How to use Printful to create super easy drop-ship products you can sell on Etsy and Amazon!

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Hi Guys,

So in this fun video I'm going to show you how you can create awesome drop-ship products that you can easily create and sell in your Etsy shop, on Amazon or even offer on your own website or blog!

P.s Download your FREE step-by-step checklist to using Printful here:

I've been selling drop-shipped products in my Etsy and Amazon store for over 6 months now and i've never looked back. It's super easy to do, it takes almost no time to place an order and most importantly it's a super fun and low-maintenance way to make income online!

If you want to check out Printful for yourself then here's the link to their website - *PRINTFUL.COM

Also don't forget to grab your FREE downloadable Printful checklist which takes you step-by-step through your first order and ensures you flow seamlessly through the entire process whether you're ordering your first samples or placing a customer delivery!

On my blog I talk alot about how important it is to start building profitable online low-maintenance income streams to either help support your current financial situation (e.g. if you have job or active self emplyment) or replace your 'active' income streams all together.

Creating an online drop-shipping business is a great option for those of you who want to open an easy to maintain online business such as an Etsy shop, Amazon store or blog, as products are manufactured, packaged and shipped everytime someone places an order by a competetant company who knows exactly what they're doing and leaves you to do nothing in that department at all.

It also frees you up to focus solely on building awesome low-maintenance sales and marketing funnels within your business that will do most of the driving traffic and  converting your visitors into paying customers for you.

Like I talk about in most of my blog posts and videos, creating a low-maintenance online income business is all about setting up strong, stable systems that work for you rather then you working for them day in, day out.

Creating passive income products is a super important element to any online passive business and trust me i've experienced the draining timely tasks that come with actively manufacturing and shipping each and every product myself that my customers order in my shop.

If you're looking to make low-maintnence income online then creating and shipping products yourself is a big NO NO!

If you haven't already checked it out, or if you're not 100% sure on what 'Passive Income Products' are or what types you can create then definitely check out my FREE "How to Make Passive Income Online Email Course" which will take you step by step through everything you'll need to set up an online passive business INCLUDING "What products you should sell to make passive income online."

As I mentioned in the video, I personally love using Printful to drop-ship my products to my customers and as they've shipped over 3 million customer orders to date, I definitely suggest checking them out if you're looking for a super reliable and easy to use drop-ship company if you're interested in setting it up as your first business! 

Check out Printful for yourself- *PRINTFUL.COM

If setting up a passive income drop-shipping business sounds like fun to you (trust me it is) then i've got tons more video tutorials and blog post coming your way in the next few months!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me and give me some ideas for future videos or blog post you want to see on Evaknows!

See you back in the vault,