The ingredients to a healthy morning breakfast or a soothing morning face mask?

Go on give this simple DIY mask a go to help hydrate, nourish and replenish tired skin on the weekend!

Simply mix one banana (mashed), oats and some milk together to form a paste and gentle apply to the face for between 10-20 minutes. (Do not rub the paste on the face as the oatmeal could potentially scratch the skin in delicate areas, just gently dab on and leave). Banana is super high in beneficial natural oils, vitamins and enzymes that are great giving the skin a great nourishment boost as well as being a relatively neutral pH that is gentle on the skin.
Milk is a great base for face masks as it’s gentle on the skin, contains lactic acid a light chemical exfoliator and is rich in vitamins.

Finally oatmeal is a great anti-irritant and hydrating ingredient (as long as your not allergic to them or sometimes to glutin) and it’s large flat structure means that if you apply it gently it won’t cause micro cuts or lesions on the skin.

This is definately a simple and gentle face mask you should give a try. Go on be good to your skin as well as your diet in the mornings with this great DIY face mask for the weekend!