Is Hygral Fatigue the real issue behind your dry damaged hair?

Hygral fatigue is caused by the constant swelling and shrinking of your hair cuticles during and after hair washing. 

As the hair gets wet, the hair cuticles absorb water until the hair fibres become saturated and swollen. This stretching of the cuticle tears at the structure of the hair causing breakage and damage. Then as the water drains or evaporates into the surrounding environment it strips the proteins from the strands resulting in a broken and scaly texture to the hair.

Hygral fatigue leaves hair extremely porous and unable to retain moisture which leads to the hair looking dull and dry over time.

In short hygral fatigue damage can be just as detrimental to the look and health of your hair as heat styling, hair colouring or inappropriate product damage, yet many women are unaware that this is often an underlying cause behind their dry and unmanageable hair. 

Consider that if your hair is constantly being torn apart and depleated of protein in the shower no amount of air drying or gentle paper towel patting is going restore the structure and moisture thats already been lost during the washing process. So it’s simple… it’s time for you to see the difference it can make when you spare a few minutes before you step under the water to properly protect your hair from hygral fatigue. 

Scientific research has shown that one of the best ways to treat hygral fatigue is to apply a fine molecular oil to the lengths and ends BEFORE washing your hair. Oils such as coconut oil and argon oil have a high affinity for hair proteins and because of their low molecular weight and their straight unfussy structure they are easily able to penetrate inside of the hair shaft right to the core of each strand. These oils are able to saturate the inner pore of the hair fibers preventing water from entering and filling up the space. This simple trick prevents the water from washing away the proteins in the hair strands and stops damage occurring to its structure through the swelling and shrinking caused by water.

Trust me I know how disheartening it can be when you’re doing everything right to treat your hair well, throwing out the hot tools, tediously patting each strand of hair dry to prevent scrubbing with your towel and throwing every nourishing hair product you can find at it to try and prevent it looking dry and accumulating those pesky split ends but if your still finding that your waging a losing battle against your locks then it maybe because you need to rethink the real cause behind your dry hair problems.

I can personally say that for me understanding how to properly protect my hair and treat it before I step into the shower has absolutely transformed the look and feel of my locks and over a period of a few weeks not only made styling my hair easier but has also helped it grow due to less breakage and spilt ends during the washing process.   

By simply investing a few minutes of time BEFORE you wash your hair to coat your strands in a fine molecular oil such as coconut or argon oil you can drastically prevent the hair breakage caused by hygral fatigue, helping restore your locks to the bouncy moisturized tresses they should be.


Applying oil to your hair before washing may seem counter intuitive but as long as you use a fine molecular oil and rinse it out thoroughly in the shower it will not leave your hair feeling greasy after use. When washing with oil in your hair never apply it at the roots and make sure you thoroughly rinse away the greasy texture before you leave the shower. Repeat over a series of a few weeks and see whether its really hygral fatigue that has been doing your hair damage all this time. 

If you don't fancy using a pure oil on your hair you may wish to use an oil based hair serum product instead. Just be sure that it contains a fine plant based oil high on its ingredient list.

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