your energy (usually by the hour or task) to earn you money.

It usually requires that you're upfront and present each and every day doing a job or offering your service in order to bring money into your bank account each month and it's pretty much the most common method of making money in todays economy.

Active income can be great, trust me I don't want to knock it.

Most of the time almost everybody at least at some point needs to offer their help, their skills and their time to create instant money to pay for their expenses or put towards their savings.

It's a valuable resource and whilst you're happy and in a position to create active income it's one of the simplest methods of bringing cash flow into your life on a pretty regular basis.

The problem with actively earning however comes when its your only form of income. If without your pay check or yearly salary you'd have no other form of money coming in then you're leaving yourself wide open to huge financial problems if you find yourself unable to work for a long period of time or heaven forbid your fired and can't find another job quick enough to pay your bills.

This is where PASSIVE INCOME steps in! 

Passive income is income you can earn without handing over your precious time for every pound you want to bring in. There are a wealth of ways to create this form of income including investing in equity, property investment and creating passive income businesses but the key point to each of them is that the amount of income they earn you is not DIRECTLY dependent on however many hours you work on them each and every day.

Now this in honesty is a little bit of a sweeping statement and within passive income there are definitely varying opportunities that allow you to spend 'almost no time' working in order to bring in an income and others that (at least in the beginning) take a larger amount of effort and energy to get up and running.

But the real magic to passive compared to active income is that even if you have to or indeed want to stop working in the next 10 or 20 years your passive income streams can continue working and even growing without you at the wheel. 

This is why you absolutely need to include passive income streams into your financial future.

They can offer you financial diversity, security and most importantly freedom compared to the woman who blindly continues to only actively work for her income and then prays that her pension will be just enough to cover her once she's too worn out to continue to work day in, day out!

In 10 or 20 years whilst she's still waking up each morning, dragging on her work clothes and handing over her precious time just to earn enough income to pay her bills each month. If you start working on building your passive income streams now you'll be hopping out of bed CHOOSING what you want to do with your free time

If you still want to actively work then hey that's totally your awesome prerogative but if instead you want to take early retirement and start writing that killer novel you always wanted to work on or you fancy packing your bags and exploring the world for several months then whatever you want to do is totally alright with the universe because you're passive income streams have got your back steadily ensuring your liabilities and expenses are covered with or without you working month in month out.

Passive income sounds pretty mind blowing right?

And right now you're probably thinking "Yeah, alright I'm totally feeling this life of leisure lifestyle vibe your giving me but where the heck do I start on this journey to building passive income? I don't have thousands to invest and my knowledge of property development stretches as far as my obsession with the T.V show location location location." 

Well this is where I introduce you ladies to online passive income.

For the past two years i've been steadily and carefully creating and building online passive income streams because just like you when I started I didn't have a spare £25,000 to invest in my first rental property and I wasn't willing to wait 20-30 years before I could start drawing from my equity investments (if you don't understand why that is then don't worry I will explain more about investing in a future blog post) but I did have a very basic understanding that you could make income online and as luck would have it I had a cheap ASUS computer and a notebook on hand to start learning how it could be done and what steps I needed to take to make it.

Now i'm not going to lie it was difficult as hell to wade through all the bulls**t out there online like (how to earn £10,000 in 3 days) and actually find nuggets of gold that skyrocketed my very first passive income stream out of the pennies and into the hundreds and that's one of the reasons why I actually started a blog.

If I was the me of 2 years ago that ha absolutely no clue where to start I would of fallen on my knees to find a blog that broke it down into super simple baby steps and that didn't involve me already having a degree in graphic design or website building to start making income.

Now I'm going to be honest with you right from the start.

Building a passive income business does take work, time and a willingness to make it a big priority in your life for at least a year or two to really see it get going but I PROMISE you it's so worth it. 

From the moment you buckle down and start taking your first steps towards an awesome and safe financial future you can just feel that you're doing something right.

Something that your future self will look back on and think holly sh*t i'm glad I did that.

I want to show you how to take that initial step and start turning the wheel towards a financial feature you can be proud of where your liabiliaties and expenses are completely covered by your killer assets (your passive income streams) and you're able to enjoy everything life has to offer knowing you and your family are protected. 

I want to show you how to create and build your very first EASY to start up passive income stream that you can nurture, grow and eventually reap the income from to invest in even more passive income streams.

Once you've got the ball rolling and you're really committed to creating your financial freedom dream then trust me the rush to keep improving and expanding your income streams becomes completely addictive.

And then you're free and equipped with the fundamental knowledge to go on and scale your passive income as far and wide and as diverse as you want it to be.

I'm going to show you how with just a few hours of your free time each week you can set yourself on an awesome journey towards income security and living a juicy stress free life that should be the standard measuring bar for your financial future.

Using just amazing tools on the internet and your own creativity we're going to start building strong, enjoyable to create and most importantly profitable passive income streams that you can whip up and start earning major income from in just a few short months.

I've done a hell of alot of the leg work infront of you that i've laid out on my blog so don't panic your paths pretty clear and you're free to use my advice, guidance and the tips and tricks I've used to help you reach where I am now (making over four figures a month from online passive income streams) and leap even further ahead of me in no time.

If you're ready to get started learning how to build your first passive income stream then I recommend downloading my awesome 'Passive Income Planner' ready to organize your first steps and then get started reading the wealth of blog posts and articles on Evaknows to not only help you focus and streamline your financial future but also give you step by step guidance on how to plan and create your very first online passive income stream and bring in your first passive income paycheck!

"It's time to take control of your financial future lady, you got this!"



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How I make a full time income (£1000+ a month) from low maintenance and passive online businesses!

Hey there my fellow PIC (that's my super cool short term for Passive Income Creator) lol.

So hopefully, if you're scrolling around my blog I'm able to instantly gather 3  super awesome things about you as a person.

1. You've decided that it's time to start taking the quality of your financial future seriously. 

2. You're looking for fun, interesting and most importantly low maintenance ways to bring in more money to build up your savings or add financial security to your future.


3. You're ready and willing to invest some of your free time right now to start seriously creating amazing life-changing passive income streams that will eventually bring you the holy grail... Financial Freedom!

If that's you then my gosh we've got a lot in common and for the past 2 years i've been on one heck of an amazing journey that I think you'll really enjoy reading about and hopefully learn a few things from.


How I Make Full Time Passive Income | Passive Income Ideas | Passive Income streams | Make Money Online | Building Wealth | How to Generate Passive Income via www.evaknows.com


Back in December 2016 I took a chance and did something that from that day on has completely changed the course of my life for the better!

Sat at my dinning room table amongst a small stack of papers, an empty ice cream tub and my (at the time) tiny Asus laptop I did my final edit, uploaded and published my very first ebook.

At the time I was tired, unsure and despirately trying not to get my hopes up to high as I waited for the thousands of sales to rush in that I'd been assured would happen from the sea of articles i'de read about e.g "How I made £15,000 in a month from selling an ebook" floating around Pinterest.

Unfortunately (and more realistically) unlike all of these superhero ebook writers I wasn't inundated with a thousand ebook sales in my first month, in fact I can honestly say I was lucky if I gained 10 sales in the first few weeks that followed.

It hurt, I'm not going to lie, when I finally realized that the reality behind generating tens of sales for even a $0.99 ebook involves alot more work then simply writing an amazing story and plonking it on Amazon and as a consequence I very nearly gave up and walked away from the idea of making passive income online.

I think it's one of the reasons why I'm so adamant on my own blog that I stick to the facts with my readers and remain as clear as I can that even creating passive income takes at LEAST some work and why I want to share my experience and advice with everyone, so that anyone interested in creating low maintenance online income like I was doesn't have to wade through the jumble of nonsense and frankly useless gabble just to discover the nuggets of genuinely useful and profitable advice hidden below.

And that's why I want to share with you guys how I reached my first large milestone of making a full time income from my low maintenance online businesses.

Luckily instead of giving up all together after my first flop I decided to push through the disappointment and carry on.

From that moment on i've gone on to write over 20 super fun short story ebooks that I love, I've built a successful online shop selling physical and digital products on Etsy and Amazon and I've even started my own blog and they now bring me in a steady full time income each and every month.

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With every new venture I've undertaken I've learned so much about what i'm actually capable of and now my future self honestly looks back to that clueless and nervous passive income newbie I once was and worships the ground she walks on because she honestly turned my life around and saved me from a life of angry bosses and exchanging my time and energy for just enough cash to pay the bills and live. 

Now before I go into detail about 'How' I generate a full time income I just want to clarify exactly what I mean when I say building low maintenance and passive income businesses.

If you're new to the blog or haven't read any of my other blog articles then I just want to make crystal clear exactly what I mean before you read on.

Each of my businesses (or ventures as I sometimes prefer to call them) generates me hundreds and even thousands of pounds per month and on average to keep each of them ticking over I invest between 2-20 hours per week playing with and maintaining them to keep them in top condition. 

As I explain way more clearly in a number of my other blog posts it's actually the newer less established ventures (such as my new blog) that requires the most attention and maintenance to help it succeed and grow.

My oldest and most stable form of income, my ebooks on average only takes about 2 hours of my time a week (sometimes even less than that) to maintain. 

Now I'm not going to lie to you guys, I know that if I spent much more time pushing my marketing and dropping new short story releases each month I could skyrocket my income to a whole new level when it comes to the ebooks but in truth I love that even though I don't spend much more than a few hours a week maintaining the automated marketing and sales funnel systems i've put in place for them, they still bring in a sizable chunk of income to my bank account each and every month that I can depend on.

When I feel ready I'll go back and build on the foundations I've already created which will hopefully boost my traffic, shop size and overall income in the long run.

For me one of the most awesome things about creating my own sources of low maintenance income is that I get to decide WHEN I want to put time into my businesses and exactly WHAT I want to work on when I do. 

Like most of us I've had miserable, demanding, useless and even nasty bosses in the past who've made my life hell if I didn't bend and flex to their every demand and because I desperately needed the income the company was paying me at the time I clung on and suffered silent anxiety whilst I struggled to get every task they laid on my desk done.

With my own 'passive income' businesses I wake up in the morning, flick on my computer and decide for myself what I want to work on! 

I'll explain in future blog posts exactly what automation systems and tips and tricks I use to make my businesses as passive as possible but the long and short of what I'm trying to tell you is that once you've got everything up and running and gain your own confidence it's super liberating to know that even if you want to spend a day, a week or even a month working on a new business venture, tidying the office or just living your financially secure life, the low maintenance businesses that you've created will still be there ticking steadily over in the background bringing you income each and every month.   

This scenario is pretty much identical for both my first and second businesses. Alongside my ebook income I also sell digital download and drop-shipped art prints to customers on Etsy and Amazon to bring in additional income.

In honesty I'm still learning how to improve my drop-shipping knowledge and gain even better results from this form of low maintenance income but as the only tasks I really have to keep on top of right now are placing my orders with my drop shipping company and maintaining my marketing and sales funnels to drive customers to all my products then on average I only put in about 5-10 hours of work per month to maintain both income streams. 

These two businesses alone provide me with a four figure monthly income and even though I do need to keep an eye on them and keep up with their maintenance as they tick along they enable me to use most of my month working towards building my next passive income venture or enjoying my free time knowing that they're still bringing in cash in the background. 

The ability to free up more and more of my time as my businesses grow with the knowledge that they're happily bringing me in income each and every month is to me the real difference between having an active job and building low maintenance and eventually passive income streams

That's why as I've talked about in more depth in my article "Why you need to have passive income in your life!" I think it's so important for all women to have at least one form of low maintenance/passive income (even along side their normal 9-5) to strengthen their cashflow and ensure that even if something happened such as an accident or critical illness that took them out of work for a number of months they can still rest in the knowledge that money will continue flowing into their bank account from an additional easy income source.

If you've now started thinking "Heck yes I need to be creating me some passive income!" then we have a lot in common and hopefully you'll be able to learn so much from my blog on the most profitable, fast and efficient ways to start and grow your own online passive income streams like the ones I'm discussing here.

So now that i've hopefully explained to you what I mean by these terms, I want to break down exactly how each of my online passive income businesses brings cashflow into my own bank account each and every month.

Side note: Personally I decided to capitalize on my general love of creating passive income to grow and build a variety of online avenues to draw money from but I would always suggest that anyone starting out should begin with creating just one additonal form of low maintenance income first and as you learn and naturally expand your confidence then you can create another and another new venture or simply continue to build the one you've already got. 

When I started my journey I knew I wanted multiple streams of online income! 

Not only because I get bored super easily and focusing on just one source of revenue for the next ten years felt like a life sentence rather than an opportunity to be creative and learn but also because I was constantly plagued by the idea of... 

"What if I built just one amazing low maintenance online business and then something happened to it and I lost it all?"

What then??

Would I have to start all over from scratch? 

Nope thankyou, bring in the next option!!!

I know there's alot of advice out there urging you to stick with just one business and stay with it alone until it's generating you hundreds of thousands per month and in the past I have questioned my sanity once or twice as to why i'm so adamant I want to be growing 3 online passive income businesses at the same time but i've finally come to the conclusion that for me I like to stay creative and experiment with my new online skills and so growing more than one passive income stream at once doesn't daunt me as much as it could daunt some. 

I personally work best bouncing around between my businesses, exploring and learning new ways to increase revenue from my ebooks, art printables or my new blog.

When I know I'm about to create a new business I make sure that all of my other income sources are carefully running on auto-pilot for at least a few months so I can give my undivided attention to creating and growing my new idea as much as possible.

If you do decide to start your own online passive income journey then please don't be put off if the thought of growing more than one stream of income at a time seems like too much work.

Creating passive income works just as well if you choose to create and scale up just one passive income businesses as it does if you decide to take on more at once.  

Like I've noted above growing multiple passive income businesses at once isn't for everyone and as I list my income sources below I want you to remember that just like I'm advising you to do, I started with one income stream and subsequently added another and another between six months and a year after that.



How I make my low MAINTENANCE online income:


1. Selling ebooks on ebook platforms!

2. Selling digital download products on Etsy and Creative Market!

3. Selling drop-ship products on Amazon and Etsy!

4. My newest venture - The Blog!


Selling ebooks on ebook platforms!

On average I make between £190-£300 per month from my short story ebooks and they require pretty much no work at all! 

I rely mostly on organic traffic from Amazon, Smashwords and Nook to drive in my customers and I also preschedule a simple marketing sales funnel system using scheduling tools for Pinterest and Instagram to drive in extra traffic each month.

I absolutely love how easy and passive my ebook sales system is and most of the work to get this far was done in advance such as writing and editing my short stories and setting up my platforms and sales funnels.

As this was the very first passive income system I created it's certainly not perfect and in the year and a half that's passed from when I initially set up this income stream to now I've learned a heck of alot from my other businesses that i'm slowly integrating into my ebooks when I have time to focus on them.

With every new tool or trick I introduce to my ebooks I see a jump in traffic and sales which proves I'm doing something right and in the next few months I will be going back and working on this funnel to skyrocket my passive income to new levels and bring my sales system up to date with everything I've learned from the income streams that followed this first one.


Selling digital download products on Etsy and Creative Market!  

Typically I make around £250-£300 p\m from my digital download sales on both platforms and again the marketing and sales funnels i've set up make it relatively easy to guarantee that income each and every month. 

Compared to the ebooks, the volume of digital downloads I've created in order to steadily bring in this income looks vast (approx 150 digital art prints) but when you consider the amount of time it takes to carefully craft a well written and painstakingly edited ebook compared to the few moments it takes to whip up a fun ready to sell art print the overall time scales for both are pretty much the same.

 Again just like the ebooks and most low maintenance and passive income streams the majority of the work was done up front.

This time I took extra care to conduct proper business research (something I will go into major depth about in future blog posts), learn serious skills on how to set-up and brand an online shop and create powerful marketing and sales funnels to bring in my own customers instead of relying mostly on the platforms organic traffic.  

It has been an awesome LIFE-CHANGING experience to learn these skills and once you understand the basic principles behind them they guarantee you can start making income online in no time and you can do it over and over again as many times as you want!

But contrary to what so many unrealistic blog posts promise you, the process of creating products and marketing them to happy customers is definitely not "effortless" and there is a linear step by step process that you must learn in order to get from point A to Z.

The good news is that there are tons of awesome tutors out there (yes i'm including me here)  that want to show you how to make it 100% easier on yourself to learn these skills and set the foundations to create your own passive income. 

If you're interested in growing your first passive income stream via ebooks, a digital download business, drop shipping or starting a blog (tbh I'm pretty new to blogging but I will be posting regular updates of my progress so you can learn first hand from the successes and failures I have) then I know the advice I give on my own website can help you succeed in any of the above.


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The Big Boy for Me - Selling drop-shipping products on Etsy and Amazon!

After a couple of months creating only digital download art prints (a brilliant way to start earning low maintenance income) I began experimenting with selling physical versions of my art designs.

Bear in mind by now I was steadily bringing in over £400 -£500 each month from my little side hustles and I had the time to focus on my new venture whilst knowing they were helping to pay most of my bills every month.  

I have to admit that starting another venture whilst having faith in my new passive income streams to pay the rent was completely terrifying but thanks to an awesome online course I was following at the time, I plucked up the courage, rolled up my sleeves and took the leap to try out drop shipping (learn more about drop-shipping here). 

It took a ton of learning and a little trial and error (something I want to help you guys navigate more easily) but I finally decided on my drop-shipping company and took the leap to start offering the printing service on both Etsy and Amazon. 

And looking back i'm so glad I did!

This I think is one of the most awesome elements of building online businesses.

You never know exactly if the business your creating will be a slow build or a fast climber and within 2 months my overall side-hustle income DOUBLED (and some) from just over £400 per month to over £1200 thanks to my leap with drop-shipping and scaling my businesses (in a low maintenance way). 

Side note: Just think how many extra hours you'd have to work to double your active income each month!

Now 3 months on I'm making more income from my side hustle then I need to pay my bills each month and I've still got plenty of free time to work on my latest venture my blog because lets face it i'm kinda addicted to creating online passive income. 

On average I spend about 5-10 hours per week on my drop-shipping income which mostly consists of putting through my orders to Printful, maintaining my marketing and sales funnels and creating new products to release a few times a month.

I have to be honest the time that I put into all my income streams is mostly down to what I feel like working on for that month and what essential tasks need to be done but it is important to remember that even a passive income business requires at least some maintenance and overall control!

If you're looking for 98%* passive returns (again there is still some level of involvement in this method) than you might want to consider investing in other peoples businesses rather than building one of your own HOWEVER investing comes with its own significant risks that you need to be thoroughly clued up on BEFORE you decide to take that route of passive income and usually requires a sizable capital investment before you start seeing a good level of income!


The sum up

So there you have it, that's currently (as of January 2018) how I make over £1000 per month from my low maintenance income streams AND still have plenty of free time to work on creating my latest venture and enjoy my life without panicking over the bills.

If you're tired of constantly trading your time and freedom to actively earn money to pay your expenses each month then adding a passive income business to your current cashflow is a great way to supplement your salary or replace it all together over time.


My Blog         

Now i've created my blog because I want to show you ladies out there that relying solely on your 9-5 job to pay your expenses and liabilities each month is not only soul sucking but it can also be an extremely dangerous financial strategy to rely on!

What if in the near future you were fired and you couldn't find another job quick enough to pay your bills?? 

What if you needed to take some 'major' time off work but you knew you had no other form of income coming in to replace your active wage?

If anything changed in your current financial situation ( e.g. a pay cut or if your partner lost their job) would your finances be able to take it? 

If you answered NO to any of these questions above then you really need to consider building your own little pot of passive income to protect you and your family from those potential dangers lurking above.

I can't tell you how reassuring it feels to know that even if I quit my day job tomorrow I would still have enough money coming in to cover my bills each month.

And I can promise you creating an online passive income business is no where near as hard as you might think! 

Like I mention in most of my blog posts I am just a normal 28 year old girl and before I started my online journey 2 years ago I had zero previous experience in building passive income streams, marketing products, SEO or pretty much anything bar occasionally browsing on Pinterest for home decor ideas I loved.

I may not be in the position to show you how to make £100,000 passively in one month right now and lets face it even if I could, the detailed steps it would take to replicate that level of success would be so advanced it would be almost impossible for you to follow without first understanding all the basics to making passive income first!

Lets learn to crawl before we race a marathon huh!

But... I do have more than enough experience to show you how to startup and grow your very first easy to handle low-maintenance online business and scale it to make you a full time income. 

Which is exactly what i've done on my blog!

If you're anything like me and you just want to bypass the luke warm bullsh*t out there promising you unrealistic outcomes and putting crazy pressure on your success in the first month and just get to down to the practical steps you need to take to set-up and grow your own low maintenance income streams then my blog has tons of advice, tutorials and resources to help you set and reach your first passive income goals.

Above i've listed all the current low maintenance income streams I've created over the past 2 years to replace my active income and because I made the awesome decision to grab my financial future by the horns and steer it towards a lifestyle I love I'm also able to enjoy my time as well as my money knowing that I no longer HAVE to trade one for the other to make my income.

I hope that it's been helpful for you too see a few different ways you can start earning some extra low maintenance income and trust me in a few months if you stay focused and put the time in upfront you will be sitting on your own passive income gold mine safe in the knowledge that you've got your financial situation on lock!!

If you made it all the way through this long ass blog post then you're a baller girl!!* 

And you're so ready to start creating your own online passive income!

Now head over to my blog to discover even more about how to get started and before you go definately don't forget to download the awesome "9 FUN WAYS TO START MAKING PASSIVE INCOME!" guide to jump start your passive income education!


See you back on the blog,




Let me know how you feel about your current working situation!

Do you like or dislike actively working for your income?

Are you considering incorporating some passive income into your life to free up your time?



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