It’s the advice offered around the world when it comes to your skin, the celebrity go to for why their skin always looks so moisturized, glowy and without a dry patch in sight and yes its so enticing to believe that something as simple as drinking plenty of water everyday will give you the conditioned skin of your dreams or at least make dramatic improvements to your dry skin but here we lay down the truth to bust this myth out of the water (pun intended) and steer you back on the right path to preventing and improving dry skin on your body and face. 


It is definitely true that staying hydrated is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle and of course water is one of the key ingredients your body and skin needs to stay happy and function well, but the harsh reality is that although downing numerous glasses of water a day can work wonders for improving your health and overall physiology. Research has strongly suggested that drinking water does little to nothing to improve or prevent dry skin. 

If you want to work on improving and preventing dry skin then it is essentially that you remember that simply switching from sipping water from a glass to downing it with a hose pipe is never going to be your way to perfectly smooth, glowing skin. The causes behind skin dryness are almost always more complicated than a lack of water intake unless you’ve been stranded in the desert for days on end (even then). 


The Truth…

Treating dry skin may not be as easy as just increasing your water intake…but it is simple. To properly take care of dry skin, 1. Tailor your skincare routine to treat your dry skin problem (see skincare routine for dry skin) 2. Regularly use a good quality moisturiser suitable for your skin type and 3. Try to avoid really dry environments both hot and cold that may cause the water you are retaining in your skin to evaporate.

“Just simply sipping water is never going to be your way to perfect skin!”

This subject is so important and personal to me (a fellow dry skinner) that I will be focusing many more detailed biology based articles around this subject in the months to come. Please feel free to email me any topics you’d like me to research and address. I can’t wait to hear about what you guys would like to learn about.