How to Find and Download Clipart, Fonts, Mockups...The Right Way! (Using Creative Market and Canva)

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Well hello there lady,

So today we're going to learn how to easily AVOID the MOST important 'legal and ethical' issue you are bound to come across as you start your first online passive income business!!!!!

How to LEGALLY source and download all the graphics (e.g. clipart, fonts, mockups, stock photos ect) you'll need to visually style your online shop, blog, website and social media platforms! 

Why are we talking about this NOW??

Well because if you're thinking about creating ANY form of online content... (e.g. shop branding, drop-ship or digital download products, website and blog graphics, email list freebies... literally anything that has a visual design element to it at ALL)... then you really need to watch this video...

...How to Find and Download Clipart, Fonts, Mockups...The Right Way! (Using Creative Market and Canva)... 

I created this essential video to help you easily navigate how to ethically and legally source the GRAPHIC DESIGN ELEMENTS you'll need to use to grow your business and visually style your brand from day 1!

Almost EVERY type of online business (both passive and active) usually requires at least some graphic design elements (unless you have the time and skill to hand design all your graphics yourself)

Whether you need stock photos and product mockups to create your shop banner, product listing photos or to decorate your blog posts or email freebies...

...or you need gorgeous clipart and fonts to use directly on your products such as art printables, tote bags, mugs, digital planners... I'm going to stop here because I could go on and on!

You will eventually find yourself wondering how you're going to SOURCE and download all the amazing graphic elements you're going to need, to add the finishing touches to your online business and products!

Well i'm going to tell you something right here that I don't EVER want you to forget missy...

(Gosh, that sounds so serious and kind of bossy - sorry for the dramatics there) lol😉

BUT... I want you to remember that whatever you do... NEVER simply hop onto Google images, find a photo, graphic or font you love - copy and paste it to your downloads and start plastering it all over your blog, online shop or heaven forbid your products!!!



(Ohh Yes, if you see someone encouraging you to do this... this is exactly how you should react!🙀)


Huh... but isn't that what Google Images is there for??

Heck NO!!!

I've seen so many fellow Youtubers and bloggers recommending to their viewers that it's fine to slide onto Google and use it as your personal FREE graphic design resource tool not caring that they could be easily setting you up for some major legal copyright and trademark issues (trust me that shits super serious)!

I've been using commercial license clipart and royalty free graphics for over 2 years now and I can guarantee you that no one serious about building a sustainable online business would dream of going down that route to source their graphics and clipart, heedless of the potential issues it could cause them if they were caught using a copyright image they had no right to use!!

That's why in this video I would like to talk to you about how you can EASILY AND QUICKLY pick up gorgeous clipart, fonts, mockups, stock photos… and so much more with the full rights to use them in your branding, products, blog/website, social media or in any other way you’d like to use them using this awesome graphics resource - 

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I love to use Creative Market and Etsy to find and download ALL the graphics I want to use in my online shops and blogs and that’s why I wanted to create this EASY tutorial to help you find a safe, secure, legal and ethical way to source and purchase kick-ass elements plus how you can easily download them onto Canva to get started making ANYTHING you want for your shop or blog!!

Trust me using a platform like Creative Market to easily guarantee you're playing within the rules is the ONLY way to ensure your business is safe and happy in the long run!!!

See you in this awesome step-by-step tutorial lady, 



Video: How to Find and Download Clipart, Fonts, Mockups...The Right Way! (Using Creative Market and Canva)


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As a little extra, i've gone ahead and curated a gorgeous collection of *Creative Market Graphics I love and I think all you gorgeous Girlbosses could definitely use: 

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