I would love to tell you that there's a finite window in which all your acne problems come and go. Indeed if that was the way of it no one over the age of puberty would need to spend their hard earned money on anti-acne creams and scrubs and the skincare industry would own a fraction of the wealth it has now. Unfortunately acne is a problem that can step well into adulthood with even women in their fifties and sixties suffering from the condition on a regular basis.

The continuation of acne in later life is largely due to the rise and fall of hormone levels during adulthood. Although puberty may be over troubles such as stress, diet, periods and the menopause can all cause hormone fluctuations which trigger regular breakouts throughout life, even using the wrong products on your skin can cause acne to continue well after puberty has gone.

 Sadly women are more prone to acne breakouts than men in later life as their hormones fluctuate more drastically over time. In a sense it is actually possible for men to 'grow out' of acne because once they finish puberty their hormone levels tend to even out leaving them less susceptible to spots in later life. However men can still be susceptible to spot breakouts in the later years due to stress, diet and the types of product formulations they use on their skin and so no one can 100% outgrow acne. 

So being very conscious that I don't want to leave any of you gorgeous acne suffers on a bad note. I've researched some beautifully formulated Anti-Acne products that your free to take a look at and see if you'd like to give them a go. As always i've researched the quality of the formulation, ease of application and a wealth of additional product reviews just to ensure I'm recommending what I personally think is the best out there but I would love to know if any of you have found a miracle product thats worked wonders on your skin??

Please feel free to leave the name and your opinion in the comments below as I would love to research more into your recommendations.