Why are online passive income businesses so awesome? (Video + Blog Post)

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Hey Guys, 

So in this video (Scroll to the bottom to watch) and blog post I want to talk to you about one of the biggest growing movements online right now!

If you're anything like me and you love discovering awesome ways to make money online then Evaknows is exactly where you want to be and i'm going to explain exactly why to you below. 

                ↑ Ohh yes, Aladdin! You know what I mean! ↑

                ↑ Ohh yes, Aladdin! You know what I mean! ↑

If you've never heard of them before then this is going to be one heck of an introduction to 'Online Passive Income Businesses' that you really shouldn't miss because the information i'm going to share with you can quite literally change not only the way you think about 'earning' money but most importantly inspire you to take the leap yourself and try creating an online passive business that will (eventually) give you back your freedom as well as skyrocket your income! 

2 years ago I started my journey creating and growing small passive income streams online and what I quickly realized is that it's by far the best thing i've ever done for my financial situation!!

Now i'm not going to lie to you like anything worth while, building online passive income streams takes persistance, determination and most importantly the ability to learn a different way of thinking about money that most of us were never taught growing up!

You see, most of us are taught from an early age that we need to get a good education, find a stable job and work our way to retirement without even considering if that's really the best thing for ourselves and the lifestyle we dream of living.

What's sadder, is that even with the birth of the internet, social media and yes blogging, most us will never take advantage of the new wealth of swirling knowledge that's now available on how a select few people are (not so secretly) raking in cash each month from a wealth of other sources aside from the 9-5 job scheme!

If you've made it here, then I'm confident that you're one of a very select group of ladies who know that there are much BETTER ways of 'earning' money and affording the lifestyle that you truly want then handing over your valuable time and energy every day to a boss who loves to control you and a company that thinks of you as just a number.

And i'm here to tell you that from my experience, creating passive income streams online is by far THE very best way to start steering your financial future towards a lifestyle you love and are proud of!

Ohh yes, one in which you can earn money from the comfort of your home with minimal maintenance in the long run and one in which you can (eventually) control:

  • How hard you work
  • How much time you put in to your businesses


  • How high you want your income to skyrocket each and every month!


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Now i'm going to be 100% real with you here, because i'm not one of those charlatans that promises you FREE, SUPER EASY money just to get you to hand over yours...

Creating online passive income streams is truly a life-changing action and over time you will start to build businesses that can almost entirely run on autopilot and merrily bring you in strong, consistant income each and every month...




Passive income in the long run can give you back your free time, liberate you from the harrowing 9-5 rat race and ensure that you're building a financial future that's rich in FREEDOM and ENJOYMENT but they take determination, focus, energy and most importantly time to reach that level! 

In the video below, I want to talk to you about 4 of the most important reasons why I think creating online 'passive income' businesses from scratch could be the best journey you ever take to financial freedom but I'm going to be ruthless here... don't bother watching if you're looking for a quick way to make a few bucks and move on because passive income is certainly not for you!

I really want commited, driven and most importantly determined women to join me on this awesome journey to financial freedom! 

It's not always going to be an easy ride to build the financially free lifestyle we want but together on Evaknows I know we can build an empire of online businesses that are self sustaining, time freeing, uber powerful and will most importantly liberate us from ever having to hand over our precious time and energy to companies and bosses that could never value us as much as we value ourselves.

Over the last 2 years I've taught myself how to build small manageable online businesses that now generate me over £1000+ a month in passive income.

Trust me it's not been the easiest thing i've done in my life but I promise you it has been by far the MOST rewarding!!




I'm currently working on a kick-ass ecourse for you gorgeous ladies to take that'll help you set-up your VERY FIRST Passive Income business and help you start raking in the £$££ in a matter of month!!

Ohh yes, we're about to get super organized and productive up in here!

What you'll learn:

  • How to set up a super easy and fun art printable Etsy shop in a matter of days!
  • How to start driving traffic and making sales on auto-pilot using easy to create sales and marketing funnels!
  • How to scale your Etsy shop to bring in steady and reliable passive income each and every month!

It's time to escape the world of ACTIVE WORK and start building your very own passive income pot NOW!!!

This course is due to be released at the beginning of November and I will be emailing you awesome super helpful Passive Income FREEBIES and resources which will be exclusive to the pre-sign up mailing group until then!!! 

Register your interest early and gain an EXCLUSIVE 15% discount coupon for the course!



On Evaknows I'm passionate about helping other women build online passive income streams, because trust me i've learned some hard lessons over the last 2 years and what better thing to do with those tough lessons then share them and help others hurdle them faster than I did (hey, it's one way to make lemonade and turn those negatives in positives huh).

Yes I know I'm super passionate about building passive income online and to be honest I hope that if you're on my blog you are aswell, because you're going to need that passion, that drive and that energy to skyrocket your income in the next few months and years to take control of your financial future and steer yourself towards your financial freedom!

So, for the sake of saving you a little more of your precious time i'm going to cut this blog post short and switch to this awesome video on the 4 reasons you should create an online passive income business!

Trust me if you're ready to change your life for the better then this is one video you're going to wanna watch! 

↓ Watch the Video Below! ↓



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