The Importance of Antioxidants in your skincare!

Antioxidants are rather interesting substances when it comes to the health and beauty of your skin. Whether you decide to eat them, drink them or smoother them all over your skin research has shown they can have major benefits for not only your health but also your looks.

Antioxidants have recently been thrust into the spotlight because scientific studies into their health benefits have shown that they are able to help prevent harmful damage inflicted on the body by dangerous chemicals found in the environment. These harmful substances are known as free-radicals which are typically molecules that are highly reactive to their surroundings because they have an UNPAIRED electron in their structure.

Here comes the sciency bit: Atoms that make up almost everything in the universe, including the human body, prefer to have paired *electrons to keep their structures stable. An unpaired electron destabilises the atom and enables it to dangerously interact with other atoms such as the atoms that make up the human body including the skin.

Because free radical molecules have unpaired electrons in their atomic structure, they are able to steal electrons from the cells that make up the human body and therefore they can inflict damage on an atomic level to the skin and other organs over time.

Constant free radical attacks can lead to cell damage and eventually tissue decay on the body in particular to the skin but also to other areas aswell. In cosmetic terms free radicals can cause a loss in skin firmness, plumpness and an onset of premature aging however in more general terms free radicals can be a serious problem to your general health.

Antioxidants are able to decrease this destructive free-radical activity in the body by joining their own electrons with the unpaired electrons on these dangerous molecules, reducing the free radicals interactions with our cells and minimizing the damage they can cause to the body.

It’s for this reason that we praise the antioxidant for surrendering itself (if you will) and protecting the cells that make up the skin and internal organs by pairing with free radicals and preventing them from interacting with us. This is why we really should be including many antioxidants in our diets and skincare in order to protect ourselves from free-radical damage.

The scientific research behind the effectiveness of applying antioxidants through skincare as well as through eating has sky rocketed their appeal in the cosmetic industry. A substantial number of studies into the effectiveness of topically applying antioxidants to the skin have shown that they are extremely effective at helping to prevent the signs of skin aging caused by cell deterioration such as sagging and wrinkles.

So in recognition of this I have listed some of the most commonly used antioxidants to look out for in skincare products if you want to try and introduce some effective ones into your skincare routine however remember that there are many more available out there in a vast number of products so if you're serious about incorporating effective antioxidants into your skincare routine I would get clued up on the vast variety out there and invest in a really good skincare product chocked full of antioxidants not just one.

.Retinoic acid/ Retinol

.B vitamins

.Flavonoids e.g. green tea, chocolate

.Alpha-lipoic acid

.Coenzyme Q10 for your skin

.Vitamins C and E and selenium

.Superoxide dismutase

As I mentioned above scientific studies have shown that it is more important to incorporate a wide range of antioxidants into your skincare routine than sticking to just one. When it comes to antioxidants variety really is key. No one antioxidant has the power to defend against every type of free radical in the environment and so when it comes to giving your skin this really important protection always look for products that contain more than one antioxidant, heck the more the better.

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