7 Amazing Resources and Courses I've Used To Skyrocket My Passive Income Super Fast!

(Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and decide to buy I will get a tiny bit of compensation for your doing so. I want to stress that in no way does me including affiliate links affect my opinion of a product good or bad and I would never bother linking to an item I didn't deem worthy of being purchased by me or my readers. I never want anyone to waste good money they've worked hard to earn!)




"Most of the time when it comes to making money online the hardest place to be is at the start!"

It's scary, it's uncertain and it's usually chocked full of overwhelming information and success stories promising to teach you how to make £30,000 over night if you just add your email address to their sign up bar.

Well I'm not here to make you any false promises (frankly because I can't be bothered to put that much energy into making it up) I want to speak straight from the heart and stick to the things i've personally experienced whilst building my income online, so if you're looking for another "How to become a Millionaire in a week!" success post this ones probably not for you.

BUT... if you're like I was a few months ago and you're looking for a clear, precise path to help start you along your journey towards building an online business or creating full-time passive income then this blog post is most definitely for you.

I'm going to discuss some of the most helpful courses and resources that I've personally used and frankly adore that have helped me turn my little online shops into unstopable powerhouse money making machines!

Again let me reiterate that I'm in absolutely no way trying to force you to try any of these products yourself if you don't want to but I do recommend at least taking a look at them if you want to discover some of the best tools around to help you jump start your passive income from the start.  


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Now I'm going to be honest with you, although these days I absolutely love to help others on their journey to online success there was once a time when I had absolutely no clue where to start when it came to selling products and services online and pretty much like everyone else I had to turn to others who'd been there before and knew a little more than me in order to help weed my way through all the rubbish information there is out there offering generic advice that did nothing to improve my knowledge or my bank balance. 

That's why as a little thankyou to all those wonderful people and companies who were my sanctuary when I started out on my online journey over 2 years ago and provided me with powerful (actually useful) advice and tools, i've created this blog post highlighting them out to anyone else starting on their online income journey aswell.

Of course you don't have to join any of the courses or programs i've mentioned below but the main focus of this blog article is to highlight that finding the right kind of help and guidance on your journey is probably one of the most important factors that seperates those who succeed in creating powerful online business and those who fail.

Below i've talked about 7 of the most amazing resources and courses that have literally skyrocketed my online businesses and my passive income from tiny pebbles bumbling about uselessly on the ocean floor to huge bolders that stand up against the waves of business ups and downs and drive income to my bank account no matter what happens each and every month. 

I truly wouldn't of gotten this far without them all and I'm super happy to be able to share them with you now.

So lets stop wittering on and get on with the good stuff!



Let's Start with 2 Amazing Income Boosting Courses I Love:


1. Etsy Academy: The Perfect Place to Start! 

There is no other reason for me to put this course at the top of my list except for the fact that this program quite literally helped me start and build my online business from nothing to the little powerhouse it is today that makes me my full time income. I promise you i'm not giving Jenni Waldrop's course too much credit. I discovered this online academy quite literally by accident about 3 months into my online seller journey at the time when I had almost completely given up on the idea of building passive income. Everything online seemed so confussing and the few strides I managed to make towards building my online business kept turning out to be wrong and had to be corrected over and over thus I was getting nowhere fast. 

Then I stumbled upon the Etsy Academy course and plucking up all my courage I made the first (and best) decision I could of possibly made for my business and my income.

...I enrolled!

Within a few weeks following Jenni's advice and course modules I quite literally turned my business around. Even now I know that if I hadn't took my future into my own hands that day and decided to learn about online business the right way on this course I wouldn't be here talking about my success now. That's why I want to share this course with you guys not because I want you to sign up but because I really want you to see that making a decisive descision and getting the help you need in the beginning is the most important step to building a strong profitable business online. 




Etsy Academy is chocked full of priceless advice, guidance and easy to follow modules that carefully guide you through the maze of creating online income. I personally love her friendly warm writing style, her amazing how-to videos and the fact that she takes so much time to interact with the group. From facebook lives where you can ask her any question you want to the group page where you can chat with so many other like minded people working hard to build there own online income. The Academy is so inspiring (and most essentially helpful) that I couldn't not include it in my very favourite resources for the aspiring online entrepreneur. 

Don't let the title confuse you though, Etsy Academy isn't just for Etsy sellers it's literally perfect for everyone. I've learned so much about how to sell on multiple platforms, build a blog, grow my email list, market my business, automate my social media, grow my passive income and generally create a kick-ass online business on this course and I still continue to learn something more everyday that I go on.

If you're in need of a really structured plan to help you grow your business super fast then I definitely recommend Etsy Academy as a one stop shop. 

If you're interested in taking a look at Etsy Academy then this is a link to their homepage. Jenni also has tons of free articles on her blog that I found so useful when I was starting out I also really recommend

Now let me stop fawning all over my favourite course and move onto resource 2! 


2. The Maker's Bizz Online Conference!    

I accredit the Maker's Bizz online program for so much of my knowledge and know-how when it comes to the everyday workings of an online business. If you're tired of being bombarded with an ocean of confusing and useless advice from so called online gurus promising the world in 5 easy steps then you should definately check out the Maker's Bizz conference to get a ton of SOLID truly essential advice on the nooks and crooks behind creating, running and growing a successful online business. 

I first discovered this conference 9 months ago and the detailed notes I took during each of the talks still hang proudly in my office guiding me daily on the right and legal course of action to take as my business grows. 

Over 25+ amazing business experts came together to give there solid advice on what it takes to build an online business particularly in the handmade and digital download fields. Just speaking for myself they're guidance has completely changed the way I treat my business today.  




Although a passive income business can be full of creativity, graphic design and inspirational content it also has to contain the fundamental elements of every business on Earth both physical and online. The Maker's Bizz addresses all the nitty gritty elements of business so many beginner entrepreneurs often forget... the legal aspects of running an online business, the best way to keep on top of your taxes when you're starting up a second or third income, how to write a comprehensive business plan and pretty much all the basic elements you must understand before you start throwing tens of thousands of £$£$ into your bank account.

The conference itself is currently only held once a year (March 13th to March 23rd) but you can grab FREE access to all the talks from the previous year for 48 hours right here!

Over the past 2 years I've truly come to realize the overwhelming value there is in finding a place on the internet where you can grab sound advice, real actionable tips and tricks and essential information when it comes to building online income. I really hope you guys find a wealth of value in this video course and once more have tons of fun whilst your doing it. It's so important to get your little business ducks in a row from the very start when you're trying to build a passive income business and personally for me this conference did exactly that.    

I'm going to be adding more courses that I discover and fall in love with to this post in the next couple of months as I continue to grow and improve my passive income businesses so remember to come back and visit if you're looking for even more amazing guidance on your journey to passive income!



Now Lets Move onto My Favorite Kick-Ass Resources to Create Super Sellable Graphics and Downloads:


3. Creative Market: For Commercial License Artwork and Mockups!

I absolutely love creative market. From when I first started out to where I am now I credit this platform for about 60% of all the artwork, mockups and flatlays I use to create and display all the products I sell in my store. I would love to write a full blown article all about this awesome website detailing exactly how I use it to create the most beautiful digital downloads that literally sell themselves, so let me know if any of you would be interested in that and I will. 

Powered by Creative Market

The best thing about creative market is quite simply that its the ultimate one stop shop for everything a girl needs to create out of this world digital products, social media graphics, website backdrops and so much more!

If you're not a natural born artist or don't want to spend all your super valuable work time drawing mediocre stick figures that you know would never sell online then it's best to just leave this part of the product process to the experts. In a future post I will write a step by step guide to how I create my digital downloads using other peoples artwork and how majorly fun it is to get creative and use their designs legally to create artwork, cards, templates or ebook covers to sell but for now if you're new to creating digital products I would suggest taking a good look at Creative Market not only when you're ready to start creating your amazing products but also as a regular inspirational hotspot to get your creative juices going as you research what to sell.   

I personally use Creative Market to purchase commercial license graphics, illustrations, mockups, product templates and fonts that I use to whip up super easy digital downloads that sell like crazy in my store. I have genuinely found some awe inspiring artists and photographers on this platform that have skyrocketed my product designs to a level I never would of achieved on my own. The best thing for me when it comes to CM is that I'm able to safely and legally purchase the extended licenses for designs and photos keeping me totally safe from those scary copyright disputes that no beginner online seller wants to deal with along the road.     

On the right i've attached an offer that Creative Market has on right now to download a bunch of completely free goodies from the platform for you to see what you think of their artists stunning graphics and fonts so you don't just have to rely on me and my experience (Note: affiliate link)Try out these gorgeous graphic freebies and really get the juices flowing with ideas on what digital products you could potentially create in your store to help build your passive income.


4. Canva: A Little More Advanced Graphic Design!

If there are 2 websites no digital download creator should ever live without it should be Picmonkey and Canva! 

These amazing and super easy to use graphic design websites are the cornerstones of every single one of my online businesses and without them I would truly have nothing presentable to sell or show online.

I use Canva in particular for all of my more social media inspired design work which for me mainly involves all my Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, Facebook adds, Twitter graphics and anything else I need to whip up in super quick time and present to the world. I adore Canva not only because it's fairly easy to use (granted after the first few attempts) but mostly because they provide an astounding wealth of design templates for you to play with for almost every kind of graphic you could want. If you need inspiration for a Pinterest pin they have it, if you want a template to help create an Etsy shop banner it's right there for you, there are so many beautiful graphic options on Canva to ensure that you design something social media worthy and for me Canva has truly become an integral part of my social media campaigns.


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 5.55.33 PM.png


If you want to try Canva out for yourself then here's a link to their website. I'll drop you off on their homepage so you can have a good old nose and discover everything they have to offer on their amazing platform! 


4. Picmonkey: Great For Digital Products and Social Media!

When it comes to creating my digital download products I have to say I have experimented with both Picmoney and Canva over the last 2 years. I absolutely adore both so this paragraph is not going to be a tear them apart comparison. The one thing I will say that steered me a little more towards Picmonkey in the beginning of my passive income journey is it's insanely easy to use platform for complete graphic beginners and the fact that within seconds you can create absolutely beautiful digital downloads and social media posts with little to no previous graphic knowledge.

There design layout is super simple and just like Canva they have absolutely beautiful templates you can play around with to create most of your social media posts and banners.   



Now 24 months down the line I still love to use a mixture of the two platforms to come up with all my designs. I've created art prints, digital cards, social media posts, digital planners, screensavers, phone backgrounds, ebook covers and even 90% of my blog graphics and downloads on these 2 graphic websites and trust me i've had zero professional training when it comes to design.

If you're looking for somewhere to start creating your own amazing digital downloads to sell then I would definately recommend you check out Picmonkey and Canva. If you're serious about building passive income from an online store or blog you won't be disappointed with what you can achieve on these platforms alone! 

I'll drop your off on the Picmonkey Homepage right here if you want to see what this amazing website has to offer you.

I personally recommend trying out Picmonkey first if you're a complete graphic novice not only because it's a touch simpler than Canva but also because they have great tutorials and blog articles stuffed full of super helpful advice and guidance to improve your design know-how that helped me out when I had no idea what to do! 

I will be creating way more posts on all the tips and tricks i've learned to create stunning ultra sellable downloads for my shops in the future but for now I just wanted to mention these two amazing resources if you guys want to try them out.



Finally Lets Mention 2 of My Absolute Favourite Organization and Scheduling Programs That Let My Businesses Run (almost) On Auto-Pilot:


(My Favourite Content Scheduling Calender)


6. CoSchedule: The Best Social Scheduling Calender (In my Humble Opinion)

I've only discovered this amazing program in the last 6 months and I can honestly say I'm unbelievably glad I have. Coschedule is quite literally my secret weapon for grasping all the huge elements of running my multi-business social media campaigns and sorting them all neatly onto one easy to handle orderly pile on my CoSchedule calender.

Now that i've started using this gem of an organization tool I'm on a mission to schedule as much of my social media and blog posts as possible. Really I mean my dream goal is to be able sort out all my Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, Twitter messages, Facebook articles and even blog posts for the entire year. You heard me... yes this girl is out to give herself a year long break from stressing over social media. Of course that doesn't mean I won't be interacting with you guys, no way I would give up something I love so much but in a few weeks time I will be in a position where I don't have to panic every few days over what new blog article I'm going to write because it will already be done. I won't have to spend hours and hours a week creating interesting and catchy social media posts because it will already be carefully laid out and scheduled a year ahead of time leaving me plenty of space to focus on the things I really want ( e.g creating a super cool online course for you guys chocked full of information on how to grow your online income super fast) and bringing you even better content on Evaknows.

I am a massive obsessive when it comes to automating as much of your online business as possible to free up your time. I say it in almost every blog post I write and it's certainly not because I enjoy typing the word Automation fifty times, it's because this really is the goal you should always have in mind when you're building passive income. Yes passive income can take a while to build and during that time alot of work is required (don't let anyone tell you otherwise) but searching for tools and tricks that can reduce the amount of work you need to do to keep your online shops and blogs ticking over in the long run is what building passive income online is all about.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 6.58.19 PM.png


I love CoSchedule for this exact reason it makes it rediculously simple for me to schedule all my social media content across all the platforms I have and I can even sycronise it with my blog post releases or shop sales so everything remains ticking like clockwork whilst I get on with something else. 

CoSchedule's platform is also super easy to navigate and each type of membership comes with a wealth of amazing extras to help you reschedule old content you've already put out, interact with members of your team if you plan on working with others to create guest content on your blog or help with your online shops and generally organize as much of your day to day content creation as you want.

I know there are a few other amazing scheduling calendars out there that might be perfect for you aswell but I suggest (definately if you're just starting out on your passive income journey) investing the time to set yourself up on an organization platform like CoSchedule from the get-go and keep working towards automating as much of your work load as you can. I personally like to batch all my social media at least a month in advance but I can't wait to eventually reach my big goal of scheduling everything for a whole year.

If you want to check out what CoSchedule can do to keep you on track with you social organization and blog posting whilst you build your little empire then you can take a look at their homepage right here.


(My Favourite Email Marketing Platform)


7. Convertkit: At the End of The Day It's All About The Emails


Lastly but certainly not leastly (Ha I know that's not even a word) I want to talk about a pretty huge program that has made a phenomenal impact in my working life: Convertkit!

From day zero of my passive income journey every online business guru has raved at me about the importance of building a strong email list and creating outstandingly helpful email opt-in's for your readers to take away in exchange for them trusting me with their email address. I want to say that I have truly strived to create that trust and confidence in my blog with every new post I write and every email i've put out and a huge part of that comes down to the programs I use to create beautiful content, organize my online shops and websites so they run smoothly and importantly gather the email addresess people trust me with.

That's why I personally use Convertkit not only for my blog but for all my online shops that bring me my passive income. Convertkit is a super efficient and easy way to interact with your email subcribers. I love that it has a really easy to follow dashboard that tells me how many subscribers i've gained each day and I especially love the fact that I can pre-prepare email sequences that automatically schedule out specific emails I want to send certain subscribers so I don't have to worry about manually shipping them off on a monthly basis and confussing myself with who i've sent what.

When I initially started my online income journey I tried mailchimp as a free way to collect and gather emails and I can honestly say that my enthusiasm, focus and thus results wained until I switched to convertkit and experienced what it's like to really have a grasp on your email list. 

If you want to try ConvertKit out for yourself whether you're a complete virgin to email campaigning or you're already on your way to becoming a pro then here's a link to their homepage so you can check them out.

"To be honest it's not about whether or not you go with Convertkit, Mailchimp or any other email platform that you like."

What i'm really trying to emphasis in resource 7 is that along my passive income journey I eventually stumbled upon an email platform that empowered me to take building subscribers seriously and it was that that skyrocketed my income. 

Well there you go 7 Amazing Courses and Resources that truly have helped skyrocket my income from pennies a day to enough to provide me with a full-time income. I really wanted to write this post because I know that the me 2 years ago would of loved to read an article that laid out some business enhancing resources that would of sped up my overall income growth and I hope that you guys enjoy reading it as well. Like I say in many of my posts please don't become disheartened if your passive income takes a little time to grow. Use the time to explore everything the internet has to offer in terms of business opportunities and never pass up on the chance to learn and utilize resources and advice that has helped others succeed in the destination you want your business and income to go!

Happy travelling on your online income journeys ladies.

I hope you found something useful on your visit to this blog post!