The 7 Key Steps to Building Passive Income Selling Online!

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Note: This 7 step beginners guide is focused primarily on those of you aiming to make full-time passive income selling digital download products online. Don't worry I will be creating an entirely different kick-ass guide to generating passive income through building your own blog in a following up coming guide!

Wouldn't it be amazing if someone came along and handed you £1000 with a cheery smile, a pat on the back and went on their way!?! 

No return favours required just free money for you to spend on whatever you want that month or stash safely away in your bank account!

Now how about if instead of it just happening once, that same person came along again and again and again every month and handed you £1000 no strings attached no questions asked. 

Well for the last 18+ months, if you replaced that human hand with an automated transaction from my online selling platforms thats exactly whats been happening to me!

Over and over again i've glanced into my bank account to see wads of £100, £250 and even £1000 (not yet wads of £10,000's unfortunately) drop into my bank whilst i've sat watching T.V.

So what's the trick??

The reason I can now sit back and watch money cha-ching into my bank account each month without having to panic over things like renewing listings, shipping products or buying new stock (basically the hassles of running a physical product business) is because just under 2 years ago I discovered a way of earning money that I never really knew existed before...

(No I didn't discover a money tree at the bottom of the garden) and ever since i've become obsessed with working out exactly how to create it and how I can grab a little piece of the unbelievable pie that is 'passive income'.

According to Wikipedia... (what a source) Passive income is described as "income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it".

Now before I go on, let me promise you I am quite literally just a normal girl (nothing special) and I'm not about to confuse you with a wealth of rocket scientist knowledge that's required in order for you to follow my footsteps... 

It's well within your reach to start building a little pot of passive income of your own and grow it over time to create something that will eventually support you financially with little to no work...

But I won't lie to you, from my experience I've seen that for the complete novice like I was (and maybe you are aswell) it takes time to build this form of income and there can be one hell of a steep learning curve before you start seeing results.

That's why I've created this step by step guide to help beginners get to grips with some of the basics on what's really needed to create and build passive income from selling digital and dropshipped products online.

In this blog article we're going to be discussing these four basic topics:


  • How to get 'started' on building passive income.

  • What online platforms I recommend starting with if you're new to the 'selling online' game.

  • What to expect in the building process whilst you create your passive income.

  • And most importantly the tips and tricks i've found to help make the process alot easier along the road. 


I've broken this beginners guide down into the 7 key steps I think you need to know and follow in order to get jump started building your passive income through selling digital products online.

As you read and implement each step they should help to answer the big topics mentioned above and don't worry I will have tons more articles focusing on each step of the process on my blog to help you as you climb the passive ladder.

"We're on this passive income journey together remember. I won't leave you behind!"

I may be a few steps ahead of you in the passive income game but I have so much more to learn and share on my blog and I can't wait to be the solid helping hand just a few paces infront, guiding you along your journey to passive income success!  

Sound good... Now lets gets started with Step 1!





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