You might not know this but many of the skincare products presented to you on the market as white creams or lotions aren't originally white!

Indeed although it may seem that the term 'cream' lends itself very nicely to the image we conjure in our heads of a thick white substance usually churned in a diary mill in the countryside, in reality these formulas are composed of ingredients mixed inside a lab that range in a whole spectrum of colours (including clear) and rarely when mixed together do they form a pure bright white solution ready for packaging and stocking on the shelves.

About a year ago I was intrigued by an article written by a cosmetic formulator who described her disapproval of the cosmetic industries strenuous demands to present skincare creams and lotions as "pure" white formulas simply because it conjures up the stereotypical image of cleanliness, purity and quality, when in truth quite often the formula has had to be 'muddied up' by adding pigments and dyes in order to reach the industries standards of the 'perfect white'.

In her article she explained that what's worse is that many of the ingredients used as whitening pigments in skincare formulations are actually drying and sometimes irritating on the skin leaving originally well made skincare products at best less effective and at worst completely ineffective for their intended purpose.

Although it is questionable whether the concentrations of any of the ingredients used to make a formulation white are really high enough to have a seriously dehydrating effect on the skin, the writer of the article did note that the mere presence of pigment in your leave on overnight products means that if you're wearing makeup during the day and a highly pigmented face cream during the night then you are repeatedly coating your skin with pigment increasing its ability to dry and irritate the skin over time.

As I'm sitting here typing this post for my blog, it's definitely safe to say that this articles left an imprint on my mind as to the extent that branding outweighs product effectiveness in the cosmetic industry. At the end of the day skincare, like most things isn't perfect and I am even willing to remit that colour pigment in skincare isn't the worst thing I've heard of in some formulas but the part that worries me, the part I really don't like is the lack of transparency and understanding afforded so many customers when they buy skincare products that promise them the world and yet are sooner packed full of things that are more likely going to irritate and dehydrate their skin.

As a former biological science student with a love for skincare and makeup I was shocked myself to think that I had never truly considered how far cosmetic industry marketing infiltrates a product (far past the external packaging and exaggerated claims) into the formulation itself even going as far as compromising the integrity of the product to make it look more appealing to the human brain.

Sadly I am also aware that the problem of style over substance stretches far beyond the realms of purely the look of a product as still some otherwise quality producing skincare companies continue to compromise great formulations in favour of adding "high" concentrations of fragrance to their products even knowing that fragrance is a very common irritant on the skin.

Because of the lack of integrity and honesty over what some brands push on unsuspecting customers desperately seeking the right products for their sensitive, dehydrated or blemish prone skin at present I feel there is a true calling for every woman and man who takes skincare seriously to start sourcing the truth from scientists, beauty experts and each other about how to take care for their largest organ as i'm worried certain high playing cosmetic companies no longer have the customers skin and health at their heart when pumping out new products!

And that is why I created my blog. I'm not perfect indeed if we're honest we probably couldn't find a single person who is but the one thing I have to offer this blog is my pure passion for not only skincare and makeup but for the human body itself. I've studied biology for the last four years of my life and I've been in love with skincare, hair and makeup for many years before that. Evaknows is a small place I created to marry all my geeky obsessions together and research and discuss to my hearts content everything I think might help me and others looking for a little more clarity on their beauty shelves.

Just to clarify I know that there are many wonderful skincare and makeup companies out there that still strive to do the best by their customers. Their belief in excellent quality skincare and their ethics to ensure people really know what they're buying when they walk into their stores or buy online makes my heart warm and fuels me with encouragement that good honest cosmetic companies with strong morals are pushing through the embellished marketing and over exaggerated beauty claims of less honest brands. But articles such as the one I mentioned above make me worry that the few dishonest, false promise companies pushing poor quality products on unsuspecting customers will "muddy the waters" for all the honest brands.

At the end of this post I still have faith in most skincare companies to remain transparent and truthful about what they create. I suppose I just wanted to highlight my thoughts on the few beauty companies that choose not to keep skin at the top of their agenda and resolve to extremely false advertising and dishonest tricks to get ahead of the game.

To all the beauty companies out there that are still pushing for quality and integrity within the beauty industry...please keep creating well formulated, skin conscious products and doing it with transparency and passion. I have nothing but the utmost respect and enthusiasm for you to succeed. We need you out there!