How to create a successful etsy shop in 5 steps!

How to create a successful Etsy shop in 5 steps | Passive Income | Etsy Success | Passive Income Blog via

Hi guys,

In this tutorial I want to highlight some of the ABSOLUTELY key elements every Etsy shop must have in order to be successful!

I totally love Etsy! 

It's one of the very first places I set up shop and started selling low maintenance products online at the start of my passive income journey and I have to say just over a year and a half down the line I still class it as one of my favorite platforms to make regular passive income.

Now by no means in this video am I saying that my Etsy shop is completely perfect. I still spend a good portion of my month trying out different tips, tricks and strategies to squeeze even more juice out of my Etsy shops with less and less effort but I did want to show you gorgeous girlies what i've learned so far and how i've managed to go from being literally 'clueless' about how to sell online to making a full-time low maintence income each and every month.

Just to be transparent Etsy isn't the only platform I sell on and I will be making even more videos if you're interested on how I make additional income from Amazon and Creative Market (which are two other great platforms) but Etsy has consistently been a strong income source for me from the moment I set up my shop (the right way) and so I thought what better platform to introduce you guys too as you start your own journey to passive income.

That all being said lets get on with the tutorial. Ohh and don't forget to download the awesome How to find the perfect passive income Etsy product workbook (thats a mouthfulonce you're done! 


I hope you found some really useful advice and guidance in this video and you're all pumped to focus on opening your own Etsy shop.

Go ahead and download the FREE "How to find the perfect passive income Etsy product" workbook and take the first step towards creating your very first passive income stream using an Etsy shop!


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