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This article is going to be short and sweet and straight to the point, I hope.

I just wanted to let some of you guys know (if you didn’t know already) that if you're searching for a great place to find quality cruelty free beauty products at affordable prices near you, you may no longer need to look any further than your local supermarket!

A great step in the right direction for the abolishment of animal testing in the cosmetics industry has been that over the last few years a number of huge high street and superstore companies have chosen to ensure that their ‘own’ beauty ranges are cruelty free.

Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer’s (yes I’m classing M&S as a supermarket in this article) are two great examples of superstore chains that house a fabulous ‘own brand’ beauty range that’s cruelty free and great value for money.

Below I’ve created a list of my Top 4 favourite superstores that carry cruelty free ‘own’ brands.


Marks and Spencer’s:

Since 2006, Marks and Spencer’s have guaranteed that not only do they not test any of their M&S beauty or household products on animals but that none of the 'individual ingredients' in their beauty or household products are tested on animals either. All their own brand cosmetics have been approved by Cruelty Free International, founded by the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) and now carry the leaping bunny label to ensure their customers know they are buying products free from animal testing. Marks and Spencer’s brand (Autograph) boasts a fabulous range of beauty products I really recommend checking out the next time you’re in store and compared to some of their high end competitors sat next to them on the shelf, they really are great value for money if you fancy a little cruelty free beauty splurge the next time you go in.

Take a look at Marks and Spencer's amazing Cruelty Free Beauty Range here: MARK AND SPENCER BEAUTY RANGE



This was something I definitely didn’t know before but I am so pleased to find out now. Waitrose ‘own brand’ (Essential Waitrose) beauty products are cruelty free and have received the Humane Cosmetics certificate and also carry the leaping bunny symbol. The range contains a lovely selection of shower gels and body lotions you may like to give a try and I recommend their essential Waitrose nail varnish remover for a cruelty free and just as effective alternative to the less animal friendly nail varnish removers around.



I was so pleased to discover some time ago that all of Sainsbury’s own brand personal care products are certified cruelty free and with a massive range of own brand products stretching from fragrance free moisturisers to daily care mouthwashes and everything in between your bound to discover a cruelty free product you like… and pick it up for a bargain price!

As inspiration here's my absolute favourite product from the Sainsburys own range; The Vitamin E Fragrance Free SPF 15 Day Cream

Its a Cruelty free, super inexpensive alternative to the non cruelty main brands and I honestly fell in love with this day cream over two years ago and am happy to say its remained in my beauty arsenal ever since!

Check out Sainsbury's cruelty free beauty range right here: SAINSBURY'S BEAUTY


Another giant superstore you may also be surprised to find waving the flag of ‘cruelty free’ own brand products is Morrison’s. Morrison’s has been awarded the BUAV and Cruelty Free International certificate for their work on ensuring their ‘own brand’ personal care and cosmetic products are officially and reliably manufactured without animal testing. These products are now able to carry the leaping bunny label making it ten times easier for customers like me to be sure we’re picking up cruelty free cosmetics without having to look them up online before we go instore. Hooray to that! Morrison’s offers a great range of own brand beauty products from body lotions to hand creams, shaving gels and much much more all at great prices. So if you’re ever in the mood for a little cruelty free beauty shopping your local Morrison’s may just be the best place to go.

Shop Morrison's cruelty free own brand Right Here: MORRISON'S BEAUTY

Side Note:   

As of yet it is a shame that superstores are not able to remove all animal tested products from their shelves but I am not here to lecture, just to give you the low down on where you can easily find some great cruelty free beauty buys if you fancy a little cosmetic splurge.

These are just some of the supermarket companies in the UK that now carry cruelty free own brands. Please email me or let me know if you know anymore I am always happy to discover more ways to buy cruelty free.


This article was written in 2016 and so please feel free to double check your local supermarket to ensure their cruelty free policy still stands on their own brand products.