Amazing Resources To Help You Create Your First Ecourse!

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Resources I'm Currently Using To Create My First Ecourse:

🎉Need Guidance Creating Your First Course?

Here's the 'Course By Numbers' Course by Suzi from that I'm using to help me create my course. - COURSE BY NUMBERS BY STARTAMOMBLOG.COM

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🎉Want to give Teachable a try for yourself?

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Hi Guys,

So in this video I wanted to talk to you about a completely new online income stream i'm currently focusing on and that i'm SUPER passionate about... Creating my Very First Ecourse!!

For the last few months i've been quietly (cough cough) or not so quietly working away at my latest project of creating my very first Ecourse for my blog

I'm so passionate and motivated about it right now and as I have always promised my awesome YouTube watchers and my blog followers that i'll always keep you in the loop along my online income journey, then I just knew I had to share this video with you on how i'm getting on prepping and creating my first Ecourse!

I have to admit when I first decided to start work on my course I was TERRIFIED!!

I had no idea where to start, what a course involved and how I was going to get across EVERYTHING I wanted to teach in a coherent manor to my amazing future course takers...


I did what any over enthusiastic girlboss does and researched the heck out of "how to create your first course online?".


I was probably a touch faster than this at typing! lol

I was literally scouring the internet for any super relevant and helpful resources I could find to make the journey as 'easy' as I possibly could.

After a loooonnnggg and super overwhelming search I stumbled across a few absolutely kick-ass tools and resources that I just had to mention to any of you guys if you're in the same position as me and starting out on your first Ecourse creation journey!

A few months back I signed up for a Free Teachable account and started practicing creating a few free online mini courses just to get used to how it all worked and make doubly sure that I enjoyed using the platform... Safe to say I LOVED IT!

Then once I decided to get super focused and create my very first paid course I did what I personally recommend almost anyone who's completely new to creating an Ecourse does, I went in search of someone who had a proven and strong track record for successfully achieving my goal and as awesome luck would have it at that exact time one of my absolute favorite bloggers and someone i've been following and listening to for over a year released her amazing course on how to create your own Ecourse from scratch - It's called Course By Numbers.

I bit the bullet and purchased her course and within the first few hours of watching and reading I already felt like I knew exactly what I needed to focus on (scarily not the things I originally thought I needed to do) which has literally saved me from spending days and probably weeks of wasting my time on pointless tasks that never needed to be done in the first place.

I've also discovered how to properly lay out my course, what to include, how to warm my audience up for my first launch in advance and literally all the ESSENTIAL elements that go with not only creating a course but actually 'launching' it as well... 

Something that I will shyly admit to you guys (as I always like to be brutally honest about my online journey) I hadn't realized I needed to have in place well in advance!

Anyway long story short I just wanted to create this video to recommend a few amazing resources that I'm currently using to create my FIRST online course. I have always promised to take you along my passive income journey every step of the way so I just wanted to keep you updated with what i'm up to now and hopefully give any of you guys a couple of super helpful resources if you're also working on creating your own online course and need a little help!

I will of course keep you updated on my first Online Course journey as I go along lovelies, as I'm hoping I will learn some super helpful do's and dont's along the way that I will be able to share with you to make your own path to creating a course that little bit easier (if that's something you'd like to do to of course) lol.   

If you're struggling to watch the video in this blog post then feel free to view it here on YOUTUBE!

 🚀 Here's the Course By Numbers Course I'm using to help me create my course. I personally love it!! - COURSE BY NUMBERS BY STARTAMOMBLOG.COM

🚀 If You'd like to join my Art Printables On Etsy Course WAITING LIST then join here - ART PRINTABLES ON ETSY WAITING LIST.

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See you in the video guys.