Top 3 Beginners guide to personal finance books I love!

Hi Guys,

So in this video I quickly want to talk to you about 3 awesome money management books i’ve purchased that have helped me to seriously sky-rocket my money skills as a 28 year old woman!

I think one of the MOST important elements to building wealth and gaining financial freedom is learning how to manage your personal finances properly...


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And it's something that over the last year I have become truly obsessed about because i've finally caught onto the reality that so many of us are just quite simply NEVER taught in school and university.

"It's not about how much money you make, it's about how much money you allocate in the right places to improve your financial situation!"

Put it this way, If you received a nice fat £1000 check from your granny because she went ham and won the motherload on the bingo (we can only dream) lol

Would you know exactly how to allocate that £1000 to get the very best bang for your buck from every penny that went into your bank account?

Would you splash out and spend it on new shoes?

Hide it away in a low interest savings account?

...Or even use it ALL to pay off SOME of that credit card debt you've wracked up?

Would you know what's best for you and your current financial situation or would you just randomly choose the option that FELT best to you at the time (inevitably missing out on the great opportunities staring you in the face on how to make that money work hard for you and improve your financial position).

I've seen so many amazing, strong and super driven women hustle day after day to earn as much money as possible whilst having zero clue how their meant to use it to get maximum rewards for all their hard work.

They take on extra shifts, work double time in the holidays and scrape together as much as they possibly can only to watch it trickle out their bank accounts and disappear into the ether, never to be heard from again.

I promise you, i'm not judging!

For most of my life i've followed in the exact same footsteps blindly filtering my money into any old bank account and paying little to no attention to how I'm managing the awesome resource I have available, only caring enough to make sure my bills are paid on time and I can afford a meal or two out once in a while!

Well just over a year ago I finally decided I'de had enough of living hand to mouth and completely clueless, and I went in search to find out what I should actually be doing with my little limited pot of money.

I decided to do something I'de never done before and put some real focus and energy into making sure that every penny that fell into my account was allocated to slowly improving my financial situation, investing in my financial future and pushing me closer and closer to financial freedom!

And what surprised me the most??

Looking after your money isn't all that difficult or scary!!

I now have pre-set income allocations that I use to pay my bills, invest in my future and dedicate to guilt free spending each and every month and I went from the girl who swore blind she barely made enough to pay her rent and phone contract to feeling secure in the knowledge that I'm doing the best I can to build my finances properly whilst allowing myself the guilty pleasures I enjoy once in a while (with cash to spare)!! 

Ironically during that period of time my income didn't really increase that much but through improving my financial education and finally understanding how I should be moving my money to achieve the goals I want, I went from feeling constantly stressed out that I wouldn't have enough money to get by each month to honestly lifting a weight off my shoulders and being pro-active in achieving my financial goals.

Below i've created a video talking to you about just 3 awesome books i've read (and used) to help improve my financial knowledge and gain more control of my finances as a whole and in future months i'm going to be creating more articles and videos on the subject of money management because I want all my readers to understand that it's not just about how much income you make it's about what you do with it after it hits your bank account!

I want my blog to be a safe space for women to gain the whole picture about building financial security and freedom.

Yes, my main focus right now is about helping you build awesome online income streams that increase your cash-flow and your ability to allocate more money to different areas of you current financial situation but I also want to start opening conversations with you kick-ass ladies on how to best use your money to build the financial future you want...

And deserve!

I'm all about learning on this blog and i'm so excited for you to share in my experience and journey with discovering much more about financial education.

Together we can work to create a financially confident and competant group of women who feel safe and secure in their ability to make the most from the income they earn.

So without me waffling on even more (as you probably by now know I love to do) lets get on with the video I created about my favorite beginners personal finance books and exactly what i've learned from them :)  

If you’re looking for an awesome place to start your money mindset journey and learn how to manage your income properly then I seriously recommend picking up these 3 amazing books...

My Current favorite Money Management Books as Mentioned in the Video:

📚 ANN WILSON: The Wealth Chef - How To Make your Money Work Harder, So You Don't Have To!

📚 TONY ROBBINS: Unshakeable: Your Guide to Financial Freedom through investing!

📚 THE HAPPY PLANNER: A great resource to use to help you organize you own finances and note direct debits, standing orders, subscriptions ect somewhere visible! 


side NOTE:

I will be adding more books and Guides that I personally love to this list as I go along to help anyone looking for awesome resources and tools to help build their own financial education!

See you back on the blog,