How to make passive income on Etsy: How to Upload a Digital Download Etsy Listing!

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Hi gorgeous girlies.

So if you've already had the chance to watch my "How to create art printables on Canva" video, then you'll know that creating easy digital downloads and selling them on marketplace platforms such as Etsy or Creative Market is a great way to start making passive income in your spare time.

If you haven't watched that video yet then I definitely recommend you check it out before watching this tutorial! 

... and now that you're all caught up and ready to learn how to take those killer art printables (or other kind of digital downloads) you've made and upload them into your Etsy shop then it's time for you to settle in, sip your coffee and watch the video below.

So there you have it... 

How to list a digital download on Etsy!

I absolutely love creating digital art printables that my customers can purchase and print out themselves because its fun to learn, it's super creative and most importantly its not difficult to design and upload them onto a marketplace platform.

Trust me it can be done in minutes!!


The beauty of digital downloads is that once you've created them you can easily upload them into your online shop, add a description, pricing and photos and they'll be set-up to create you residual passive income for years and years to come. 

Of course I always recommend that from time to time you go back to your listing and update it to incorporate new keywords, more up-to-date cover photos and better product titles, but the awesomeness of creating a digital download product that your customer purchases and then prints out or uses online is that once you've done the initial work to design and display it in your store or indeed on your blog, you're FREE from the traditional ailments that usually keep an active seller up working late into the night (e.g. creating new inventory, packaging individual orders and arraging for shipment to your customers chosen address)

In the past i've been that girl up till all hours packaging and processing my physical products to ship out to customers as soon as I can, believe me when your shop starts to go bat sh*t crazy with orders and you're working yourself into a frenzy with duct tape and shipping labels to get each purchase fulfilled, you can bet you'll be wishing you'd gone down the digital download route and let an automated system cater to your customers order instead of you!

Of course if you would still prefer to, you can create awesome physical products and sell them in your Etsy shop aswell however in order to keep your involvement and time low I would always recommend using a service such as a drop-shipping company that will manufacture and ship your design to your customers for you if your wishing to keep your business as passive as possible.  

In future videos I will be discussing more and more about drop-shipping and all the essential facts you'll need to know in order to keep selling physical products online relatively low-maintenance.

But for now I just want to introduce you to selling digital downloads online and how fun, easy and profitable it can be as a hustle on the side.

If you're interested in selling any type of digital download on Etsy or you're thinking of taking that extra step and looking to start offering drop-ship products in your new Etsy store then I want you to go ahead and download my FREE workbook "How to Find the Perfect Passive Income Product to Sell on Etsy!" to help you narrow down exactly what product you want to sell before you hop to work designing and uploading your chosen items.

I'm so excited that you're thinking of growing your very own passive income Etsy shop lady and don't worry I will be releasing way more blog posts and video tutorials packed to the brim with super helpful advice and tricks in the next coming weeks to keep you on track as you go!

See you back on the blog lady!