10 Essential Items and Tools Every #GirlBoss Should Have in Her Home Office!

When it comes to creating a well crafted, beautiful home office I am quite literally obsessed!

Just as I imagine many other newbie online entrepreneurs also start out I used to work anywhere and I mean anywhere (yes even the car when I needed some piece and quiet in my crazy house) that my little laptop could get decent internet connection.

I totally know the struggles that come with having no designated workspace to rest your hat and I definately know how stoked you must be that you've finally managed to commandeer a spare room or a little nook to plug in your computer and shut the door on the rest of the world.  

I have to say creating a fully functioning, well kitted out work space has helped me immensely to achieve all the outlandish business ventures i've took on in the past 2 years and I know this blog post might be a simple one but I definitely think there is huge value in making sure that you've got all the essential tools and resources you need to kick start your productivity as you set your new office up...  

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(Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and decide to buy I will get a tiny bit of compensation for your doing so. I want to stress that in no way does me including affiliate links affect my opinion of a product good or bad and I would never bother linking to an item I didn't deem worthy of being purchased by me or my readers. I never want anyone to waste good money they've worked hard to earn!)


Right now... I'm sitting in my home office where I do pretty much all my work.

I have a candle lit on my desk, a pile of paperwork neatly stacked in my papertray (that I still have to go through) and a white board scribbled with things I want to keep track of during the day that I can rub out once each task is done. 

This is how I like to work on my businesses each and every day and I can imagine that once you have the basics set up in your own home office, you'll discover exactly the things you like to do and the vibe you like in your room when you sit down to work aswell. 

Many of the items listed below are literally the absolute essentials you need to successfully kit your office out but it's definately worth making sure you've included all of them in your own space and that they're absolutely the best you can afford. I don't say this because I think you have money to burn, I say it because I know that trying to balance on a rickety old chair that hurts your bum whilst surrounded by stacks of paper and nowhere to file them is a sure fire way to loose your positivity and motivation not only for your new office but also your work.

I've also included a super handy FREE checklist with this post so that once you're confident you know what to put in your new space you can tick off each item as you pick it up online or in store.   

Anyway lets get on with the run down.



1. It's all about the desk!   

If there is one thing in your home office that I recommend any girlboss splurge on it's the perfect desk. If you can don't settle for anything less than what you want. Of course if  you're on a tight budget as I originally was it can help to be a little creative even if it means repainting a second hand desk or adding little details to upscale one you already own.

For me I have a crisk beautiful modern white desk with tons of surface space for all my papers, pens and files and two broad draws in the front that house all of the less visually appealing office essentials such as plain paper, ink for my printer, clear plastic wallets and so much more.

Below i've included a few beautiful desks that I've found and think you'll adore. Use them as inspiration or pick up the real thing it's up to you.


If you like any of these desks i've added a link to each below going from Left to Right:

1. Hamilton Grey Desk

2.  Loft Desk in Ash (and White) I couldn't find a link for just the wood one

3. Calico Large Desk

4. Riviera Maison Shelter Island Office Desk

5. Asha Desk in Grey and Copper

I absolutely adore having an office desk that I enjoy working on every morning. The days that I used to spend sitting on the kitchen table hunched over my laptop whilst the rest of my family pottered around me seems like a distant stressful memory now and my level of organization and efficiency has skyrocketed from the very first day I laid out my desk supplies, grabbed a comfortable computer chair and started giving my businesses the real attention they deserved in one organized place.



2. The Right Office Chair! 

Once you've found the perfect desk, laid out all your office supplies and hooked up you computer, printer and anything else electrical to hand you might start to think that where you sit whilst you're fussing over your work probably makes little to no difference when it comes to your organization, efficiency and productivity during the working day but I personally think you couldn't be more wrong.

I'm currently sitting in an immensely comfy office chair right now, white to fit my office color scheme (I love to be surrounded by the calm neutralness of white whilst I work) and I'm reminiscing on the days just over a year ago when I had to stop every hour on the hour to stand up and walk around the kitchen to get the blood circulation back into my toes. Yes hard wooden kitchen seats get really uncomfy after a few hours of trying to use them as office chairs.

Since investing in a truly comfortable and practical computer chair fit with arm rests, wheels and plenty of padding I now love to sit in front of my computer and plan my day without worrying that I'm going to have pins and needles if I decide to work an extra hour before I take a break. I personally think that every killer girlboss office should be adorned with a super comfy office chair and I promise you since shelling out for the right office desk and seat my work productivity has risen enough that the income i've managed to make over the course of this year well outweighs the expense. 

Here's a few gorgeous office chairs to really get your inspirational juices flowing. I've also attached links below if you fall in love with one.


Again i've added links for each chair from Left to Right:

1. Humanscale World Office Chair, White

2. May Office Chair, Black

3. Herman Miller Setu Multi Purpose Chair, Alpine

4. Says Who for John Lewis Cotta Office Chair

5. Herman Miller New Aeron Office Chair, Mineral/Polished Aluminium

I think finding the right chair is so important when it comes to not only the look but most importantly the productivity of your home office. I'm not saying you have to run out right now and pick up the most expensive plush desk chair you can find. Sometimes it really isn't down to expense one of my close business girlies work in her office perched onto of an old uber comfy arm chair she found second hand so whatever your style and budget just remember it's most importantly about how your home office makes you feel. I personally think a comfy productive workspace is one of cornerstones needed to help you stick to building your businesses over the months and years it can take for it to grow so choose wisely and one huge step closer to achieving your business and income goals.



3. A Business Ready Computer!

I can't tell you how essential this is for a girlboss when you're desperately trying to build multiple online businesses and wreck the hell out of social media. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that forking out thousands of pounds on the best computer you can afford is a wise idea for a complete online income newbie. I myself started out on a small Asus Notebook and I think I did amazingly well at starting up and growing my first business on that alone so I know you don't have to be working with iMac money to get somewhere in this game, but when you're ready to take your business super seriously I truly recommend investing in the best equipment you possibly can. 

I now work on a iMac 21.5 inch computer and pretty much everyone who's known my struggles to build my online income has commented on how much more productive I am thanks to this astounding machine. At the end of the day your computer is your window to the online world, the world in which you're trying hard to help your businesses grow and the truth is that having a really strong dependable computer that doesn't struggle with the amount of graphic designs you need to store, the multiple programs you need to run at any one moment and the constant running time it needs to perform in order for you to work on it full-time  is essential. 

can you grow out of acne?-27.jpg

Now I want to reiterate that if you just can't afford to invest in a stand out computer right now, working with what you already have and doggedly maintaining the determination to keep pushing your businesses forward even when your computer freezes or your memory gets full is all you need to grow your income. I've been there, i've done it and i'm so proud of you for pushing forward until you can eventually invest in a machine that will make it easier on you.

Below i've attached a list of all the computers I've brought or looked at purchasing in the past 2 years because they are truly amazing at what they do. I've included a few different brands because let's face it not everyones a Mac girl. Whatever you choose just make sure its right for you. This is a big financial descision no matter how well your businesses are doing and as I suggested above if your not ready to make a huge investment then the Asus Notebook that I worked on for almost a year is truly a great option to go for. 

1. Apple iMac 21.5 Inch with 4K Retina Display

2. Microsoft Surface Studio

3. HP ZBook Studio G4 DreamColor

4. Dell XPS 15.6-Inch FHD - (Silver)



4. Every Girl Needs a Great Printer!

As I stated above I literally couldn't be without this amazing piece of technology in my office. I personally use the HP Deskjet 2630 because its so small, reliable and prints out perfect imagery everytime.

Of course a printers essential for printing off all those courses, notes, workbooks and anything else you want to keep a physical copy of in your office but this great piece of kit is also an essential aspect of one of my businesses which sells printed art prints to my customers. If you're thinking of creating digital printable's such as art prints, cards, planners, workbooks or anything else then having an easy to use printer in your home office is pretty much an essential to ensure the quality of your work. If you create anything you plan to sell online for people to print off, you should definitely print it to. I always make sure that each download I create works well as a physical copy so that I'm confident my customers are getting the quality they're paying for. I absolutely adore my printer and can honestly say I wouldn't be anywhere near as successful in my online passive income journey without it.

I've mentioned a few amazing printers down below that aren't too expensive yet always give great printing results but whether you pick one up online or next time you're in a store I really recommend keeping one in your home. I personally think every #Girlboss should own a printer to help keep track of all those kick-ass courses, workbooks and printables she downloads or makes to sell in her stores.


5. My Big Secret Weapon on My Office Wall - The Whiteboard!

I absolutely love having a whiteboard in my office, so much so that I now also have one on my kitchen and hallway wall.

The reason why I recommend including this fun but super important wall essential is simply because I think there is no other piece in the whole of my gorgeous office that keeps me more on track with my daily to-do list then the big blatant whiteboard I can see hanging just to the side of my computer screen as I write this post.

Everyday I actually enjoy listing out my essential tasks in easily removable pen knowing that when i've completed each one I can wipe them off and out of my mind for good. It's perhaps a little sad I know but when you're juggling multiple online businesses and trying to complete so many tasks each day to reach your goals having a big visual representation of everything you need to do on a whiteboard is one of the best ways to ensure you get it all done. 

Now don't get me wrong I love a good old list on a traditional notepad aswell but if like me you struggle regularly with procrastination then I wanted to offer you a great addition to your office that can literally skyrocket your productivity simply by helping to keep your focus on your goals.

Another great thing I like to do in the top corner of my whiteboard is write down a fun inspirational quote each week to remind me of what I'm doing all the work for. I've spoken before on my blog about one of the main struggles almost every entrepreneour or business owner goes through when constantly working from home, with no one forcing you forward (a boss) and no one standing at the water cooler waiting to perk you back up for the rest of your office hours it's truly up to you to get the most out of yourself when pushing for your goals. In this post I just want to recommend some of the fun and maybe a little quirky things that I surround myself with in my own girlboss space to drive me forward each day and if your looking for a super simple office essential that makes a huge impact on reaching your goals I definitely recommend investing in a whiteboard.

Above I've included a few beautiful and super practical whiteboards that you might find useful and fun to include in your office but if you want the one that I personally use in my space then i've added the link for that one aswell. Whether you decide to include a whiteboard or not is entirely up to you but if you fancy discovering a few more of the tips and tricks I use to organize myself to reach my business and work goals then I have a really useful blog post right here that might just help you organize your working hours for success aswell. 



6. More Notebooks Please!

I think I speak for almost every girlboss who enjoys a little note taking and list making here and there. You can NEVER I mean NEVER have enough notebooks and scraps of paper in your home office!

Notebooks are quite literally my number one essential tool when it comes to organizing myself, scribbling notes, writing lists, laying out blog posts, brainstorming ideas and generally gathering every inch of my thoughts. I would love to say I'm one of those lucky ladies who can whip up a quick to-do list on their google calendar and be on their way storming towards their goals but I have to be truthful, usually when I turn off my computer at the end of the work day I almost always have to spend another five minutes organizing and filing the huge mass of notebooks, notepads, planners and scraps of paper that have ended up littering my desk surface before I can turn the lights out. 

I love having a pen and pad beside me everyday because I personally find it impossible to order and organize my chaotic and enthusiastic thoughts on my iMac notes.

One thing I have definitely learned about myself over the last 2 years is that I am one hell of a dizzy thinker who can jump from furiously organizing my social media posts one minute to pondering my newest idea about a business venture I might want to pursue. That's why for me having a stack of gorgeous and inspiring notebooks beside me at all times is pretty much an essential. 

If you're like me and you also have a love for beautifully decorated notepads, planners and project books then i've recommended a few down below that I personally use and love but I know that if you're really really like me and you adore surrounding yourself with a collection of pretty notebooks, that within no time your home office will look closer to an uber girly library than an organized office space so I would definitely invest in a bookshelf or two.


1. Kate Spade New York Women's Spiral Notepad Set She Statements One Size

2. A5 Journal - Bunnies - Hardback Notebook by The Art File

3. Hers for the Reading Large Spiral Notebook by Kate Spade

4. Alice Scott A6 Notebook - List Of Enemies



7. The Dear Daily Diary, Planner or Journal!

I really recommend investing in a daily planner, diary or journal as a super useful tool to keep yourself organized if you work from home. I personally use my planner to keep track of super important dates, deadlines, appointments and anything else that has an exact day and time to it.

I have to admit i'm that girl who goes all out when it comes to organizing and yes decorating my daily planner. I've got the stickers, the highlighter pens and paperclips to add in important notes and to -do lists that i've written down on scraps of paper but even if you're not that way inclined, having a planner or journal dedicated to noting down specific events and dates can make a hugely positive difference to the productivity and focus of your work.

As i've spoken about in more depth in this article, the stress and annoyance that comes when you plan to spend your day working on your business goals only to be cut short by an event or appointment you forgot about and have to attend can literally derail your mindset and weekly schedule when it comes to getting things done. 

I truly get it and I know it's so easily done. A forgotten dentist appointment, aunties birthday, friends meet up literally anything that pulls you away from your work that you haven't planned for can completely throw you off track of your goals and cause you to loose out on hours of lost work time that you just didn't budget for.

For all of you that this has happened to I really really recommend picking up a planner, diary or journal (depending on which layout you prefer), laying it out on your office desk and writing in any events as soon as you know they're coming up. This has literally saved my to-do list and my sanity too many times for me to recall. Everyday as I sit at my desk, one of the first things I do is check my schedule. If an events coming up that's going to take up time during my work hours then I know to plan around it and organize my to-do list to accommodate the time I need to take out. 

Using a daily planner in my own office has not only helped me keep track of my workload and daily schedule but it's also helped relieve some of the "I'm not currently working" guilt that I think every online entrepreneur suffers from when they're forced to step away from their computer and take time away from their work. 

Now I know that I can organize my workload and tasks in advance of an event, making sure I reorganize my to-do's for the following day or I complete a time sensitive task in advance so I still feel like i've got everything done.

I've got a few beautiful planners, diarys and journals for you below incase you're looking for a little inspiration and if you fancy discovering a few more great tips and tricks on how to organize your working day even further why not check out my blog post "How I Organize My Day For Success"



8. Boxes Boxes Boxes - For Filling that Paper!

For the first 6 months of me starting my online businesses I can truly say I was practically swimming in scarp pieces of note paper. Now this may just be me and my lack of organization but I'm quite sure (at least hoping) that i'm not the only one out there who's rubbish at filing letters, printables and receipt papers.

After my office became almost over run with the usual trappings of un-opened envelopes, lost receipts and torn notebook pages that almost always befells someone creating and building a business and I could barely clear enough space to sit at my desk, I finally decided to get my act together and ordered myself several boxes that have now become the home to all my paperwork. 

And it's quite literally a life saver. 

Now I keep nice and simple boxes for my finances, printable workbooks, courses and helpsheets, important letters and so much more and my office no longer looks like Bruce Almighty's living room after god drops off a ton of sticky notes all over the walls. If you plan on turning your online shops, blogs or courses into profitable full time businesses then gathering and keeping important paperwork is just going to become a fact of life and keeping it organized and off your office floor takes some getting used to it. 

If you're just starting out with a home office business or you've already reached the point where piles of paperwork are hastily filling up your desktop surface then I suggest investing in some beautiful storage boxes and filing everything away in one spot. As you grow further with your businesses and income this will need to become slightly more detailed but having all your paperwork in one place you can easily get to is an absolutely great place to start.



9. Super Fun Stationary and Holders!  

This might seem a little frivolous but one thing I certainly found when I was adding the finishing touches to my office space is that even though all the things mentioned above make a huge difference it's definitely the little things like the right pens, the right stationary accessories and the perfect decor that make you feel at home and excited to get up and work when it comes to your office.

Adding those special finishing touches that feel unique and fun for you can truly turn a boring unproductive environment into a place you'd feel happy spending time in from dusk till dawn so I personally recommend going all out when it comes to adding your style to your office room. 

For me I love the little extras such as fun inspirational quotes on my pen holders and in my office artwork. I also love to write with quiality pens that don't cramp my hand when i'm planning out ideas for new blog posts. I definitely have a modern ultra feminine theme when it comes to my desk accessories and I think it's one of the things that inspires me to to keep reaching out to other women with encouragement and positivity as I work on my blog. 

Whatever your style definitely make the little extras in your office your own. Play around have fun and most importantly remember your office is meant to feel part of your home!

Here's some fun desktop accessories and stationary you might want to include in your home but if you don't find anything you like here trust me there's a wealth of fun quirky and totally you bits and bobs available online.

You can also check out these awesome online shops for beautiful and super quirky office accessories:

1. Grab beautiful office accessories at Wayfair

2. Etsy Handcrafted Office accessories and decor

3. Paperchase Stationary

4. Amazon Office Products and Decor



10. Motivational Books and Workbooks!

These are just an optional extra for a kick-ass Girlboss office but I have to admit my own room is filled with them!

I absolutely love to litter my office with cool motivational books and great worksheets i've printed out from other successful online business owners and bloggers.

I've learned so much over the last 2 years on how to create and build an online business, how to generate passive income, how to grow a following for your shops and your blogs and most importantly how to follow your dreams from the inspiring advice and guidance of others who've already achieved their goals.

I personally think that investing in the best books and resources to help you grow and steer you in the right direction is an invaluable piece of kit to keep in your office arsenal.

As i've mentioned in previous posts of mine I would still be a million miles away from my goals if I hadn't reached out and grabbed the advice that TRUE experts in their fields are offering online.

I think over the last few years I've discovered the one element to gathering advice that separates those from making huge strides in their businesses and bank balances and those who just give up after a few months and never get much done.

It's the ability to source the right and honest advice on the internet from all the scarily unrealistic and sometimes untrue information that's tossed around online.

"How I made £40,000 in my first month!"... sounds absolutely amazing and yes there are probably people out there to whom it can be done but lets be honest, if you're someone who's never tried to build an online business, create a product, market it online and legally get your self-employment taxes done then would you really be prepared to handle £40,000 worth of income and expenses in one month?

The point here is certainly not to destroy your dreams, believe me I can dream big like the rest of them (still reaching for that £10,000 a month goal) but to suggest that you look at where you are now and focus on finding the most helpful and useful advice to get you to the 'next step' towards your goals not a million milestones ahead all at once.

For example if you're a complete online seller or blogger newbie then expecting to make the same results as someone who has 10 years prior experience in SEO and graphic design as they tell you how they made £15,000 in their first month on their blog is probably not the best way to go.

Trust me i've been there, i've been motivated as hell and then when I wasn't seeing even remotely similar results in my first month I felt the crestfallen downfall that always comes! 

Sure it can be super inspiring and you might even take away some broad advice that can help you pursue your goals but think about instead reaching out for small bloggers, online business owners and passive income builders who are still working towards their journeys and can offer you more detailed, practical advice on how to reach your next goal. 

Of course you don't have to take my advice alone. There are literally tons of awe inspiring online coaches, bloggers and sellers out there writing about their experiences in building online income but I thought I would mention a few in particular that I love below so if you're looking for a place to start you have a wealth of different peoples input to choose from.

1. The Fuzzy and Birch Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy

2. Melyssa Griffin's Free Resources

3. Allison Lindstrom's Start a Profitable Blog Email Course


Well there you go these are the 10 essential items and tools that I personally think make the perfect #Girlboss office. Of course this is just my view and you might be able to think of a crazy number of extras you'd want to include in your office aswell.

Since creating a space in my home dedicated to my work my productivity and success has skyrocketed and with it thankfully my bank balance so yes shelling out for the right office equipment might seem daunting at the time but as long as you know your in it for the long run I think there are very few things worth investing in as much as creating a gorgeous space you feel motivated to work in.


If you're interested in learning more about how to create passive income then check out my other blog posts on Evaknows.com.

And don't forget to come back often as I try to upload a new super helpful tutorial or blog post at least once a week!


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So what other tools and accessories do you like to have in your home office?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you guys can recommend anything else you absolutely love that i've missed out I would love to here from you!