How I make a full time income (£1000+ a month) from low maintenance and passive online businesses!

Hey there my fellow PIC (that's my super cool short term for Passive Income Creator) lol.

So hopefully, if you're scrolling around my blog I'm able to instantly gather 3  super awesome things about you as a person.

1. You've decided that it's time to start taking the quality of your financial future seriously. 

2. You're looking for fun, interesting and most importantly low maintenance ways to bring in more money to build up your savings or add financial security to your future.


3. You're ready and willing to invest some of your free time right now to start seriously creating amazing life-changing passive income streams that will eventually bring you the holy grail... Financial Freedom!

If that's you then my gosh we've got a lot in common and for the past 2 years i've been on one heck of an amazing journey that I think you'll really enjoy reading about and hopefully learn a few things from.


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Back in December 2016 I took a chance and did something that from that day on has completely changed the course of my life for the better!

Sat at my dinning room table amongst a small stack of papers, an empty ice cream tub and my (at the time) tiny Asus laptop I did my final edit, uploaded and published my very first ebook.

At the time I was tired, unsure and despirately trying not to get my hopes up to high as I waited for the thousands of sales to rush in that I'd been assured would happen from the sea of articles i'de read about e.g "How I made £15,000 in a month from selling an ebook" floating around Pinterest.

Unfortunately (and more realistically) unlike all of these superhero ebook writers I wasn't inundated with a thousand ebook sales in my first month, in fact I can honestly say I was lucky if I gained 10 sales in the first few weeks that followed.

It hurt, I'm not going to lie, when I finally realized that the reality behind generating tens of sales for even a $0.99 ebook involves alot more work then simply writing an amazing story and plonking it on Amazon and as a consequence I very nearly gave up and walked away from the idea of making passive income online.

I think it's one of the reasons why I'm so adamant on my own blog that I stick to the facts with my readers and remain as clear as I can that even creating passive income takes at LEAST some work and why I want to share my experience and advice with everyone, so that anyone interested in creating low maintenance online income like I was doesn't have to wade through the jumble of nonsense and frankly useless gabble just to discover the nuggets of genuinely useful and profitable advice hidden below.

And that's why I want to share with you guys how I reached my first large milestone of making a full time income from my low maintenance online businesses.

Luckily instead of giving up all together after my first flop I decided to push through the disappointment and carry on.

From that moment on i've gone on to write over 20 super fun short story ebooks that I love, I've built a successful online shop selling physical and digital products on Etsy and Amazon and I've even started my own blog and they now bring me in a steady full time income each and every month.

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With every new venture I've undertaken I've learned so much about what i'm actually capable of and now my future self honestly looks back to that clueless and nervous passive income newbie I once was and worships the ground she walks on because she honestly turned my life around and saved me from a life of angry bosses and exchanging my time and energy for just enough cash to pay the bills and live. 

Now before I go into detail about 'How' I generate a full time income I just want to clarify exactly what I mean when I say building low maintenance and passive income businesses.

If you're new to the blog or haven't read any of my other blog articles then I just want to make crystal clear exactly what I mean before you read on.

Each of my businesses (or ventures as I sometimes prefer to call them) generates me hundreds and even thousands of pounds per month and on average to keep each of them ticking over I invest between 2-20 hours per week playing with and maintaining them to keep them in top condition. 

As I explain way more clearly in a number of my other blog posts it's actually the newer less established ventures (such as my new blog) that requires the most attention and maintenance to help it succeed and grow.

My oldest and most stable form of income, my ebooks on average only takes about 2 hours of my time a week (sometimes even less than that) to maintain. 

Now I'm not going to lie to you guys, I know that if I spent much more time pushing my marketing and dropping new short story releases each month I could skyrocket my income to a whole new level when it comes to the ebooks but in truth I love that even though I don't spend much more than a few hours a week maintaining the automated marketing and sales funnel systems i've put in place for them, they still bring in a sizable chunk of income to my bank account each and every month that I can depend on.

When I feel ready I'll go back and build on the foundations I've already created which will hopefully boost my traffic, shop size and overall income in the long run.

For me one of the most awesome things about creating my own sources of low maintenance income is that I get to decide WHEN I want to put time into my businesses and exactly WHAT I want to work on when I do. 

Like most of us I've had miserable, demanding, useless and even nasty bosses in the past who've made my life hell if I didn't bend and flex to their every demand and because I desperately needed the income the company was paying me at the time I clung on and suffered silent anxiety whilst I struggled to get every task they laid on my desk done.

With my own 'passive income' businesses I wake up in the morning, flick on my computer and decide for myself what I want to work on! 

I'll explain in future blog posts exactly what automation systems and tips and tricks I use to make my businesses as passive as possible but the long and short of what I'm trying to tell you is that once you've got everything up and running and gain your own confidence it's super liberating to know that even if you want to spend a day, a week or even a month working on a new business venture, tidying the office or just living your financially secure life, the low maintenance businesses that you've created will still be there ticking steadily over in the background bringing you income each and every month.   

This scenario is pretty much identical for both my first and second businesses. Alongside my ebook income I also sell digital download and drop-shipped art prints to customers on Etsy and Amazon to bring in additional income.

In honesty I'm still learning how to improve my drop-shipping knowledge and gain even better results from this form of low maintenance income but as the only tasks I really have to keep on top of right now are placing my orders with my drop shipping company and maintaining my marketing and sales funnels to drive customers to all my products then on average I only put in about 5-10 hours of work per month to maintain both income streams. 

These two businesses alone provide me with a four figure monthly income and even though I do need to keep an eye on them and keep up with their maintenance as they tick along they enable me to use most of my month working towards building my next passive income venture or enjoying my free time knowing that they're still bringing in cash in the background. 

The ability to free up more and more of my time as my businesses grow with the knowledge that they're happily bringing me in income each and every month is to me the real difference between having an active job and building low maintenance and eventually passive income streams

That's why as I've talked about in more depth in my article "Why you need to have passive income in your life!" I think it's so important for all women to have at least one form of low maintenance/passive income (even along side their normal 9-5) to strengthen their cashflow and ensure that even if something happened such as an accident or critical illness that took them out of work for a number of months they can still rest in the knowledge that money will continue flowing into their bank account from an additional easy income source.

If you've now started thinking "Heck yes I need to be creating me some passive income!" then we have a lot in common and hopefully you'll be able to learn so much from my blog on the most profitable, fast and efficient ways to start and grow your own online passive income streams like the ones I'm discussing here.

So now that i've hopefully explained to you what I mean by these terms, I want to break down exactly how each of my online passive income businesses brings cashflow into my own bank account each and every month.

Side note: Personally I decided to capitalize on my general love of creating passive income to grow and build a variety of online avenues to draw money from but I would always suggest that anyone starting out should begin with creating just one additonal form of low maintenance income first and as you learn and naturally expand your confidence then you can create another and another new venture or simply continue to build the one you've already got. 

When I started my journey I knew I wanted multiple streams of online income! 

Not only because I get bored super easily and focusing on just one source of revenue for the next ten years felt like a life sentence rather than an opportunity to be creative and learn but also because I was constantly plagued by the idea of... 

"What if I built just one amazing low maintenance online business and then something happened to it and I lost it all?"

What then??

Would I have to start all over from scratch? 

Nope thankyou, bring in the next option!!!

I know there's alot of advice out there urging you to stick with just one business and stay with it alone until it's generating you hundreds of thousands per month and in the past I have questioned my sanity once or twice as to why i'm so adamant I want to be growing 3 online passive income businesses at the same time but i've finally come to the conclusion that for me I like to stay creative and experiment with my new online skills and so growing more than one passive income stream at once doesn't daunt me as much as it could daunt some. 

I personally work best bouncing around between my businesses, exploring and learning new ways to increase revenue from my ebooks, art printables or my new blog.

When I know I'm about to create a new business I make sure that all of my other income sources are carefully running on auto-pilot for at least a few months so I can give my undivided attention to creating and growing my new idea as much as possible.

If you do decide to start your own online passive income journey then please don't be put off if the thought of growing more than one stream of income at a time seems like too much work.

Creating passive income works just as well if you choose to create and scale up just one passive income businesses as it does if you decide to take on more at once.  

Like I've noted above growing multiple passive income businesses at once isn't for everyone and as I list my income sources below I want you to remember that just like I'm advising you to do, I started with one income stream and subsequently added another and another between six months and a year after that.



How I make my low MAINTENANCE online income:


1. Selling ebooks on ebook platforms!

2. Selling digital download products on Etsy and Creative Market!

3. Selling drop-ship products on Amazon and Etsy!

4. My newest venture - The Blog!


Selling ebooks on ebook platforms!

On average I make between £190-£300 per month from my short story ebooks and they require pretty much no work at all! 

I rely mostly on organic traffic from Amazon, Smashwords and Nook to drive in my customers and I also preschedule a simple marketing sales funnel system using scheduling tools for Pinterest and Instagram to drive in extra traffic each month.

I absolutely love how easy and passive my ebook sales system is and most of the work to get this far was done in advance such as writing and editing my short stories and setting up my platforms and sales funnels.

As this was the very first passive income system I created it's certainly not perfect and in the year and a half that's passed from when I initially set up this income stream to now I've learned a heck of alot from my other businesses that i'm slowly integrating into my ebooks when I have time to focus on them.

With every new tool or trick I introduce to my ebooks I see a jump in traffic and sales which proves I'm doing something right and in the next few months I will be going back and working on this funnel to skyrocket my passive income to new levels and bring my sales system up to date with everything I've learned from the income streams that followed this first one.


Selling digital download products on Etsy and Creative Market!  

Typically I make around £250-£300 p\m from my digital download sales on both platforms and again the marketing and sales funnels i've set up make it relatively easy to guarantee that income each and every month. 

Compared to the ebooks, the volume of digital downloads I've created in order to steadily bring in this income looks vast (approx 150 digital art prints) but when you consider the amount of time it takes to carefully craft a well written and painstakingly edited ebook compared to the few moments it takes to whip up a fun ready to sell art print the overall time scales for both are pretty much the same.

 Again just like the ebooks and most low maintenance and passive income streams the majority of the work was done up front.

This time I took extra care to conduct proper business research (something I will go into major depth about in future blog posts), learn serious skills on how to set-up and brand an online shop and create powerful marketing and sales funnels to bring in my own customers instead of relying mostly on the platforms organic traffic.  

It has been an awesome LIFE-CHANGING experience to learn these skills and once you understand the basic principles behind them they guarantee you can start making income online in no time and you can do it over and over again as many times as you want!

But contrary to what so many unrealistic blog posts promise you, the process of creating products and marketing them to happy customers is definitely not "effortless" and there is a linear step by step process that you must learn in order to get from point A to Z.

The good news is that there are tons of awesome tutors out there (yes i'm including me here)  that want to show you how to make it 100% easier on yourself to learn these skills and set the foundations to create your own passive income. 

If you're interested in growing your first passive income stream via ebooks, a digital download business, drop shipping or starting a blog (tbh I'm pretty new to blogging but I will be posting regular updates of my progress so you can learn first hand from the successes and failures I have) then I know the advice I give on my own website can help you succeed in any of the above.


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The Big Boy for Me - Selling drop-shipping products on Etsy and Amazon!

After a couple of months creating only digital download art prints (a brilliant way to start earning low maintenance income) I began experimenting with selling physical versions of my art designs.

Bear in mind by now I was steadily bringing in over £400 -£500 each month from my little side hustles and I had the time to focus on my new venture whilst knowing they were helping to pay most of my bills every month.  

I have to admit that starting another venture whilst having faith in my new passive income streams to pay the rent was completely terrifying but thanks to an awesome online course I was following at the time, I plucked up the courage, rolled up my sleeves and took the leap to try out drop shipping (learn more about drop-shipping here). 

It took a ton of learning and a little trial and error (something I want to help you guys navigate more easily) but I finally decided on my drop-shipping company and took the leap to start offering the printing service on both Etsy and Amazon. 

And looking back i'm so glad I did!

This I think is one of the most awesome elements of building online businesses.

You never know exactly if the business your creating will be a slow build or a fast climber and within 2 months my overall side-hustle income DOUBLED (and some) from just over £400 per month to over £1200 thanks to my leap with drop-shipping and scaling my businesses (in a low maintenance way). 

Side note: Just think how many extra hours you'd have to work to double your active income each month!

Now 3 months on I'm making more income from my side hustle then I need to pay my bills each month and I've still got plenty of free time to work on my latest venture my blog because lets face it i'm kinda addicted to creating online passive income. 

On average I spend about 5-10 hours per week on my drop-shipping income which mostly consists of putting through my orders to Printful, maintaining my marketing and sales funnels and creating new products to release a few times a month.

I have to be honest the time that I put into all my income streams is mostly down to what I feel like working on for that month and what essential tasks need to be done but it is important to remember that even a passive income business requires at least some maintenance and overall control!

If you're looking for 98%* passive returns (again there is still some level of involvement in this method) than you might want to consider investing in other peoples businesses rather than building one of your own HOWEVER investing comes with its own significant risks that you need to be thoroughly clued up on BEFORE you decide to take that route of passive income and usually requires a sizable capital investment before you start seeing a good level of income!


The sum up

So there you have it, that's currently (as of January 2018) how I make over £1000 per month from my low maintenance income streams AND still have plenty of free time to work on creating my latest venture and enjoy my life without panicking over the bills.

If you're tired of constantly trading your time and freedom to actively earn money to pay your expenses each month then adding a passive income business to your current cashflow is a great way to supplement your salary or replace it all together over time.


My Blog         

Now i've created my blog because I want to show you ladies out there that relying solely on your 9-5 job to pay your expenses and liabilities each month is not only soul sucking but it can also be an extremely dangerous financial strategy to rely on!

What if in the near future you were fired and you couldn't find another job quick enough to pay your bills?? 

What if you needed to take some 'major' time off work but you knew you had no other form of income coming in to replace your active wage?

If anything changed in your current financial situation ( e.g. a pay cut or if your partner lost their job) would your finances be able to take it? 

If you answered NO to any of these questions above then you really need to consider building your own little pot of passive income to protect you and your family from those potential dangers lurking above.

I can't tell you how reassuring it feels to know that even if I quit my day job tomorrow I would still have enough money coming in to cover my bills each month.

And I can promise you creating an online passive income business is no where near as hard as you might think! 

Like I mention in most of my blog posts I am just a normal 28 year old girl and before I started my online journey 2 years ago I had zero previous experience in building passive income streams, marketing products, SEO or pretty much anything bar occasionally browsing on Pinterest for home decor ideas I loved.

I may not be in the position to show you how to make £100,000 passively in one month right now and lets face it even if I could, the detailed steps it would take to replicate that level of success would be so advanced it would be almost impossible for you to follow without first understanding all the basics to making passive income first!

Lets learn to crawl before we race a marathon huh!

But... I do have more than enough experience to show you how to startup and grow your very first easy to handle low-maintenance online business and scale it to make you a full time income. 

Which is exactly what i've done on my blog!

If you're anything like me and you just want to bypass the luke warm bullsh*t out there promising you unrealistic outcomes and putting crazy pressure on your success in the first month and just get to down to the practical steps you need to take to set-up and grow your own low maintenance income streams then my blog has tons of advice, tutorials and resources to help you set and reach your first passive income goals.

Above i've listed all the current low maintenance income streams I've created over the past 2 years to replace my active income and because I made the awesome decision to grab my financial future by the horns and steer it towards a lifestyle I love I'm also able to enjoy my time as well as my money knowing that I no longer HAVE to trade one for the other to make my income.

I hope that it's been helpful for you too see a few different ways you can start earning some extra low maintenance income and trust me in a few months if you stay focused and put the time in upfront you will be sitting on your own passive income gold mine safe in the knowledge that you've got your financial situation on lock!!

If you made it all the way through this long ass blog post then you're a baller girl!!* 

And you're so ready to start creating your own online passive income!

Now head over to my blog to discover even more about how to get started and before you go definately don't forget to download the awesome "9 FUN WAYS TO START MAKING PASSIVE INCOME!" guide to jump start your passive income education!


See you back on the blog,




Let me know how you feel about your current working situation!

Do you like or dislike actively working for your income?

Are you considering incorporating some passive income into your life to free up your time?



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