Why you need to have passive income in your life!

When was the last time you stopped and thought about how much money flows in and out of your life on a yearly basis?

If you've given your personal finances even a lick of thought lately then tell me exactly how you felt when you considered how many hours it takes you to earn your monthly income and in how many seconds your expenses spend it!

Was it a good feeling? Did you like it?

Whilst you're at it do you also feel confident knowing that you're making all the right financial decisions to (absolutely) ensure your future will be bright and shiny and most importantly secure for the next 20, 30 or 60 years of your life? 

What about if you had a serious accident or a critical illness and had to take a year off work? Could your current financial circumstances take it? 

Could you rest up in front of the t.v secure in the knowledge that even though you're stuck at home for the next 365 days of the year, more than enough income to cover all your expenses and liabilities will still be filtering merrily into your bank account each month?

Whats more you're happy in the knowledge that the financial system you've created guarantees that that money will be allocated perfectly to paying you bills, investing in your future and having enough left over for you to play with?

If you answered hell yes to all of the above questions then wow girl you ROCK! 

Your financial freedoms safely in the bag and you've clearly had one hell of a solid financial education that'll set you up for life!

However if you scrolled through the top set of questions so fast your index fingers gone numb cuz you couldn't bare to think about how precarious your financial situation really is then it's probably time you pour yourself a coffee or wine (your preference), take a deep breathe and open your eyes to the huge holes poking through your life plan when it comes to how you manage your income.

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Most young women are taught the following...

That you get a good eduction, you hop into a well paying full time job and you spend whatever money you earn on acquiring beautiful 'must have' liabilities and expenses that make you look like your wallets stuffed with £50 notes rather than the mountain of IOU's it's actually secretly hiding.

"It's ok be in debt!" People whisper.

"Everybody does it! How else could you afford a nice home, a fully loaded car and all the trinkets and tassels that go with keeping up with the Jones's?"  

The only problem is whilst you're enjoying your latest trip to the beach cottage or installing the new smart T.V into your home you also have to remember that if your circumstances change even a little bit you could easily trip and fall into an ocean of financial terror and uncertainty that's threatened to unhinge even the most secure of humans in a financial crisis. 

I've not made you consider this for the sheer shits and giggles it brings me to know that there are people out there totally unaware of how dangerous their financial situation is. I promise you I think it's totally wrong and immoral that we're not taught pretty much any financial education in the UK school system.

I'm telling you this because just like you, only a few years ago I also had no clue that I was hop, skipping and jumping into a terrifying financial future in which I became a slave to both my job and my expenses because I had no other way of balancing the books each month.

Well I want to stop you right here!

Handing over your time, skills and energy each and everyday for the next 50 years of your life without fail just to earn enough to repay the mountain of liabilities and expenses you've already racked up is by no means the ONLY option you have. 

In fact I want you to know that just by waking up, taking notice and holding yourself accountable to ensure you have the BEST and most FULFILLING financial future possible for you and your loved ones is possibly one of the most awesome decisions you've ever made.

Most women will never bother looking for an alternative way to create income aside from their 9-5 job.

They'll wake up each morning, trudge into the job they hate and hand themselves over to ensure the tax man, the mortgage lenders and their favorite retailer gets paid each and every month on the dot from their hard work.

They have absolutely no idea that out there in the big wide world are tons of ways to make  amazing sums of money without sacrificing your free time and your life force, and because of that unfortunately most women will never know the awesome life changing effects of creating passive income!

Well I'm going to be blunt... 

I don't want that for you. I want you to WAKE UP!

I want you to have the facts and most importantly the choice to create a financial future thats safe, profitable and most importantly gives you the freedom to use your time how you want. 

Yes that's how you want... Not your boss! 

It's time to stop ignoring the parts of your income structure that are either unsafe and uncertain (e.g. working for an employer and relying solely on them to pay all your liabilites and expenses each month) or not ensuring that you're creating a financial future filled with abundance, opportunities and most importantly freedom!

By now I hope i've succeeded in at least making you think about the direction you're financial futures heading and whether or not the horizon looks amazing to you or down right crap. 

If when you peek into your financial future in 20 years from now you don't like the way it looks then I've totally been there with you and I know what it feels like to suddenly envision your helplessly floating in a cheap rubber dingy towards that work horse future without even a hint of wind to steer you in another direction. 

That's why on my income blog I want to show you how you can abandon that shitty inflatable prison and build a strong dependable life raft that will broaden you knowledge of how to create the right type of income to create your financially free future.

So how do you take the bull by the horns? (alright enough with the metaphors)

You start building passive income!

More specifically you focus on building a wealth of passive income streams that work to steadily put money back into your bank account each month and over time replace your active income.

A quick vocab shoutout before we move on.

Active income is income you create through giving up your time, your skills and your energy (usually by the hour or task) to earn you money.

It usually requires that you're upfront and present each and every day doing a job or offering your service in order to bring money into your bank account each month and it's pretty much the most common method of making money in todays economy.

Active income can be great, trust me I don't want to knock it.

Most of the time almost everybody at least at some point needs to offer their help, their skills and their time to create instant money to pay for their expenses or put towards their savings.

It's a valuable resource and whilst you're happy and in a position to create active income it's one of the simplest methods of bringing cash flow into your life on a pretty regular basis.

The problem with actively earning however comes when its your only form of income. If without your pay check or yearly salary you'd have no other form of money coming in then you're leaving yourself wide open to huge financial problems if you find yourself unable to work for a long period of time or heaven forbid your fired and can't find another job quick enough to pay your bills.

This is where PASSIVE INCOME steps in! 

Passive income is income you can earn without handing over your precious time for every pound you want to bring in. There are a wealth of ways to create this form of income including investing in equity, property investment and creating passive income businesses but the key point to each of them is that the amount of income they earn you is not DIRECTLY dependent on however many hours you work on them each and every day.

Now this in honesty is a little bit of a sweeping statement and within passive income there are definitely varying opportunities that allow you to spend 'almost no time' working in order to bring in an income and others that (at least in the beginning) take a larger amount of effort and energy to get up and running.

But the real magic to passive compared to active income is that even if you have to or indeed want to stop working in the next 10 or 20 years your passive income streams can continue working and even growing without you at the wheel. 

This is why you absolutely need to include passive income streams into your financial future.

They can offer you financial diversity, security and most importantly freedom compared to the woman who blindly continues to only actively work for her income and then prays that her pension will be just enough to cover her once she's too worn out to continue to work day in, day out!

In 10 or 20 years whilst she's still waking up each morning, dragging on her work clothes and handing over her precious time just to earn enough income to pay her bills each month. If you start working on building your passive income streams now you'll be hopping out of bed CHOOSING what you want to do with your free time

If you still want to actively work then hey that's totally your awesome prerogative but if instead you want to take early retirement and start writing that killer novel you always wanted to work on or you fancy packing your bags and exploring the world for several months then whatever you want to do is totally alright with the universe because you're passive income streams have got your back steadily ensuring your liabilities and expenses are covered with or without you working month in month out.

Passive income sounds pretty mind blowing right?

And right now you're probably thinking "Yeah, alright I'm totally feeling this life of leisure lifestyle vibe your giving me but where the heck do I start on this journey to building passive income? I don't have thousands to invest and my knowledge of property development stretches as far as my obsession with the T.V show location location location." 

Well this is where I introduce you ladies to online passive income.

For the past two years i've been steadily and carefully creating and building online passive income streams because just like you when I started I didn't have a spare £25,000 to invest in my first rental property and I wasn't willing to wait 20-30 years before I could start drawing from my equity investments (if you don't understand why that is then don't worry I will explain more about investing in a future blog post) but I did have a very basic understanding that you could make income online and as luck would have it I had a cheap ASUS computer and a notebook on hand to start learning how it could be done and what steps I needed to take to make it.

Now i'm not going to lie it was difficult as hell to wade through all the bulls**t out there online like (how to earn £10,000 in 3 days) and actually find nuggets of gold that skyrocketed my very first passive income stream out of the pennies and into the hundreds and that's one of the reasons why I actually started a blog.

If I was the me of 2 years ago that ha absolutely no clue where to start I would of fallen on my knees to find a blog that broke it down into super simple baby steps and that didn't involve me already having a degree in graphic design or website building to start making income.

Now I'm going to be honest with you right from the start.

Building a passive income business does take work, time and a willingness to make it a big priority in your life for at least a year or two to really see it get going but I PROMISE you it's so worth it. 

From the moment you buckle down and start taking your first steps towards an awesome and safe financial future you can just feel that you're doing something right.

Something that your future self will look back on and think holly sh*t i'm glad I did that.

I want to show you how to take that initial step and start turning the wheel towards a financial feature you can be proud of where your liabiliaties and expenses are completely covered by your killer assets (your passive income streams) and you're able to enjoy everything life has to offer knowing you and your family are protected. 

I want to show you how to create and build your very first EASY to start up passive income stream that you can nurture, grow and eventually reap the income from to invest in even more passive income streams.

Once you've got the ball rolling and you're really committed to creating your financial freedom dream then trust me the rush to keep improving and expanding your income streams becomes completely addictive.

And then you're free and equipped with the fundamental knowledge to go on and scale your passive income as far and wide and as diverse as you want it to be.

I'm going to show you how with just a few hours of your free time each week you can set yourself on an awesome journey towards income security and living a juicy stress free life that should be the standard measuring bar for your financial future.

Using just amazing tools on the internet and your own creativity we're going to start building strong, enjoyable to create and most importantly profitable passive income streams that you can whip up and start earning major income from in just a few short months.

I've done a hell of alot of the leg work infront of you that i've laid out on my blog so don't panic your paths pretty clear and you're free to use my advice, guidance and the tips and tricks I've used to help you reach where I am now (making over four figures a month from online passive income streams) and leap even further ahead of me in no time.

If you're ready to get started learning how to build your first passive income stream then I recommend downloading my awesome 'Passive Income Planner' ready to organize your first steps and then get started reading the wealth of blog posts and articles on Evaknows to not only help you focus and streamline your financial future but also give you step by step guidance on how to plan and create your very first online passive income stream and bring in your first passive income paycheck!

"It's time to take control of your financial future lady, you got this!"



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