how to shift your mindset to make passive income!

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(Note: This post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and decide to buy I will get a tiny bit of compensation for your doing so. I want to stress that in no way does me including affiliate links affect my opinion of a product good or bad and I would never bother linking to an item I didn't deem worthy of being checked out by me or my readers. I never want anyone to waste good money they've worked hard to earn!)



Hi guys,

So in this video I wanted to talk to you about 5 mindset changes I had to make when I started out on my financial freedom journey!

Like I think most people, I came from a social economic background that's taught me that in order to earn money, I have to hand over my time, skills and energy each and every month by trading "myself in" for my monthly income!


Ohh yes, I now realize what a crappy trade that was!!!


But once I discovered the power and freedom that can come from building 'passive' income streams and creating assets that can earn money for me even as I sleep, I began to realize that I'de been hardwired to 'AVOID' my own financial freedom and instead keep myself in the constantly dangerous situation of having *ME* as my 'ONLY' financial Asset and Source of Income!! 

I know I like to put pressure on myself but damn!

I know I like to put pressure on myself... but damn!

I'm not going to lie, it's taken me time and required me to drastically improve my financial education and understanding to really shift my mindset towards focusing on slowly building up my assets rather than constantly scrambling to create more and more 'active' income, but once you start to see the drastic difference building 'passive income' can make to your financial situation you'll never look back!

In this video I want to talk to you about 5 Essential Mindset Shifts I think you'll either need to experience or you'll already be experiencing if you're on your passive income journey and why it's super important that you work towards expanding your mindset when it comes to building sustainable income streams that will help you reach your financial freedom goals in the long run!


3 awesome RESOURCE TO HELP you expand your money mindset:


If you're looking for a fun and super motivational way to start your passive income journey and discover more about how to make passive income online then I have an awesome FREE "How to Make Passive Income Online" 4 Day Mini Email Course that's perfect for helping you uncover how YOU can start making passive income online and start your own journey today!




Lets talk about the bigger picture -

why does having passive income even matter?

Right now my blog is focused on helping you take practical steps to 'starting' your financial freedom journey because I totally know how frustrating it can be to be ready to jump in, get your head down and start scaling your own pot of passive income but have absolutely no clue how or where to 'start' building your FIRST passive income streams especially if you're completely new to the subject!

However, I also want every single one of my awesome blog readers to truly understand that becoming financially free and completely self-reliant takes alot more personal growth and education then simply setting up a bunch of low-input online business or investing in the stock market...

It's takes a complete mindset shift to learn how money REALLY works, what you should REALLY be doing to make the most out of every penny you earn and most importantly WHY you need to ensure that you're completely financially savvy and competent even if it's a subject that you've never taken SERIOUSLY before!

Why am I so serious about this??

My dream is to help as many awesome women (and men of course) as I possibly can gain a healthy, strong and completely accurate understanding of personal money management so that I can prevent as many amazing individuals as possible from falling into the soul destroying trap of handing over their precious time, their energy and lets be honest the most special years of their life to endlessly work for the worst of all bosses - money itself!  

As Ann Wilson and so many other amazing financially free individuals often say - "Money can be a great servant but it's a terrible leader!" 

That's why, on Evaknows I want to start sharing with you the BIGGER PICTURE of the financial freedom journey itself and why it's so important not to let money lead the way in your life!

Over the last 2 years i've been climbing my own personal journey to financial freedom and I have become overwhelmingly aware of how much I let myself (through lack of financial education) become led and controlled by the myth that I had to hand over 'me' each and every day to 'earn' money to support my lifestyle.

No one had sat me down and told me there was another way! No one explained anything about assets, liabilites, expenses and how I was meant to go about building a financial future that I could truly love and enjoy... 

A future in which money wasn't my boss/leader but instead was my servant!...

(This is something I would love to start including in my blog in the next few months if you guys would be interested in me expanding my topics to talk more about my own experience with 'personal money management' and how i'm putting processes and steps in place to ensure that every drop of passive and active income I make, I keep working for me to either create more assets or I use to help build a rich juicy lifestyle I love!)    

...So for the past 2 years whilst I was building my passive income I also started my own 'mini personal school of financial education' and i've read, watched, researched and applied as much knowledge as I possibly can about money management to my passive income journey to ensure i'm doing to the very best I can to create a financial future I'm proud of!

That's why once you make the amazing decision to get started on your passive income journey, I also think it's super essential to get truly educated on not only the right ways to make money to create your financial freedom but I also think it's super duper important to get clued up on the realities of personal money management and how exactly you should be building the RIGHT 'cash-flow' to help you reach your financial freedom 100 x faster.

It didn't take me long on my own journey to realize that i'de only touched the tip of the iceburg when it came to my financial literacy when I decided to start building passive income and I soon uncovered a whole world of amazing financial knowledge once I really began taking my money and my future seriously.

Below i've listed just 2 absolutely amazing 'introductory' financial education books that have really helped me gain insight into the huge mistakes I was making with my own money and my cash-flow.

I personally think they're definately worth checking out if you're looking for 2 ultra financially savvy authors to help guide you in the right direction when it comes to gaining your financial freedom.

As I mentioned above it's so essential to encourage your mind to look at the bigger picture when it comes to your overall financial situation before you dive right in and start building your own passive income businesses, investing in the stock market or anything else you decide to give a try...


Simply because before you're about to embark on possibly one of the most long, tedious, focused, amazing, rewarding and most importantly profitable personal growth journeys of your life (building the financial future you dream of through passive income) and to it right I personally think you need to have everything in place mentally to not only remain persistant in your BIG goals over the years to come but also to ensure you are doing everything you possibly can to  MAKE THE MOST of every penny of income that you create along the way.

In one of my absolute favorite money management books Ann Wilson - The Wealth Chef, she articulately breaks down not only the right way to create and scale your income but she also goes way more depth then I possibly can in this blog post into the BEST ways for you to utlilize every penny of passive and active income you earn to help you reach your financial freedom goals so much faster. 

If you're a complete newbie to building assets and creating wealth then I personally think The Wealth Chef is an amazing book to help broaden your mind and bust some of the worst myths about money management - I'm not going to lie I read this book from cover to cover in 2 days and it still sits on my bedside table now! 

I also truly love Tony Robbins book - UNSHAKEABLE and think it's an awesome read to inspire you to think bigger, broader and most likely out of your comfort zone as it's centered around the cold hard myth busting truth that you actually can't 'actively earn' your way to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

I've read a number of Tony Robbins books and personally think this is my favorite by far!

As much as I love the concept of improving your mindset in general when it comes to believing in yourself, achieving happiness and generally becoming a more content person as a lot of Tony Robbins books centre around, in truth I'm not really one for reading a book cover to cover if there isn't alot of PRACTICAL guidance and advice on how exactly i'm going to achieve my BIG goals so that I can actually really apply them in the physical world!

Ohh yes, as much as I love motivation, inspiration and all things intangible - I studied Biological Science for 4 years and because of that i'm one heck of a PRACTICAL kind of girl!

The geek inside me likes a whole lot of methodology and step by step guidance on exactly what it's going to take to achieve my financial goals and I personally found UNSHAKABLE an awesome resource to help me shift my mindset to the world of investing and using the money I earn to help enhance my financial future instead of letting it gather dust in a low income saving account or simply spending it away!      

When I sat down and started reading UNSHAKEABLE I personally found so much practical value and financial information crammed into the pages and this book alongside the Wealth Chef has helped me scale my mindset and opened my eyes to so many false beliefs I've carried around with me about not only how I should be 'earning' my money but also what I should be doing with it once it hits my bank account!   



📚 ANN WILSON: The Wealth Chef - How To Make your Money Work Harder, So You Don't Have To!

📚 TONY ROBBINS: Unshakeable: Your Guide to Financial Freedom through investing! 


So there you have it 3 hopefully helpful resources to guide you at least a little closer to your goals on your own financial freedom path.

I hope you enjoyed the video and defiantly share it with anyone else who's also working on their own financial situation if you think it can help them at all.

I truly welcome anyone on my blog no matter their current financial situation or were they're at in their own passive income journey - the more amazing like minded women and men here the better ;)    

Thankyou so much guys for taking the time and energy to read my blog post and watch the video.

It truly means so much to me that so many of you are as motivated and inspired as I am to build a better financial future for yourself and you're checking in with me from time to time to listen and read about my personal journey to improve my financial situation!

I wish you so much luck in achieving your own financial freedom goals...

You got this girl, go get the financial future you want and deserve! 

See you in the next blog post and on the Youtube channel - Evaknows!



the importance of PERSISTENCE in achieving your big goals!

Well hello there Lady!

So, If you've been reading my blog posts for the last few weeks, you'll know by now how passionate I am about helping you in every way I can to improve your financial situation and create safe, secure and super 'rich' online income streams that will jump-start your financial freedom journey and get you earning extra money in your free-time from the comfort and convenience of your own home!

I do love me some online passive income!! 

You'll also know how passionate I am about debunking the soul destroying myth that the only way you can earn a living is by following the 'traditional method' of bringing in income each month...

You know the one... 

"Find a 'good' paying job, pitch up to work and hand over your precious time each and every day in hopes you can slog and save enough to retire before you reach a 100 years old!"


"If this is you at the end of a work day, then I think it's time you seriously rethink your current financial situation!" 

But on my blog I want you to forget all that "Just go out and get a normal job" rubbish!

Because unless you really enjoy handing over your time and energy to someone else or you love the uncertainty of never quite knowing if you'll be made redundant or loose your job in the next few years due to cut-backs or just plain bad luck, then there are MUCH BETTER ways of bringing in regular, more independant income then replying solely on your employer to pay your bills each month!!   

Instead I want us to be able to talk in-depth about how you should really be working towards building a safe, strong and profitable financial future that you'll truly LOVE in the long-term!!

Ohh yes, a financial future in which you never again have to hand over your precious time and skills for another irriplacable 8 hours of your life, you don't need to bend and flex to your bosses every wish and whim in desperate hopes she'll keep you on at the end of the month, or worry if you can afford to pay the mountain of bills you owe if you need to take some well deserved time off!

Instead... I want to talk to you about how you can build an awesome life-changing financial future that sky-rockets your standard of living to new heights!!!

One in which you can have complete control of your money and finances from the comfort of your own home, knowing that you've created amazing secure income streams that will not only easily support your current lifestyle (and all the expenses that entails), but is also working whilst you sleep to improve your wealth in the long run, grow your assets and scale your financial situation to new levels that would of been almost impossible to reach in your normal 9-5 job!! 

I know what you're probably thinking right now...

"Yeh, sure that sounds awesome in my dream world... but I could never replace my current salary with enough online income to support myself!!"

But I promise you lady, you're wrong!!!

Not only is it super possible to build low-maintenance online income streams that generate enough to support your current lifestyle in the short term...but it's also well within your reach to scale your online income FAR FAR past what most people could ever dream of earning before retirement and generate digital assets such as online businesses and investments that will set your FINANCIAL FUTURE up in the long term!!

BUT lets be as always 100% straight forward here on this blog...

Learning how to grow your online wealth from scratch, how to generate new and low-maintenance online income streams and discovering how to PROPERLY manage your money to help scale it in the long run takes hard work

It's also going to take time and focus and it requires ALOT of self-motivation and discipline to keep working on your financial future goals day after day until you finally reach them.

In hopes of finding other like-minded financially driven women, I initially created the Evaknows blog to share my personal experience in building my own online income streams from scratch and quickly started talking to you about the invaluable lessons, tips and tricks i've discovered along my journey to help keep me moving towards my financial freedom goals. 

Well I felt it was finally time to share a HUGE PROBLEM I'm constantly working on and I know so many of you all wrestle with whilst trying to grow your income in the big online world...

Well, what is it??

Well I'm going to be straight forward with you and tell you that for the last month I have been endlessly struggling with one BIG problem...

A mammoth lack of self motivation and drive to keep pushing towards my goals!!!

That's why in this video I want to talk to you about the 1 word that keeps me pushing on towards my personal goals each and every day... PERSISTANCE!!!

In this video I want to give you a little push in the right direction whether you're just starting your online income journey or you've been quietly chomping away at it for quite some time.

Take 5 minutes out of your hectic day to remind yourself exactly why you're reaching for your financial freedom goals and why PERSISTANCE is the key to your success!


If you're looking for a fun and super motivational way to start your passive income journey and discover more about how to make passive income online then I have an awesome FREE "How to Make Passive Income Online" 4 Day Mini Email Course that's perfect for helping you uncover how YOU can start making passive income online and start your own journey today!


I can't wait to see you in the next blog post lovely,

See you soon!



Top 3 Beginners guide to personal finance books I love!

Hi Guys,

So in this video I quickly want to talk to you about 3 awesome money management books i’ve purchased that have helped me to seriously sky-rocket my money skills as a 28 year old woman!

I think one of the MOST important elements to building wealth and gaining financial freedom is learning how to manage your personal finances properly...


Personal finance books | Money management for young adults | Personal finance tips | Personal finance tools | Personal finance planning | Personal finance goals | Personal finance management | Personal finance 20s

And it's something that over the last year I have become truly obsessed about because i've finally caught onto the reality that so many of us are just quite simply NEVER taught in school and university.

"It's not about how much money you make, it's about how much money you allocate in the right places to improve your financial situation!"

Put it this way, If you received a nice fat £1000 check from your granny because she went ham and won the motherload on the bingo (we can only dream) lol

Would you know exactly how to allocate that £1000 to get the very best bang for your buck from every penny that went into your bank account?

Would you splash out and spend it on new shoes?

Hide it away in a low interest savings account?

...Or even use it ALL to pay off SOME of that credit card debt you've wracked up?

Would you know what's best for you and your current financial situation or would you just randomly choose the option that FELT best to you at the time (inevitably missing out on the great opportunities staring you in the face on how to make that money work hard for you and improve your financial position).

I've seen so many amazing, strong and super driven women hustle day after day to earn as much money as possible whilst having zero clue how their meant to use it to get maximum rewards for all their hard work.

They take on extra shifts, work double time in the holidays and scrape together as much as they possibly can only to watch it trickle out their bank accounts and disappear into the ether, never to be heard from again.

I promise you, i'm not judging!

For most of my life i've followed in the exact same footsteps blindly filtering my money into any old bank account and paying little to no attention to how I'm managing the awesome resource I have available, only caring enough to make sure my bills are paid on time and I can afford a meal or two out once in a while!

Well just over a year ago I finally decided I'de had enough of living hand to mouth and completely clueless, and I went in search to find out what I should actually be doing with my little limited pot of money.

I decided to do something I'de never done before and put some real focus and energy into making sure that every penny that fell into my account was allocated to slowly improving my financial situation, investing in my financial future and pushing me closer and closer to financial freedom!

And what surprised me the most??

Looking after your money isn't all that difficult or scary!!

I now have pre-set income allocations that I use to pay my bills, invest in my future and dedicate to guilt free spending each and every month and I went from the girl who swore blind she barely made enough to pay her rent and phone contract to feeling secure in the knowledge that I'm doing the best I can to build my finances properly whilst allowing myself the guilty pleasures I enjoy once in a while (with cash to spare)!! 

Ironically during that period of time my income didn't really increase that much but through improving my financial education and finally understanding how I should be moving my money to achieve the goals I want, I went from feeling constantly stressed out that I wouldn't have enough money to get by each month to honestly lifting a weight off my shoulders and being pro-active in achieving my financial goals.

Below i've created a video talking to you about just 3 awesome books i've read (and used) to help improve my financial knowledge and gain more control of my finances as a whole and in future months i'm going to be creating more articles and videos on the subject of money management because I want all my readers to understand that it's not just about how much income you make it's about what you do with it after it hits your bank account!

I want my blog to be a safe space for women to gain the whole picture about building financial security and freedom.

Yes, my main focus right now is about helping you build awesome online income streams that increase your cash-flow and your ability to allocate more money to different areas of you current financial situation but I also want to start opening conversations with you kick-ass ladies on how to best use your money to build the financial future you want...

And deserve!

I'm all about learning on this blog and i'm so excited for you to share in my experience and journey with discovering much more about financial education.

Together we can work to create a financially confident and competant group of women who feel safe and secure in their ability to make the most from the income they earn.

So without me waffling on even more (as you probably by now know I love to do) lets get on with the video I created about my favorite beginners personal finance books and exactly what i've learned from them :)  

If you’re looking for an awesome place to start your money mindset journey and learn how to manage your income properly then I seriously recommend picking up these 3 amazing books...

My Current favorite Money Management Books as Mentioned in the Video:

📚 ANN WILSON: The Wealth Chef - How To Make your Money Work Harder, So You Don't Have To!

📚 TONY ROBBINS: Unshakeable: Your Guide to Financial Freedom through investing!

📚 THE HAPPY PLANNER: A great resource to use to help you organize you own finances and note direct debits, standing orders, subscriptions ect somewhere visible! 


side NOTE:

I will be adding more books and Guides that I personally love to this list as I go along to help anyone looking for awesome resources and tools to help build their own financial education!

See you back on the blog, 



It's time to start your passive income journey!


Hi Guys, 

In this video I want to talk to you about the MOST important part of creating passive income and money online...


Work out what you need to do to take the first steps towards your passive income and financial freedom goals and dive right in!

I promise you, it's no where near as scary as people make 'creating passive income' out to seem!


Watch the video to discover the most important element to making passive income online:



I’m currently working on a fun and most importantly 'beginner friendly' way for you to start your passive income journey right now, which I will hopefully be releasing on my blog in the next months...

But no matter whether that course is for you or not, what's most important is that you work out what you want to achieve in your financial future, you set your first goals and you start taking the essential steps YOU need to take to create your first passive income stream online!!

I promise you, you can do this girl!

Trust me, once you start taking steps towards building a financial future you love and that works for you (away from the time and energy draining 'normal' 9-5 job)... 

You'll discover so many life-changing skills and adopt amazing cash-flow improving habits, that your future self will worship the ground you walk on for taking that VERY FIRST STEP and starting your passive income journey now!     



As I mentioned in the video I will soon be releasing a STEP-BY-STEP online passive income course for my blog readers in the next coming months, just to help you make that BIG leap and dive right into creating your first passive income stream on Etsy (one of my favorite passive income platforms)!

If you’re interested in taking that course as soon as it’s released then sign up to the waiting list and you’ll receive a free 15% coupon you can use if you decide to buy…


When I started my passive income journey designing and selling easy and fun to create art printables online 2 years ago, I had no idea how far it would take me into growing my cash-flow online and changing my financial future for the better. 

I also had no idea that I would be learning LIFE-CHANGING passive income skills that I could easily use over and over again to steadily replace my full-time job with the low-maintenance income I now make online!

Now I want to show anyone willing and ready to build their own passive income streams online EXACTLY how I did it and more importantly I want to teach them the killer passive income skills I’ve learned over the last 2 years that have sky-rocketed my ability to make passive income from the comfort of my own home whilst working on WHATEVER online business I decide to put my focus into!

So why am I so driven to help women build their own safety net of passive income?

Well, I'm going to be completely honest and tell you it's based on my own personal experience watching so many amazing women in my life struggle to actively 'work for' enough income each month to support their families, pay their bills and scrape together a semblance of savings from their FULL-TIME job! 

    Ohh yes, I really am that blogger that cringes when asked about her life story!

    Ohh yes, I really am that blogger that cringes when asked about her life story!

For the last 28 years of my life, i've been raised around so many amazing, strong, capable women who've spent their lives working tirelessly for every penny they've been given and though its 100% admirable, its also 100% the most risky way to maintain you're financial lifestyle in the short and LONG run!

If at ANY point and for ANY reason (e.g. accident, illness) most of the women in my life had to stop working for a month or 2 at a time, they would have ZERO income to fall back on and what's worse they're monthly expenses would keep filter in, robbing them of any precious savings they'd managed to hold onto and so they have to start all over again, back at square one.

(Ohh yes, this scenario happened a lot in my single parent family).

I'll be honest with you, it's a truly scary and vicious cycle to watch someone you love constantly scramble and tirelessly work to pay the bills each month, knowing that if they took more than a few days off a year they’d be plunged into a financial crisis they couldn’t get out of.

With no alternative forms of income, nothing to keep the cash-flow pumping even if they HAD to stop working for a month, I witnessed what it truly looked like to be completely dependent on one form of active income and what’s worse what it felt like to witness that hard working person, through no fault of their own loose that job and what little financial security that came with it!

That is when I finally learned the HARD LESSON...

Relying solely on your active employment to pay the bills each and every month is not only time, energy and soul destroying but it’s also flat out DANGEROUS in the long run and quite frankly it's a cruel situation that I truly don't want anyone willing and ready to do something to improve their financial situation to get trapped in!

So, if you're willing to put in the time and the effort up front then I'm honestly here to help you steer the wheel of your finances in a MUCH MUCH MUCH safer direction!!!

It's time to start growing multiple streams of PASSIVE income!

On my blog I want to help women create and grow 'easy to maintain’ online income streams that they can run from the comfort of their own home!

I want to help you set up online businesses that give you financial choice, financial gain and most importantly financial freedom in the long and short term!

These businesses are designed specifically towards giving you back more and more of your free time, enabling you to choose what you want to spend your hours on each day knowing that you’re constant active involvement in the business isn’t needed to keep it bringing in income each month!

             Can you explain that again for less geeky folks?

             Can you explain that again for less geeky folks?

I know what I just said might sound like a lot of mumble jumble, but really all it means it that you no longer have to exchange you precious time and energy everyday to pay your bills each month, that's because your well structured and automated online businesses will begin to work for you whilst you focus on whatever else you need or want to get done with your free time!

Ohh yes, you really can create online businesses that run on their own! 

Now I never ever want to lie to any one following my passive income journey and so i’m always upfront about how much work you’ll need to put in upfront to build any passive income business… (To cut it short... ALOT!)

And it’s going to take a steep learning curve and a change in your financial mindset to reach a point in which you trust you’re online income streams to support you each and every month…

BUT I promise you, it’s so worth your time and effort and it’s truly going to be the best thing you’ll EVER do for your future self, because you’ll be granting her the holy grail… FINANCIAL FREEDOM in the long run!

What ever you do, don’t be the girl who closes her eyes to the vicious work cycle she’s trapped in and blindly follows the rest for the crowd for the next 30+ years of her life hoping and praying she can afford retirement!

Make it happen for yourself, take the first steps and grow your passive income pot from the comfort of your own home... starting NOW!!

If you want a financial future full of security, certainty and FREEDOM?

Then it's time you sit down, roll up your sleeves and make it happen for YOURSELF!

It’s time you take the state of your financial future into your own hands and i’m going to help you every step of the way to build your own online passive income streams that have got your back over the long time, steadily filtering money back into your life each and every month!


Are you ready to create your first online passive income stream?

As I mention in the video I'm currently working on creating a STEP-BY-STEP online course to help you get past that 'scary' hurdle and set up your FIRST online passive income stream which you can grow to whatever income level you want!!!

I want to show you how to go about it PROPERLY and help you skip over all the time and money draining hurdles that stopped me in my tracks for months before I got past them...

You're about to learn some seriously life-changing passive income skills in my upcoming course and I genuinely can't wait to help you take your first BIG step and create your first online passive income stream.

So let’s focus on jumping the first LIFE-CHANGING hurdle on your big passive income journey and get you up and running with your own low-maintenance online business.

You can do this lady, I know you can!

To grab an EXCLUSIVE 15% off my step-by-step to passive income beginners course “How to Make Passive Income on Etsy” and receive an email on the day of its release then sign up to the waiting list below and get ready to start building your first passive income stream with easy art printables in no time…

Pinterest Pins for Squeeze pages-13.jpg

How to create a successful low-maintenance online business

Hi Guys, 

In this video i'm going to be going through the 5 key steps you need to take to create a successful online low-maintenance/passive income business + one super essential ingredient that'll help you claw back your free time and make growing your online income stream 1000% more manageable!

How to Create A Successful Low-Maintenance Online Business | How to create an online business | Video Tutorial | How to make Passive Income | Discover how to create an easy to manage online business in 5 steps!

I've listed all the resources, blog posts and videos I spoke about regarding making low-maintenance income online under the video so don't forget to scroll down!

And whatever you do don't forget to download the 3 awesome super helpful FREEBIES that'll help you get started creating your own passive income TODAY!

Get started creating your first online passive income streams with these FREE workbooks and guides in the Free Resource Library!

 (click the image to download)


Below I've listed some awesome resources to help you on your passive income journey including killer guides and workbooks to take you step by step; from feeling inspired about the life-changing benefits of passive income to actually creating your very first low-maintenance online business!

If you haven't already then don't forget to download all of these awesome help guides and resources in the FREE Resource Library to really focus your mindset on the fun and super profitable task ahead:

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and decide to buy I will get a tiny bit of compensation for your doing so. I want to stress that in no way does me including affiliate links affect my opinion of a product good or bad and I would never bother linking to an item I didn't deem worthy of being purchased by me or my readers. I never want anyone to waste good money they've worked hard to earn!


Tools and Resources I use:


Now that you've got all the info in your back pocket (or saved in your downloads) it's time to discover some awesome resources that you'll NEED to build your very first (and future) low-maintenance online business:

Graphic Design Platforms

These websites and programs are the corner stones for almost any online business!

They give you the tools to create your passive income products, design your own business branding and create super traffic enticing graphics to splash all over social media and the rest of the online world.

Although there are tons of graphic software programs out there for you to choose from I personally have used and recommend all 3 of the ones I've listed below:

PicMonkey* - If you haven't heard of PicMonkey then you've truly been missing out. Out of the 3 i've mentioned I personally think that PicMonkey is the EASIEST design website for complete graphic newbies and it makes creating visually stunning branding, products and social media posts a breeze for almost anyone!

Try PicMonkey for FREE here!

Canva - I love Canva. It's super intuitive and if you have even a splash of graphic design knowledge then you'll find it super easy to navigate and use. It comes fully loaded with hundreds of gorgeous graphic design templates and once you get to grips with it's set-up then you'll loose hours having fun and creating gorgeous visuals with this website!

Try Canva here for FREE!

Adobe* - I like using Adobe for more of the technical stuff that to be honest you don't really have to get to grips with at all when you're just starting out selling online but when you're ready to upgrade you graphic design tools to something a little more advanced and powerful then Adobe offers tons of awesome resources and elements that will skyrocket your graphic skills!

Try Adobe for 7 Days for FREE here!


Drop-Ship Companies:

As I mention a little bit about drop-shipping in this video I wanted to include a few options for you to look at and discover more about.

I love drop-shipping. It's a super easy and managable way to be able to offer physical products to your customers without sacrificing much of your time manufacturing, packaging and shipping each order everyday.

I personally use Printful to offer physical art prints to my customers that I created using the graphic design programs I mentioned above.

Printful takes my digital designs and prints and ships my art prints to my customers everytime they purchase from my shop, so it's a wonderful way to introduce physical products to your selling platform without having to worry about fulfilling the orders yourself.

(Note: Always remember to test and sample your finished products from your chosen drop-shipping company BEFORE you offer them in your shop or website. It's always essential to make sure that you are 100% happy with the quality of the product, packaging and shipping times when you are considering offering any form of physical product to your customers)

Printful - As I mentioned above this is the only drop-shipping company that I currently work with and I absolutely love how helpful, efficient and easy to use they are. If you're considering selling physical products online such as t-shirts, mugs, clothing, art prints e.c.t then I definitely recommend you check them out!

Printed Mint - I haven't personally worked with Printed Mint but during my research phase to find the perfect drop-shipping company for ME I came across this company and the stunning wide range of items they have to offer. If I hadn't of ended up going for Printful then I think I definitely would of gone for these so I think they're worth checking out!


Which Platform to set-up on?

Deciding where to set-up your first low-maintenance business whether its on an online marketplace like Amazon or Etsy or on your own independant website or blog is a huge decision and one that can have a huge impact on how easy and profitable your online business will be in the long run.

I'm not going to go into this super IMPORTANT decision in this little section on this blog post but I will be focusing some major attention on it in my up-coming videos because it literally can make or break your low-maintenance business if you don't do your homework and understand the pro's and cons to each BEFORE you set-up shop!

I actually have a super helpful video HERE on "Marketplace vs Independant platforms" that lays bare the clear Positives and Negatives of selling on both and helps you find the right platform for YOU before you even think of selling anything online!

If you've already watched that video or you're just ready to dive in a take a look around some awesome platform options then i've created a list of options below:

Marketplace Platforms:



Creative Market*

Not On The High Street


Platforms to Create Independent ecommerce websites or blog:**


Great Traffic-driving and Automation Tools:

Now I know that if you're just starting out you may not yet have a single product to sell or a blog or website for visitors to browse on but trust me when I say how quickly you'll find yourself reaching that point as soon as you set your mind to building your first online business. 

That's why I wanted to just mention a few amazing platforms and tools I use to drive traffic and don't worry I will be creating tons of super helpful videos and blog posts on every resource I use and EXACTLY how I use it to drive thousands of interested passionate visitors and customers to my online businesses each and every month!

Pinterest - My number one traffic driving resource!!! I absolutely love Pinterest and accredit at least 60% of my monthly sales to being able to easily drive traffic from this awesome platform. 

Tailwind* - This wonderful tool enables me to set up my Pinterest Pins months in advance. Since I've had it I've been able to step away from constantly Pinterest pinning my life away and gain back heaps of my time, only sitting down for a couple of hours to lay out my traffic driving Pinterest sequence for months at a time!

Convertkit* - In the past i've tried a wealth of other email automation programs and for me personally nothing comes close to Convertkit. In the past few months I've skyrocketed my email subscribers and I truly accredit almost all of it to finally getting on board with an email program I get on with. 

Coschedule - I love Coschedule! It's in my opinion one of the BEST social media schedulers for any online business especially low-maintenance ones. You might not be thinking about it at the beginning of your passive income journey but I promise you pretty soon you'll be hankering for a killer social media platform like Coschedule that enables you to schedule all your social media posts months in advance and synchronize them in perfect uniform. 

Etsy on sale - This tools is obviously pretty specific to one platform (can you guess which one??) but I just wanted to include it in this short list of all the automation and traffic driving tools I use simply to highlight that amoungst all the big mainstream popular resouces out there, there are also heaps of smaller, varied and super duper useful tools that can help give you back more and more of your free time as your business grows. 

I personally love Etsy on sale. I use it to automatically renew my Etsy product listings (something I will go into much more detail about in future "How to create a low-maintenance Etsy Business" tutorials) as well as run sales in my Etsy shop and back up my product photography on autopilot.


So let's sum up this Low-Maintenance business sh*t!

Using amazing online resources and tools to help run your business and drive traffic to help it grow is truly the difference between an actively run "full-time job" online business and one that's deliberately engineered to be low-maintenence and take care of itself.

I'm going to leave this blog post here lovely, before it turns into a full blown article on automation and driving traffic organically (which I love) but I hope that you've found some super useful inspiration and advice on how to start up your own low-maintenance business and start making your passive income online.

If you haven't already then definitely download these FREEBIES to really kick-start your journey to financial FREEDOM and build online income streams that work for you... NOT the other way round and I can't wait to see you in the next video or blog post!

Speak to you soon lady,




Why you need to have passive income in your life!

When was the last time you stopped and thought about how much money flows in and out of your life on a yearly basis?

If you've given your personal finances even a lick of thought lately then tell me exactly how you felt when you considered how many hours it takes you to earn your monthly income and in how many seconds your expenses spend it!

Was it a good feeling? Did you like it?

Whilst you're at it do you also feel confident knowing that you're making all the right financial decisions to (absolutely) ensure your future will be bright and shiny and most importantly secure for the next 20, 30 or 60 years of your life? 

What about if you had a serious accident or a critical illness and had to take a year off work? Could your current financial circumstances take it? 

Could you rest up in front of the t.v secure in the knowledge that even though you're stuck at home for the next 365 days of the year, more than enough income to cover all your expenses and liabilities will still be filtering merrily into your bank account each month?

Whats more you're happy in the knowledge that the financial system you've created guarantees that that money will be allocated perfectly to paying you bills, investing in your future and having enough left over for you to play with?

If you answered hell yes to all of the above questions then wow girl you ROCK! 

Your financial freedoms safely in the bag and you've clearly had one hell of a solid financial education that'll set you up for life!

However if you scrolled through the top set of questions so fast your index fingers gone numb cuz you couldn't bare to think about how precarious your financial situation really is then it's probably time you pour yourself a coffee or wine (your preference), take a deep breathe and open your eyes to the huge holes poking through your life plan when it comes to how you manage your income.

Why you need to start building passive income for you financial future now | Passive Income Blog | Female Entrepreneur | Financial Freedom blogger via

Most young women are taught the following...

That you get a good eduction, you hop into a well paying full time job and you spend whatever money you earn on acquiring beautiful 'must have' liabilities and expenses that make you look like your wallets stuffed with £50 notes rather than the mountain of IOU's it's actually secretly hiding.

"It's ok be in debt!" People whisper.

"Everybody does it! How else could you afford a nice home, a fully loaded car and all the trinkets and tassels that go with keeping up with the Jones's?"  

The only problem is whilst you're enjoying your latest trip to the beach cottage or installing the new smart T.V into your home you also have to remember that if your circumstances change even a little bit you could easily trip and fall into an ocean of financial terror and uncertainty that's threatened to unhinge even the most secure of humans in a financial crisis. 

I've not made you consider this for the sheer shits and giggles it brings me to know that there are people out there totally unaware of how dangerous their financial situation is. I promise you I think it's totally wrong and immoral that we're not taught pretty much any financial education in the UK school system.

I'm telling you this because just like you, only a few years ago I also had no clue that I was hop, skipping and jumping into a terrifying financial future in which I became a slave to both my job and my expenses because I had no other way of balancing the books each month.

Well I want to stop you right here!

Handing over your time, skills and energy each and everyday for the next 50 years of your life without fail just to earn enough to repay the mountain of liabilities and expenses you've already racked up is by no means the ONLY option you have. 

In fact I want you to know that just by waking up, taking notice and holding yourself accountable to ensure you have the BEST and most FULFILLING financial future possible for you and your loved ones is possibly one of the most awesome decisions you've ever made.

Most women will never bother looking for an alternative way to create income aside from their 9-5 job.

They'll wake up each morning, trudge into the job they hate and hand themselves over to ensure the tax man, the mortgage lenders and their favorite retailer gets paid each and every month on the dot from their hard work.

They have absolutely no idea that out there in the big wide world are tons of ways to make  amazing sums of money without sacrificing your free time and your life force, and because of that unfortunately most women will never know the awesome life changing effects of creating passive income!

Well I'm going to be blunt... 

I don't want that for you. I want you to WAKE UP!

I want you to have the facts and most importantly the choice to create a financial future thats safe, profitable and most importantly gives you the freedom to use your time how you want. 

Yes that's how you want... Not your boss! 

It's time to stop ignoring the parts of your income structure that are either unsafe and uncertain (e.g. working for an employer and relying solely on them to pay all your liabilites and expenses each month) or not ensuring that you're creating a financial future filled with abundance, opportunities and most importantly freedom!

By now I hope i've succeeded in at least making you think about the direction you're financial futures heading and whether or not the horizon looks amazing to you or down right crap. 

If when you peek into your financial future in 20 years from now you don't like the way it looks then I've totally been there with you and I know what it feels like to suddenly envision your helplessly floating in a cheap rubber dingy towards that work horse future without even a hint of wind to steer you in another direction. 

That's why on my income blog I want to show you how you can abandon that shitty inflatable prison and build a strong dependable life raft that will broaden you knowledge of how to create the right type of income to create your financially free future.

So how do you take the bull by the horns? (alright enough with the metaphors)

You start building passive income!

More specifically you focus on building a wealth of passive income streams that work to steadily put money back into your bank account each month and over time replace your active income.

A quick vocab shoutout before we move on.

Active income is income you create through giving up your time, your skills and your energy (usually by the hour or task) to earn you money.

It usually requires that you're upfront and present each and every day doing a job or offering your service in order to bring money into your bank account each month and it's pretty much the most common method of making money in todays economy.

Active income can be great, trust me I don't want to knock it.

Most of the time almost everybody at least at some point needs to offer their help, their skills and their time to create instant money to pay for their expenses or put towards their savings.

It's a valuable resource and whilst you're happy and in a position to create active income it's one of the simplest methods of bringing cash flow into your life on a pretty regular basis.

The problem with actively earning however comes when its your only form of income. If without your pay check or yearly salary you'd have no other form of money coming in then you're leaving yourself wide open to huge financial problems if you find yourself unable to work for a long period of time or heaven forbid your fired and can't find another job quick enough to pay your bills.

This is where PASSIVE INCOME steps in! 

Passive income is income you can earn without handing over your precious time for every pound you want to bring in. There are a wealth of ways to create this form of income including investing in equity, property investment and creating passive income businesses but the key point to each of them is that the amount of income they earn you is not DIRECTLY dependent on however many hours you work on them each and every day.

Now this in honesty is a little bit of a sweeping statement and within passive income there are definitely varying opportunities that allow you to spend 'almost no time' working in order to bring in an income and others that (at least in the beginning) take a larger amount of effort and energy to get up and running.

But the real magic to passive compared to active income is that even if you have to or indeed want to stop working in the next 10 or 20 years your passive income streams can continue working and even growing without you at the wheel. 

This is why you absolutely need to include passive income streams into your financial future.

They can offer you financial diversity, security and most importantly freedom compared to the woman who blindly continues to only actively work for her income and then prays that her pension will be just enough to cover her once she's too worn out to continue to work day in, day out!

In 10 or 20 years whilst she's still waking up each morning, dragging on her work clothes and handing over her precious time just to earn enough income to pay her bills each month. If you start working on building your passive income streams now you'll be hopping out of bed CHOOSING what you want to do with your free time

If you still want to actively work then hey that's totally your awesome prerogative but if instead you want to take early retirement and start writing that killer novel you always wanted to work on or you fancy packing your bags and exploring the world for several months then whatever you want to do is totally alright with the universe because you're passive income streams have got your back steadily ensuring your liabilities and expenses are covered with or without you working month in month out.

Passive income sounds pretty mind blowing right?

And right now you're probably thinking "Yeah, alright I'm totally feeling this life of leisure lifestyle vibe your giving me but where the heck do I start on this journey to building passive income? I don't have thousands to invest and my knowledge of property development stretches as far as my obsession with the T.V show location location location." 

Well this is where I introduce you ladies to online passive income.

For the past two years i've been steadily and carefully creating and building online passive income streams because just like you when I started I didn't have a spare £25,000 to invest in my first rental property and I wasn't willing to wait 20-30 years before I could start drawing from my equity investments (if you don't understand why that is then don't worry I will explain more about investing in a future blog post) but I did have a very basic understanding that you could make income online and as luck would have it I had a cheap ASUS computer and a notebook on hand to start learning how it could be done and what steps I needed to take to make it.

Now i'm not going to lie it was difficult as hell to wade through all the bulls**t out there online like (how to earn £10,000 in 3 days) and actually find nuggets of gold that skyrocketed my very first passive income stream out of the pennies and into the hundreds and that's one of the reasons why I actually started a blog.

If I was the me of 2 years ago that ha absolutely no clue where to start I would of fallen on my knees to find a blog that broke it down into super simple baby steps and that didn't involve me already having a degree in graphic design or website building to start making income.

Now I'm going to be honest with you right from the start.

Building a passive income business does take work, time and a willingness to make it a big priority in your life for at least a year or two to really see it get going but I PROMISE you it's so worth it. 

From the moment you buckle down and start taking your first steps towards an awesome and safe financial future you can just feel that you're doing something right.

Something that your future self will look back on and think holly sh*t i'm glad I did that.

I want to show you how to take that initial step and start turning the wheel towards a financial feature you can be proud of where your liabiliaties and expenses are completely covered by your killer assets (your passive income streams) and you're able to enjoy everything life has to offer knowing you and your family are protected. 

I want to show you how to create and build your very first EASY to start up passive income stream that you can nurture, grow and eventually reap the income from to invest in even more passive income streams.

Once you've got the ball rolling and you're really committed to creating your financial freedom dream then trust me the rush to keep improving and expanding your income streams becomes completely addictive.

And then you're free and equipped with the fundamental knowledge to go on and scale your passive income as far and wide and as diverse as you want it to be.

I'm going to show you how with just a few hours of your free time each week you can set yourself on an awesome journey towards income security and living a juicy stress free life that should be the standard measuring bar for your financial future.

Using just amazing tools on the internet and your own creativity we're going to start building strong, enjoyable to create and most importantly profitable passive income streams that you can whip up and start earning major income from in just a few short months.

I've done a hell of alot of the leg work infront of you that i've laid out on my blog so don't panic your paths pretty clear and you're free to use my advice, guidance and the tips and tricks I've used to help you reach where I am now (making over four figures a month from online passive income streams) and leap even further ahead of me in no time.

If you're ready to get started learning how to build your first passive income stream then I recommend downloading my awesome 'Passive Income Planner' ready to organize your first steps and then get started reading the wealth of blog posts and articles on Evaknows to not only help you focus and streamline your financial future but also give you step by step guidance on how to plan and create your very first online passive income stream and bring in your first passive income paycheck!

"It's time to take control of your financial future lady, you got this!"



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Feel free to share my blog content with your followers and friends and lets get every women pumped and ready to start building their own financial freedom! 

See you on the blog lovely.



The Top 5 Myths About building passive income: Busted!!

Hi guys,

Today I want to talk to you about something that I think is hugely important to know before you start out on your passive income journey. 

Whether you're currently spending your days tirelessly working for a boss, completing their designated tasks that do nothing to excite your mind or expand your soul or you're just starting to realize that you're just not willing to keep exchanging your time in order to pay the bills each month, then trust me I know exactly how frustrated you're feeling and how much a shining beacon of hope Passive Income can look.

Top 5 Myths about Building Online Passive Income BUSTED | Passive Income Blogger | Financial Freedom | Building Wealth via

Now before I go deep into this, I promise you I haven't made this blog post to crush your hopes and dreams of retiring this time next year and living off your multi-million pound passive income streams that were "effortless to build and grow" but if I want to stay 100% honest with my little budding community of passive income creators (which I always do) then I have to be completely truthful about my experience with building my own passive income. 

And that's why I really really wanted to create this myth smashing blog article for your guys today...


Are you ready to change your financial future forever and start making online passive income the RIGHT way?

Download the FREE 4 day Passive Income Mini Course and get started making passive income in no time!

Ready to start making passive income? | Free email course  | Free 4 day course | Passive income | How to make passive income | How to make money online


...completely busting the crazy and quite frankly useless myths flying around the internet about how "amazingly easy and effortless" it is to create passive income! 

If you've ever read any of those mind-boggling stories about how easy it is to make a six figure salary using passive income even if you have ZERO online business experience, then you'll know that what usually follows after those awe inspiring headlines is a wishy washy (super generic) run down of the most obvious and standard tips every passive income blogger mentions in at least one of their blog posts.

In otherwords... even if you followed that amazing "How I made £30,000 in one month" articles tips and tricks to the letter, there's still pretty much little to no chance that a complete passive income newbie will be raking in tens of thousands from the minute they release their very first online product or blog post! 

Again I promise you guys I'm not saying this to dash your financial freedom dreams.

I just really want anyone thinking of starting out on their passive income journey to know the facts, be prepared and have the very very best chance at building income streams that are profitable, maintainable and most importantly SUCCESSFUL IN THE LONG TERM!

If you want to take building passive income online seriously then I really recommend you read this article.

I can't explain how much heartbreak and disappointment this would of saved me if someone had simply laid out the truth about what it really takes to create and build an online passive income business and start earning enough money from it to match my full time job.

Whether you're only just beginning to consider starting this type of income stream or you've been doing it for a while already and you just can't work out why it's not coming to you as easily as all those other bloggers who appear to be raking it in from day one?

Then let me share my experience with what it's taken for me to finally start earning real Cha-Ching from my online passive income streams in just under 2 years and how much time and energy actually goes into the 'build' before you get to sit back and let the money roll in.

I'm going to start by telling you probably the most important FACT of them all:

"Passive Income takes WORK!"

I know... I know... it's totally not what you want to hear! (It definitely wasn't what I wanted to hear when I first started looking to make easy money quick time!)

Surely the whole point of PASSIVE income is that it's passive right??

As in you shouldn't need to do all that much to earn it, hence it possibly sounding like the most amazing form of income in the WORLD

But I'm going to be honest with you right here, right now...

Unless you're willing to pay the really big bucks to have someone else set up and run an online business for you or you want to go into investing in someone else's existing company or start-up (a whole different route entirely), then the only other effective way to build an online passive income stream is to roll up your sleeves, take a seat in-front of your computer and put in the initial hard work yourself.

Now don't get me wrong if you walk in with your eyes open and with realistic expectations about the time it could take and the work that's required to grow your income streams then anyone... and I mean ANYONE is capable of creating enough passive income to live off of each month.

But... just before you embark on possibly one of the most exciting and addictive adventures you're ever going to take to create a better financial future for yourself, I want to tell you guys exactly what you're getting into and what to expect along your passive income journey.

In the other articles on my blog I'm hell bent on teaching you exactly how you can make this journey way easier for yourself so you can reach your financial freedom goals a heck of alot faster then if you went it alone, but the first step to building any successful business or income stream online is to know exactly what you're up against so you can dodge those unrealistic hurdles #likeaboss!  


In this blog post I'm going to be exposing the Top 5 Myths i've heard flying around the internet about passive income:

1. Making passive income is SUPER EASY!

2. It doesn't require MAINTENANCE to grow your passive income or keep it going once it's built.

3. It's SUPER QUICK to create passive income... (I'm talking so quick you'll be making thousands in a matter of a few days!)

4. Only ONLINE EXPERTS can create passive income... "Because it's like so technical and tricky to do no average joe could possibly do it?!?"

- Huh hmm I think I'm literally testament that that one isn't true!


5. If you just create the PERFECT product then the crowds will come flocking to your online shop or blog and BAM you'll be rolling out thousands of $£$€ overnight!


Are you ready to change your financial future forever and start making online passive income the RIGHT way?

Download the FREE 4 day Passive Income Mini Course and get started making passive income in no time!

Ready to start making passive income? | Free email course  | Free 4 day course | Passive income | How to make passive income | How to make money online



I'm going to be honest here. I would love to tell you most of these myths are absolutely true!

After all I like to think you have to have a touch of 'belief in the unlikely' to be an entrepreneur and reach for more in the first place, but in my experience and those of so many others I know its the soul destroying "get rich quick" mentality that makes people give up way too quickly on their passive income goals and miss the big picture...

That if you stay focused and persistent on what you're trying to build, eventually the rewards will come! 

I kinda think that rule goes for so much of life but especially i've found in building passive income.

So in order to help you set way more realistic expectations and goals that you can actually reach for, kick butt in and succeed at... I'm going to go through each of these popular myths and tell you the reality behind what to expect as you build your passive income.


Yeh Ha...Buckle up butter cup there's a whole lot of knowledge about to be had on this here blog post...


Myth 1: Making Passive Income is super easy!

I hope by now you've kind of got the inside track to this Myth.

Passive Income takes HARD WORK!!

And depending on how fast you want your income source to grow you might need some major "get your head down" time in order to reach your ultimate passive income goals.

How quickly you succeed is largely due (like most achievements) to how much time and energy you put into creating it and how willing you are to invest in helping it grow.

It might not be the glamorous truth you wanted to hear but knowing that you'll need to carve out time in your daily or weekly schedule to help your passive income grow is a fricking must if you want to succeed in reaching your goals. 

Now I know that if you have a full time job just like I did when I first started out, the thought of adding even more onto your workload just seems insane but I kind of like to think of it as this...

If your boss told you that if you stayed 2-3 more hours after work for the next 12 months she would pay you double or even tripple your salary for every month you worked your normal hours after that would you take it?? 

So what if instead of giving those precious extra 2-3 hours to your boss, you went home jumped on your computer and used that time to start growing an online passive income business instead?

If you gave yourself an entire 12 months to grow and nurture and expand that business to something profitable, enjoyable and most importantly successful in the long term. How much do you think you could be making extra each month at the end of that??

Yes, it means you have to give up some of your free time right now but in the long run once you've taken the time to create and grow your passive income you'll get to sit back, relax and reap the rewards of your hard work. (Preferably whilst chillin' on a sun lounger in the Bahamas!)

Of course it's up to you to decide how fast you want to grow and how much time you want to invest and honestly if you don't feel ready to dive in all guns blazing then don't worry, why not just think of building your first passive income stream as a really small side hustle?

I know that with all the hype there is flying around on social media about solopreneurs earning six or even seven figure incomes per month from their low maintenance blog or online shop that it's super easy to put intense pressure on yourself to start earning a full time passive income overnight, but trust me when I say driving yourself to insanity to try and attain the same goals as a seasoned professional when you're just starting along the road is a quick way to burn yourself out!  

How much work you want to put in to start with is completely up to you and just rememeber every moment you put towards your goals (even when it's only a little) is another moment your future self will thankyou for it in the long run.   

Another reason why I think this myth's damaging for a passive income newbie to hear is that it also implies that the traditional attributes an entrepreneur needs to have don't apply to creating this form of income such as determination, drive, passion and a willingness to keep working on your goals even when the going gets tough.  

Passive income takes FOCUS and PASSION... and plenty of it!!

You need to be prepared to keep pushing towards you financial freedom goals and unless you're able to afford to hire a work coach to bully you into finishing each of your tasks and keep growing your online income then you have to have the self motivation to go it alone and do it yourself.

I personally think it helps to be passionate about whatever it is you're trying to create whether its building a blog, opening your first online shop or writing your first ebook. Passion really has been my fuel in the times i've worked late to finish another batch of art printables for my shop or fumbled around on graphic design websites and automation programs trying to work towards building more passive income. 

But again I'm going to have an honest moment with you here... don't let anyone make you feel bad about the fact that making money from your ventures is also one of your top goals! 

Yes it is super important never to undercut your morals, your quality or your honesty in order to make a quick buck... it's not worth it and to be brutally honest your kind of doing yourself a major diss if you try and flock poor quality products and lie about it to your customers.

Growing an online business is about building trust and loyalty between you and your potential customers. If you're not willing to put in the extra work to create something amazing for them then trust me they won't be willing to show up for you the next time you decide to create another product.

In order to create amazing quality products, blog posts, ebooks, digital downloads etc you should also expect to give plenty of your time and focus to educating yourself and applying the new skills you aquire.

PERSONALLY I love this part of growing an online business and if you're hear trying to learn how to step out of the mold of everyday life and build your own passive income streams then I'm sure you will too.

When I started out all I did for the first few weeks between discovering passive income and creating my very first online shop was research, play around and learn as much as I could about the different ways to create low maintenance income streams and what exactly I would need to do to earn my very first passive income. 

As you're here on my blog I'm guessing that's where you are now or you're at least far enough into your journey to know that research and aquiring new skills is a way of life for an online entrepreneur.

Whether I was learning how to improve my basic graphic design knowledge or educating myself on the steps I needed to take to open on Etsy shop or create products, all the way through my passive income jounrey I've had to learn new skills. 

Unless you're already super experienced in exactly what you want to do then you can expect to spend plenty of time learning and discovering new ways to improve your income streams too but I personally think thats something to embrace with open arms.

After all learning can be fun guys! 

I'm a firm believer that you'll never learn enough even when you're 90 years old, so although it might not sound as poetic as simply saying "Making Passive Income is Super Easy", the reality is that just like everything worth while passive income takes focus, hard work and a whole lot of trial and error to reach financial freedom. 


Are you ready to change your financial future forever and start making passive income?

Download the FREE 4 day Passive Income Mini Course and get started making passive income in no time!

Ready to start making passive income? | Free email course  | Free 4 day course | Passive income | How to make passive income | How to make money online

Learn how to start an online business that could make you £1000's in Passive Income per month!

As you can kinda expect with learning new skills and building something entirely from scratch you can expect to see a fair bit of TRIAL and ERROR! If you're someone who has a knack for picking up new things then you might not have to worry so much about geeting it sooo wrong over and over again. 

But if you are someone like me who funbles my way to the right answer. Then don't be diheartened if you sometimes get it wrong along the way. In fact try to look at it as a good thing. It's so much easier to learn from your mistakes then your successes and so you've kinda got the inside track when you mess up or judge something wrongly and it all falls flat on your face!

Hard to beleive but after i've spent so much time crating products, building online shops and trying to flog ebooks I kind of get it. Unless if your the type of person who doesn't learn from their mistakes... Once you've completely messed something up once you gather all the flaws in your head process your mistakes and come up with something even better or more effective than you had before.  

*Finally remember that building passive income walks hand in hand with practising what I like to call the 2 essential P's... Persistance and Patience! As I have probably said a thousand times already in this video Passive income does take time and work. As much as it can be great to think that once you;ve started building passive income the money will easily come rolling in whilst you sit back and chill you need to be prepared for the reality that for most people growing their money pot takes effort and patience. I'm not telling you this to put you off, the opposite infact I'm telling you this because I really want you to succeed. If you know the rules of the game before you start then you're so much better equipped to build a strong strategy to help you reach your end goals and win rather than feeling constantly bombarded by surprises and let downs that knock your motivation and your focus off track.   


Myth 2: Passive income streams don't require maintenance!

The second Myth I despirately want to bust is that passive income streams don't require maintenance. 

This i've found from my own personal experience and the experiences of so many others is definately not true!

Even the most automated and well oiled of passive income businesses take at least a little maintenance from time to time. You might not always need to be chasing your online business around like a newly walking toddler once it's established but even the most successful six figure bloggers and solopreneurs need to keep a short leash on their income streams and keep them ticking over.   

It might not be the most glamorous or fun thing to say on a passive income blog but again I want to be 100% honest with you.

Unless you're in a position to hand over the entire running of your online business to an amazingly competent manager who allows you to just sit back and enjoy your share of the profits (#dreamgoals) then you can expect that you'll need to maintain a certain level of control and effort in order to keep the cash flowing rolling in.

As an example I typically spend about 5-10 hours per week maintaining my online income streams. I have 3 of them and in truth their a mixture of maintenance levels.

The most established stream is almost completely passive now. I like to do some promotion work on that business from time to time and check in to see if there is anything I can do to grow it further when I get the chance but for the most part I'm happy to leave her ticking along nicely whilst I concentrate on my newer ventures such as my blog.

I know that it's happily bringing in passive income to me each month and when i'm ready I want to go back and add even more products to increase my profits but right now she's good.

My second business has been my obsession for about 10 months. I absolutely loved building her from scratch and so it's kind of unfair for me to say she takes tons of maintenance when she probably would of done just aswell without all my extra fussing. It's truly just because I love creating the passive income products for her so much and play with her branding and promotion that she's taken up more of my time.

The last 3-4 months I decided to start work on my newest passive income business and I finally felt ready to let my second start ticking on her own and thanks to the work I've put in in advance and the systems i've set up to allow her to run i've been able to sit back and collect customers and sales almost effortlessly with me just checking in on orders from time to time. 

Finally my newest venture (my blog) has only just begun.

If you're new here then you might not know that Evaknows (the way she is now anyway) is pretty fresh in the big online world and as I've mentioned before new passive income businesses take work.

I'm ready to build her and i've hopefully learned a few handy tips and tricks along my journey to help her grow a lot faster than the ones before but just like I explained to you in myth 1 know that inevitably she is going to take work but with the right mindset and expectations I also know within a year I can reach my first passive income goal for my blog. 

One other little thing I want you guys to remember is that if you choose to create more than one passive income stream then be prepared that multiple streams = more maintenance.

As I mentioned above, in the last year and a half I've been very steadily building up three avenues of passive income.

Could I of choosen to stay with one and keep the maintenance low?

Hell yes!!

But for reasons I won't go on about here I personally decided that creating several passive income streams and diversiying was right for me and my future goals (I'm not saying that growing more than one is for everyone though that's entirely up to you).

In short what I'm trying to say is that passive online businesses of almost any kind (affiliate marketing, writing ebooks, selling digital products, drop shipping etc) require at least some maintenance as they continue to grow. 

Yes the cold hard truth is that passive income (bar investing) is almost never completely passive but don't let that fact discourage you from starting or growing a passive income stream of your own. The whole point of a passive income business is that you build it around the principle of reducing your work level as your passive income grows (I'll show you how to do this on my blog).

So even though the work load may seem like alot  at the beginning believe me you really can reach the point in which you're earning tens of thousands of pounds per month for just 2-3 hours of work!


Myth 3: Passive income is super quick to create!

Myth 3 is another myth i've heard so many times flying around the internet.

Now this one is probably not as unrealistic as the two i've mentioned above and if you know what you're doing, have enough time and energy to put into your passive income goals and are honest with yourself as to what EXACTLY "super quick" really means in the real world then you could be earning yourself at least a small full time passive income within a few months. 

But the thing that bothers me most about this myth is that it implies that if it takes longer for you to start seeing a return on your hard work or your passive income only starts to trickle in as opposed to waking up one day with £10,000 of passive income flying into your bank account that you're doing it wrong or worse that your idea isn't going to work!! 

Well have you heard the saying "It takes ten years to make an overnight success"???

I pretty much live by this quote. Not because I'm prepared to sit back and wait 10 years before I expect to see a dine fall into my pocket but because it helps a ludicrously impatient person such as myself remember that my overall goal isn't about having overnight success.

Its about SUCCESS full stop.

I remember being at the start of my own passive income journey scrolling through hundreds of Pinterest pins promising to show me exactly how to make £10,000 of passive income in my first month.

I'll be honest with you, I even clicked onto some of them.

I've read the blog posts or website articles and i've discovered the mediocre completely generic tips they've listed out about starting a blog or online shop, magically driving thousands of customers to the amazing products they've told me to whip up and I've felt the disappointment and annoyance when (even after I've followed their advice to the letter) I still didn't see wads of cash transfer into my bank account at the end of my first month.  

(Side note: I've also discovered a wealth of kick ass mentors who've guided me carefully and most importantly truthfully to my goal of a full time passive income and I've shared their resources and blogs throughout Evaknows). 

The point is I know how frustrating and disheartening it can get when it looks like everyone is leaping and bounding through the tropical passive income forest and you're slowly chugging along being overtaken by a tortoise.

If you're here to learn how to make a super quick buck with little to no effort required than you're in the wrong place.

I want to show you guys how you can optimize your spare time properly to help you build a safer, wealthier and more comfortable financial future.

I don't want to show you how to slap dash your first passive income stream, make a couple of hundred in your first month only to watch the cash flow dry up and wither within a weeks because you haven't taken the time to build and impliment the right infrastructure to keep your passive income stream strong and profitable in the long run.    

Like I said above that doesn't mean that you can't still grow your passive income streams relatively quickly. With persistance and hard work at the start you really can create amazing streams that will pay you back 10 fold for your efforts month after month.

It's also super important to remember that in general the less experience you bring to your passive income stream at the start the longer it tends to take to grow it to where you want.

I personally think that inexperience is nothing to fret about.

If you've never created an online shop, designed a passive income product or promoted something before it doesn't mean you can't start.

I'll talk more about this in Myth 4, but I think it's important to set realistic expectations on yourself and your skill set before you start crying over why you've not managed to create a website, upload all your products, promote like mad and bring hundreds of thousands of visitors to your online shop or blog.

As you learn and you work your way along your online income jounrey you'll pick up the tips and tricks you need to start speeding up your passive income progress and believe me once you start getting the hang of your business and your preferred strategies your passive income really starts to build.

The main point of me breaking down myth 3 is not to tell you that it's gonna be one long pain staking slog to the finish line so why bother??

The complete opposite in-fact!

It's because I want you to remember that even if you do start off slowly and you're not seeing thousands in the first month that it's usually not because you're doing it wrong it's just because you need a little more time to grow.

Trust me hold on, keep learning and gaining new skills and within a few months you'll start to see your income really grow as you start to get the hang of what you really need to do to create your first passive income stream. 

It might take 6 weeks, 6 months or even a year to reach your goals but trust me it will come and you'll be so glad you didn't give up in month one!


Myth 4: Only tech experts can create online passive income!

Myth 4 I think is getting pretty old and dried up.

It used to be a strong belief that only computer wizz kids and hardcore techies stood a chance at building their own small online businesses that could actaully compete with the online retail big boys that dominated the digital world, but thanks to the introduction of newbie friendly website platforms, marketplaces and graphic design programs the competition's recently been blown wide open.

So much so that you can now create an absolutely stunning selling platform or blog for the price of a few quid and a couple of hours playing around on amazing websites such as squarespace, wix, wordpress, Picmonkey and Canva (to name just a few).

With a little knowledge and guidance you can create your own online products, design your branding perfectly and learn how to reach out to your ideal customers all in the space of a few days, weeks or months depending on how much time to put in at the start. 

When I first started learning how to sell digital products and ebooks online I had ABSOLUTELY no experience or know-how.

A computer to me was a place to do university essays or shop online and I'de never really considered that sat infront of me was a platform I could use to jump out the employee rat race and start growing income for myself! 

Once I had my first taste I have to admit I was hooked. Every day after work I would come home, jump on my computer and learn more about how to build a passive income business, how to create my first products and where to sell them.

Eventually, when I was ready I took the first little plunge and uploaded my very first ebook to Amazon.

It was just a short story I created because at the time the only skill I thought I really had was that I liked to write (I couldn't manage a novel but a short story I could just about complete). I threw up a blooming awful ebook cover image to go with it that i'de tentatively created on Picmonkey with my limited graphic design skills (which at the time was like 2 hours worth of playing around on a simple graphic design website) and I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Of course being a complete newbie and not having found the right online mentor yet I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea about SEO or how to promote my products heck I'de never even heard of a target audience, but I waited and waited and after a few days PING I had my VERY first sale.

Ok so like I mentioned before I'de read a few articles on how you could create ebooks and make thousands off them in the first month and of course even though I was ecstatic that someone had found my book and liked it enough to buy it I can't deny that I was kinda devastated that my masterpiece wasn't simply jumping off the shelves and raking in millions from day one.

But the fact that i'de made even one sale was a huge turning point in my life because to me (in that moment), I didn't look at it that I hadn't make my £30,000 target right away I  looked at it that this amazing method that I had been learning about... a way to make money that didn't require me to get up and dressed everyday and traipse to a job I hated to hand someone my free time, could be done and from then on I was hooked.

I'm not telling you this story because I want you to run out and toss up and ebook on Amazon like I did. Through my experience I have definately learned that's not the way it's done, but I want to tell you that from that starting point (from no experience what-so-ever) I gone on to build and grow 2 thriving passive income businesses that now make me a full time income! 

I think what it truly took and what it still takes today is passion, motivation and definitely the right guidance. And whenever any of these 3 wane a little I feel myself slacking in my work so I know that to me they mean a lot. 

It also takes a huge willingness to learn. If you're not a natural or professional computer wizz then you will have to pull your socks up sometimes and hone your skills. 

But what I want you to rememeber is that building a successful online business is no longer rocket science and with the right online resources and guidance (hopefully you'll find a ton of helpful advice here on my blog) then no amount of digital inexperience can stop you from reaching your passive income goals.


Myth 5: Create the perfect product and the customers will come!

Finally we reach Myth 5 which is perhaps in my opinion the most time consuming and income destroying belief there is out there about passive income heck I think probably with any online retail income.

That if you just create "THE PERFECT PRODUCT" and throw it online that the money will automatically come rolling in.

I think everyone would love to believe that the perfect product is absolutely all you need to drive in your customers and make a sale but the harsh and super important reality to this myth is that this simply isn't true! 

The internet is awash with amazing (and not so amazing) goodies for customers to browse and buy and unfortunately all that blend of high quality goods and junk melts together to create the perfect flavor of over saturated soup! 

It would be awesome to simply do your research, discover what your target audience needs, create the perfect passive income product and hand it over to them to drool over and purchase in the thousands whilst you sit back and smile but the honest truth is that the real work comes into play after your passive income product is done.

Branding your online store or blog, marketing to the right people and building your audience is where I'd personally say over 80% of the work really lies.

With passive income it's also essential to spend much of your time and energy (particularly in the beginning) creating the processes and automation systems that will enable you to eventually step away from your online business whilst allowing it to tick over successfully in the long run.

In my blog I will sharing tons of articles on the exact steps you need to take and resources you need to use in order to build amazing online businesses that you can step away from and still generate passive income but for now in this article I just want you to be 100% clear that just creating a great product and slapping online isn't enough to generate a full time passive income that remains strong in the long run. 

Now don't get me wrong there is absolutely no need to panic over the number of elements that go into selling a product online. Learning how to grow your passive business, how to automate your marketing and how to create a smooth passive income stream that works exactly how you want is quite frankly all the fun! 

All it takes is a little time, willingness and passion to learn a few new skills and you'll have everything you need to get your products seen my your perfect audience and have them flying off the shelves.


The sum up!

So there you have it the Top 5 Myths about Passive Income that I personally think should be squashed flat!

In truth making pretty much any form of online income takes at least a little work and contrary to some of the advice floating around in the big wide internet world, passive income isn't really any different.

I love building passive income streams because I don't mind putting in over 80% of my hard work upfront knowing that soon i'll be able to loosen the reigns and after a while that income source will start generating me income almost completely on it's own.

I started Evaknows because I really want to share with you guys everything I've learned from my 2 year journey building online passive income streams so far.

If I can help and inspire some of you guys to build your own passive income streams to create a more secure, fullfilling and most importantly time liberating financial future like I'm doing for myself then I'm super happy to help.

Learn from my successes, avoid my mistakes and leap frog to financial freedom using just your awesome mind and your laptop! 


Last chance to grab the free 4 day passive income email course!!

Download the FREE 4 day Passive Income Mini Course and get started making passive income in no time!


Learn how to start an online business that could make you £1000's in Passive Income per month!

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The 7 Key Steps to Building Passive Income Selling Online!

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Passive Income | Passive Income Streams | How to Generate Passive Income | Smarter Passive Income Tips | Join the FREE Content Vault via


Note: This 7 step beginners guide is focused primarily on those of you aiming to make full-time passive income selling digital download products online. Don't worry I will be creating an entirely different kick-ass guide to generating passive income through building your own blog in a following up coming guide!

Wouldn't it be amazing if someone came along and handed you £1000 with a cheery smile, a pat on the back and went on their way!?! 

No return favours required just free money for you to spend on whatever you want that month or stash safely away in your bank account!

Now how about if instead of it just happening once, that same person came along again and again and again every month and handed you £1000 no strings attached no questions asked. 

Well for the last 18+ months, if you replaced that human hand with an automated transaction from my online selling platforms thats exactly whats been happening to me!

Over and over again i've glanced into my bank account to see wads of £100, £250 and even £1000 (not yet wads of £10,000's unfortunately) drop into my bank whilst i've sat watching T.V.

So what's the trick??

The reason I can now sit back and watch money cha-ching into my bank account each month without having to panic over things like renewing listings, shipping products or buying new stock (basically the hassles of running a physical product business) is because just under 2 years ago I discovered a way of earning money that I never really knew existed before...

(No I didn't discover a money tree at the bottom of the garden) and ever since i've become obsessed with working out exactly how to create it and how I can grab a little piece of the unbelievable pie that is 'passive income'.

According to Wikipedia... (what a source) Passive income is described as "income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it".

Now before I go on, let me promise you I am quite literally just a normal girl (nothing special) and I'm not about to confuse you with a wealth of rocket scientist knowledge that's required in order for you to follow my footsteps... 

It's well within your reach to start building a little pot of passive income of your own and grow it over time to create something that will eventually support you financially with little to no work...

But I won't lie to you, from my experience I've seen that for the complete novice like I was (and maybe you are aswell) it takes time to build this form of income and there can be one hell of a steep learning curve before you start seeing results.

That's why I've created this step by step guide to help beginners get to grips with some of the basics on what's really needed to create and build passive income from selling digital and dropshipped products online.

In this blog article we're going to be discussing these four basic topics:


  • How to get 'started' on building passive income.

  • What online platforms I recommend starting with if you're new to the 'selling online' game.

  • What to expect in the building process whilst you create your passive income.

  • And most importantly the tips and tricks i've found to help make the process alot easier along the road. 


I've broken this beginners guide down into the 7 key steps I think you need to know and follow in order to get jump started building your passive income through selling digital products online.

As you read and implement each step they should help to answer the big topics mentioned above and don't worry I will have tons more articles focusing on each step of the process on my blog to help you as you climb the passive ladder.

"We're on this passive income journey together remember. I won't leave you behind!"

I may be a few steps ahead of you in the passive income game but I have so much more to learn and share on my blog and I can't wait to be the solid helping hand just a few paces infront, guiding you along your journey to passive income success!  

Sound good... Now lets gets started with Step 1!





Why am I stopping you from gaining AWESOME life-changing knowledge right now you ask?

Well guess what: You've found an email subscriber only article!

What the hell does that mean?

The majority of my Passive Income articles are super easily available right on my blog. I love sharing mind blowing Passive Income advice with you guys for you to read whenever you want... But there are a few ultra special resources and guides that I exclusively reserve for my awesome subscribers.

These articles are way more detailed, more time consuming to create, and are quite frankly… much more likely to start earning you PASSIVE INCOME double quick time!

And you’re reading one of them right now!!!

If you want to carry on reading this AWESOME Beginners Guide: The 7 Essential Steps you need to follow to start creating and growing your passive income then pop in your email address grab the full blog post!

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What is Passive Income + 5 Ways to Create Passive Income Online in your Spare Time!

Copy of Evaknows-25.jpg

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and decide to buy I will get a tiny bit of compensation for your doing so. I want to stress that in no way does me including affiliate links affect my opinion of a product good or bad and I would never bother linking to an item I didn't deem worthy of being purchased by me or my readers. I never want anyone to waste good money they've worked hard to earn!

Hey lovely,

Let me just start by saying hey girl! I'm so happy you're on this blog post and just as interested in learning more about creating your own passive income streams as I am :)

For the last two years i've been working on ways to use the few hours of spare time I have each week to help create a safer more profitable financial future for me and my family.


When I started out I was totally under the delusion that the only way of making money was to get up each morning, traipse into a job I hated and hand over my free time in exchange for minimum wage and a 30 minute paid lunch break... 


That was until I discovered passive income and I started experimenting with ways to mold my working life into something I controlled. Not my boss, not a huge company and not fate.

Just me!

After work I jumped online and began to learn more about how I could make extra income without having to dedicate the next 30 years to even more boring work shifts and an uptight boss and what I discovered and want to share with you on my blog is exactly how I went from trading my time to earn money via the 'normal method of income' to creating income streams that pay me a full time wage each month with me spending no more than 2-5 hours per week on them.

Now don't get me wrong I want to be brutally honest with you from the start. Passive income can be super fun to create, so exciting to watch grow and overwhelmingly rewarding but in truth it's not always easy to build.  The big question I always like to ask people when they ask me why they should bother giving up even more of their free time now to work on building passive income streams for their future?


"If a big time CEO walked up to you today and offered to pay you £15,000 a month for the next ten years completely passively (no work required from you) if you just worked for her for one year for free would you do it?"

Think of how life changing that could be to have a whole extra full time source of income filter into your bank each month whilst you were still free to pursue your life, travel the world, start a family, continue to grow your income streams heck even take a well deserved break and enjoy the beautiful lifestyle you've built. 

Well that's why I want you to consider giving up a few hours a week or even a day to start building your passive income streams right now. Don't worry I will be here to guide you every step of the way starting with the most important question you might want to ask me first...   


So what exactly is passive income?

"Passive income is income that a person receives on a regular basis that requires minimal to no effort to maintain by them."

Unlike active income which requires you to constantly give over your time and skill to earn money, passive income (particularly online) usually requires a level of upfront work and organization in order to create the income stream but after a period of time the level of your involvement drastically tapers off leaving you more free time to pursue other goals.

I've had the amazing privilege of experiencing this first hand and I can tell you guys its a hell of a crazy buzz when you finally start receiving payments into your bank account knowing you've done nothing that month to warrant them!

Now like I said above the work that I've done upfront to create these income streams means that by no means do I feel I don't deserve the income i've earned. I'm so grateful to my past self that she had the drive and inspiration to sit down each evening and dedicate a few hours to my passive income journey and to be honest i've become a little addicted to the buzz of working on new ideas to create even more.

I know that you can visit a hundred thousand blogs and websites online all showing you different ways to start creating this form of online income, in particular the blogging trend has skyrocketed to fame since the world started realizing you can potentially make hundreds of thousands of pounds each year from them.

 But for my personal blog I don't want to pigeon hole or trap my readers into only learning how to create one kind of online passive income. I want you to have the opportunity to explore and play with them all.

I want you to have the knowledge of diversity, to choose from all the different methods there are available. Over the years I've dabbled and succeeded in creating income streams through selling ebooks, digital products, drop shipping, affiliate marketing and creating a blog and I want to share all my experiences and advice with you to help make your passive income journey not only profitable but fun too.

If you're anything like me then the thought of dedicating yourself to just 'one method' of making passive income for the next ten years not only sounds too boring but also kinda unstable. What happens if my website crashes and I can't get it back up? (thats happened to me before), What happens if it's not the right time of year for people to purchase the types of products I like to sell in my shop e.g. art prints? (will my drop-shipping business income plumet and I earn nothing that month???).

Well along my journey I quickly learned that for me I like to diversify my income streams a little and trust me its actually not as hard as you think to build more than one at once. That's why I want to show you a number of different methods to grow your income starting right here with the very basics of what you can create and how.  

In a few months you could be earning enough passive income to make a huge dent in your bank account, you could be experimenting and exploring with some or all the options i've listed below to build passive income that you love and most importantly you'll be building a hugely diversified portfolio that will help your earnings weather the ebbs and flows of the natural online storms and droughts. 

So below as promised i've listed the top 5 online methods to make relatively easy passive income.

Nothing as wild as creating a full blown computer software program or writing a 800 page novel to rival Harry Potter. Just someplaces to start and perhaps some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.


1. Create Digital Download Products that you can easily sell on online marketplace platforms! 

This one along with method 2 and 3 are where I make most of my passive income. I started creating digital downloads and selling them on Etsy within a month of me deciding I wanted to start earning money online. Creating digital products is truly not as hard as you might think and they're are a number of online websites and programs out there designed to help graphic design newbies create beautiful sellable products such as Canva, Picmonkey and Adobe.

In a later post I will show you how I make a number of my digital download products but for now I just want to enlighten you to some of the amazing products you can create yourself and sell online. 

Digital download art prints, planners, calenders, blog templates, resume templates, computer wallpapers, graphic design packs, stock photos, downloadable greeting cards, audiobooks, apps (for the advanced), workbooks, ecourses (for the advanced) and so much more. I actually have a post coming up on over 20+ different digital download products you can create and sell. I love this form of creating passive income simply because I think its one of the quickest and creative methods to sink your teeth into. 

When I started selling digital products on marketplace platforms I barely had any experience with graphic design (trust me I was clueless) but within a month I was able to create beautiful art prints using various graphic websites such as Canva and Picmonkey that I could easily sell on online marketplaces such as Etsy and Creative Market. It took a little research and a dash of trial and error but now two years down the line my art prints earn me a full time income alone and they're super low maintence to maintain (probably 2-3 hours per week).


Have you already got a killer Passive Income Product Idea in mind?? 

Then grab a FREE DOWNLOAD of my workbook "The 12 ESSENTIAL questions you should ALWAYS ask yourself BEFORE you create your passive income product!" to see if your idea is definately worth pursuing!


2. Write short story ebooks and sell them on Ebook platforms like Amazon KPD and Smashwords!

I have never in all my days been able to sit down and churn out a full length novel completely edited and ready to sell on an ebook platform and unless you're one hell of a writer or just deeply passionate about one story you really wana tell then I'm not recommending you do that either.

In horrible truth even if you had the gumption to spend endless hours and months crafting the next best seller (in your eyes) and carefully editing it there is no guarantee that you'll be making any more money than someone writing 10-15 short story ebooks in the same time it's taken you to create it. 

This is a sad fact that when it comes to ebooks its not always the more work you put into it the more money you'll make and I truly caution you to remember that it's a growing trend particularly in the horror and romance genre that shorter snappy stories tend to do well over giant novels that don't carry a famous authors name.

Now I'm not telling you that you shouldn't take the time to research and write absolutely beautiful content. In fact when it comes to short stories this is an absolute must.

Some advice I will give you from the trial and errors i've experienced writing ebooks that sell themselves is that possibly one of the most important factors to creating low maintenance income especially when selling ebooks is to make sure your readers like your stories enough to go back and buy the rest. This is truly what saves you hours and hours a week promoting and pushing your books to new readers because you just can't seem to convince the old ones to buy again. 

When I started out I experimented with carefully crafting beautiful stories i'de taken days to work on and hours to edit against ones i'de had lying around from way back that I just threw up when I first started and I can tell you the difference is otherworldy when it comes to their manitnenace levels. In particular I wrote a short story horror series featuring 5 small books. I carefully crafted each book over the course of a few days. I even went so far as to upload them on a few free reading platforms so I could get some feedback on whether readers enjoyed what they read. 

After I made a few tweaks to them thanks to the readers comments and I began to only receive rave reviews I uploaded them on to Amazon, Smashwords, Nook and Kobo and since then i've watched the sales role in. I know that if I spent more time pushing and promoting these books they would quadruple in earnings but right now they make me a great few hundred a month and all I need to do is check my platform dashboards every now and again and check when my earnings will be sent to my bank. 

I want to talk way more with you guys in a future post on how to write a killer short story that sells and how to make beautiful book covers that convert like crazy but for now I'm just throwing this option out there for you to take in.

Whether its fiction or non-fiction ebooks you want to create I recommend doing your homework around your target audience and sticking to shorter, well written books rather than long laborious novels as they're faster to write and easier to sell (unless long stories are what you really wana create then by all means have at it!).


3. Design Physical Products using a drop-shipping company and sell them online!

I really like this way of creating passive income. Drop-shipping can be a great method to design products and have them manufactured and shipped to your customers without you doing the work yourself.

To make a very detailed and long story short drop-shipping is a fullfilment method in which you can create an online store on a website platform like Shopify, Squarespace or Wordpress and use a drop shipping company to manufacture and ship your products to your customers. Usually the company provides a wealth of plain products that you can choose from and all you need to do is upload your graphic designs to decorate your chosen items. 


Above is an example of using the fulfillment & drop shipping company Printful to print and ship the art print designs you could create and sell.

You can also create mugs, apparel, bags, pillows, phone cases and so much more. You may need a level of graphic design knowledge to handle creating the designs for your products but most fullfilment companies make it really easy and clear on how to go about creating products on their platforms. 

As mentioned above in order to sell your products you will most likely need a good strong platform such as an online marketplace like Amazon or Etsy (be sure to read marketplace guidelines before hand)  or your own website. I also recommend taking your time to create and sample different companies and products before adding them to your online store as there are a good number of elements that can fall out of sync or go wrong when you first start drop-shipping if you don't take it seriously from the get-go.

To give you way more information than I can offer on this small post, I've linked a whole ultimate guide on drop-shipping from the website shopify "The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping" if you think it could be something you'd be interested in trying. I think the important thing to remember with fullfilment and drop-shipping is that simply learning how to upload your designs onto a companies products is by no means enough to start earning passive income.

It's just one method you could use to create low maintenance products to sell online. The real work with this method and indeed most of the passive income methods on this list is to create a website, brand and marketing funnel that drives the right kind of audience to your products and converts into sales.


Don't forget to grab your FREE copy of the "FIND YOUR PERFECT PASSIVE INCOME PRODUCT" Workbook!


4. Build a blog and monetize it!

I think right now if there was one method of passive income that's rising to stardom quick time it would be creating a blog!

It truly seems that everybody and their granny is recommending that you jump on your computer, upload a bunch of amazing articles and start watching the advertising money roll in without really explaining to you the long hard slog it can take to start seeing income from this method.

That is by no means to say that it isn't an outstanding way to make extra income. If done right it really can be a powerful tool to add extra earnings to your bank account each month but the truth is that this method really does take a huge amount of upfront work.

Trust me i'm in the trenches right now researching, implementing and building my own blog and compared to the other passive income streams I've created it's proven to be alot more time consuming and technical than many of the others. That's not to say that I won't continue building the small space i've created. I have to admit that just like many of the other methods blogging is quite addictive once you really get into it. 

To be honest blogging is by far my newest adventure having only started a few months ago and still not 100% knowing what i'm doing but the interesting thing I tend to find with any passive income stream is that once you've got to grips with the basic rules behind making this type of money you begin to understand the underlying elements to all of these methods are all the same which I find saves you so much time on the next venture. 

Super duper simply put - Do your research on your chosen method and target audience, craft passive income products perfect for your customers, create a shop or website to present your brand and your products + use a well formulated marketing funnel to drive in your ideal customers. Note: it can vary which of these step you do in what order.

Now as I said that's super simply put and the actual process of creating passive income for both a blog and a shop is alot more complicated but hopefully you start to get the idea. 

Making passive income through blogging comes in a number of forms. Of course you can display advertisements on your pages but the truth is that form of income is minute, deterring to your audience and quite inconvenient.

Instead options like affiliate marketing in which you introduce your audience to already existing products you love and find useful or interesting is a great way to turn a simple blog post into a sellable product on your website.

Now when your audience discovers your hugely helpful article they have the choice to signup or purchase the item/s your recommending through your affiliate links. If they decided they love it enough to purchase that product then *BAM* you've just made a sale (well a percentage of someone elses sale).

I like to think of my affiliate posts as the place to highlight the very best products and programs I personally use and love. Exactly like my own products if I don't think they're good enough to represent in my shop they're is no way in hell i'm including them. For me personally I treat affiliate marketing on my blog super seriously.

I would never throw an ugly clashing art printable into the carefully crafted art print collection in my online shop simply because someone offered to pay me a couple of pounds everytime it sold.

It would ruin everything i'de been working for, it would confuse and concern my audience and frankly it would make it harder to make any profit at all once my customers started having doubts about the quality of my prints and I think when it comes to affiliate marketing on your blog you should think of it exactly the same.

Simply put if you think starting a blog might be something you would be interested in then affiliate marketing is definitely one way to start monetizing your website but be extremely careful to treat it just as you would if you were creating the products yourself.

Only recommend things that you've tried and used yourself, remain completely truthful about the pro's and cons you've experienced so just like with your own products you're customers know all the details before they purchase and always be transparent that the product your recommending is an affiliate just as you would want to let your audience know when you created something yourself.

Another great way to make money blogging is to offer your own products on your blog aswell.

The great thing about creating products specifically for your own website and not a marketplace platform is that you have complete control on the look and feel of your branding, shop layout and the products you can offer. Products such as Ecourses, Workbooks and Ebooks can do great on education based blogs whereas drop-shipped merchandise such as mugs, tote bags, baby products and apparel can often help boost the income of more lifestyle, home decor, beauty or fashion focused blogs.

Creating a blog can be a truly fullfilling, fun and inspiring way to spend those few precious free hours you have each day or week and if you stay focused, persistant and patient it can make a huge improvement to the size of your bank balance after a number of months. The rub to blogging however is that there is very often at least a low level of maintenance needed to keep your website relevant and ranking higher on search engines such as google however I know a number of bloggers who all put the work in upfront and now see a steady flow of passive income wash into their bank account each month whilst they're focused on crafting there next passive income stream.

If you're really interested in blogging as a way to build passive income then I really recommend taking sometime to do your homework before setting up your blog. Decide on your exact niche, target audience, website hosting platform, branding, affiliate programs you want to recommend and the products you want to create before starting the process of crafting your content and driving an audience to your website. 

Trust me i've been the person to throw everything together all at once and then have to go back and completely start again from scratch in almost all my passive income journeys and one thing that's becoming abundantly clear to me is always do your homework BEFORE you jump into building your online shop, platform or blog.



5. Invest in companies and businesses already doing the hardwork!     

Now this method of generating passive income is probably the least time consuming upfront but is also one of the most risky ways to earn money online.

I'm not saying that like everything else there isn't a risk of failing with all the other methods above, there is and you have to be very clear on that from the start. You could put the time and effort into any of these methods and not get the outcome you want.

I've made a few costly mistakes over the years that have cost me money and most importantly time but unlike all the other methods above which offer you far more control of your income and often mirror "the more effort you put in the more income you get out" (in the beginning anyway). Investing in someone else's business no matter how big or small is often the most risky way to make money online.

Now don't get me wrong I enjoy investing in stocks and shares and slowly (very slowly) i'm learning more about what to look for in a company and the economy to help me reach my long term investment goals but in truth I don't recommend blindly investing in someone elses business in hopes that you'll bypass doing any of the initial work and riding their coat tails to financial freedom. 

Whether it's investing in the stock market or Peer-2-Peer lending, I 100% advise doing your homework and I mean hardcore homework before handing your money to someone else. The huge drawback to investing (alongside the high risk level) is the fact that you usually need a large sum of capital ready to go before you can start earning money from this method.

Investing can be a great way to earn interest on the capital you can afford to put into other peoples projects and companies but as you can't really also invest your time to help push the businesses forward and you have little to no say on what the company does with your money then you are usually at that company or persons complete mercy when it comes to the direction and focus they want to take in their business goals. 

I recommend investing if you're the type of girl to take that form of income very seriously. You need to commit time, focus and energy into researching and arming yourself with the knowledge and initial capital it takes to see a good rate of return on your investments. Whether it's a long term loan investment or buying equity in exchange for dividends, creating a full time passive income on investments alone not only requires large volumes of capital but is also extremely risky. 


Now go ahead and grab the FREE WORKBOOK and start researching and testing all the amazing passive product ideas you can come up to see which ones you think could work!


So there you go! 

Above i've listed exactly what passive income means and 5 ways you could hop on your computer today and start making it (well almost). 

Like I said at the very beginning passive income in the long run can be hugely rewarding but it can take quite a bit of time and initial persistance to create it. If you've got a few extra hours in the day and you want to start doing something worthwhile with them then I couldn't recommend more strongly starting on your passive income journey. 

Your future self will fall at your knees in gratitude for the work you put in today and I know that if you're like me you'll never look back once you finally get out the 9-5 rat race and start enjoying all the free time passive income can offer you!


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How I Organize My Day For Success!

Organization is both my obsession and my worst nightmare. For years I was the girl who's favorite line was "i'll do it later!" which really meant you better remind me tomorrow because it still won't be done. At that age I truly thought that being an organized person was a skill you were born with and those of us who hadn't been sprinkled with 'orderly personality' pixie dust would never know what it felt like to wake up in the morning and have a list of to-do's ready to go.

That was until I decided to head off to university at the ripe old age of 21 and received the firmest lesson in "If you don't get your work done by this deadline then you FAIL!" I have ever leant!  All of a sudden there were real consequences to my disorganization and I quickly developed a hatred for the feeling you get when you leave things to the last minute and then have to rush. I have to be honest with you it took me a long time and a lot of research to finally feel like I have my daily routine down but the tips and tricks I've picked up along the way have literally given me the tools required to create and most importantly build my own businesses with no boss looking over my shoulder shouting at me about upcoming deadlines.

So i've made a list of 10 things I do each day to ensure that I've set myself up as much as possible for a successful working day. I hope you guys can find something useful to incorporate into your own daily routine if you're looking for a little guidance on how to organize your workload.



1. Write To-Do Lists in the morning or the night before!

I remember well that getting into the habit of writing daily lists took me a little while to get used to at first. Like I said I was the girl who thought she could easily remember everything she had to do in a day and inevitably someone would have to remind me of ten things i'de forgotten by the middle of the afternoon.

Eventually I decided to stop fooling myself into thinking I could treat my brain like my own personal planner and I actually sat down and started to scribble my to-do's on a scrap of paper I carried round with me or kept by my computer, just to see if this whole making notes malarky actually worked and after a little practice and finding the right technique for me i've found it truly does.

Don't be surprised that if you're not the natural type to want to document your daily routine, that it might take a little trial and error to find the perfect method of making lists that actually helps you but if you stick to it and find the right method for you it can really work. 

I experimented with a wealth of different techniques when it came to making to-do lists before I found the right one for me so don't be discouraged if you find it hard to stick to following your list or even creating them daily at first. For me I found that I prefer to make my list first thing in the morning as soon as I sit down in my office chair.

I know others think its better to write their list at night but truly I think it comes down to personal preference here. Personally I like to come to my desk with a fresh mind and jot down five or six must-do's that I plan to work on for the rest of the day. I like to write them down in order of importance or usually boringness (if that's a word) so when I work down my list I get the dull or essential tasks done first before I can focus on the more fun but often less essential aspects of my business for the rest of the day.

Over time I've also discovered that I love to add a little tick box at the end of each of my tasks so that when its completed I get a little thrill of officially ticking it off. Sad I know but I find it truly helps.

I'm going to be honest. Creating a to-do list is not the hard part of this process, sticking to the tasks you've written down each and everyday is truly the habit you need to learn in order to make the most of this trick when it comes to the nuts and bolts. That's why I suggest really commiting sometime to experimenting with what works for you and your business.

It's all well and good me recommending you try handwritten list making over to-do list apps or using your online calender but in reality what matters is what works best for you. Do some research and give different methods a try.

More than likely you'll end up with a mixture of techniques that suits you and how you like to plan your day and that's truly what works best for me too.        


2. Give Your Brain Play Time!

Now this might sound kind of odd and to be honest with all the research i've done on being more organized I haven't heard anyone really recommend this so I don't know if I'm alone here but for me and my over active brain, there is nothing harder than sitting down at my desk and trying to force my mind to take my to-do list or my workload seriously if it hasn't had a little playtime before we start.

What I mean by this is that first thing when I sit down at my desk each morning and sometimes once or twice during the day (depending on how excitable my mind is) I like to schedule 20 minutes of free time for me to do whatever I like on my computer or just in my office before I start my work day.

Quite often this entails taking a look at what's new on my favorite motivational blogs that i've been thinking about all morning or doing a little research into a kooky idea my brains conjured up in the night to see if it's got any worth.

Other times it may just be 20 minutes to clean up my office because i've suddenly became aware of the mess when I sat down or even just looking on my favourite shopping websites to try and find the next item i'm looking to buy.

Whatever it is I just let myself do it... just for 20 minutes and simply because I know that if I try to ignore my thoughts and just get on with my work I will be so much less productive as my mind remains torn between work and fun. This might not work for everyone but I can't tell you how important it is for me to actually schedule in this time.

If you're like me and your thoughts have a habit of wondering off regularly to a stray idea or desire you've been ignoring all morning try scheduling a few minutes to satisfy your minds curiosity and then get back to work. 

I seriously find this helps me with procrastination, knowing that i've factored it into my day and that I'm still able to schedule time for work.


3. Use a daily planner or calender to note important events   

There is nothing more annoying than when you sit down at your desk to start work, you've writen out the most perfect to-do list you know you'll blast through before clock off... and then abruptly at midday someone calls or texts to remind you that you're meant to be meeting them for coffee in 1 hour or it's your dogs haircut appointment and you haven't even got time to change out your sweats before you're meant to drop him off.

Ok, so this might just be my experience but i've come to realise over the course of the two years i've been building online income that there in nothing more shattering to your daily work routine then forgetting essential appointments or events that will tear you away from your work.

Suddenly everything you've got planned for the day has to be drastically pushed back and it sets you in such a down mood that you can't even really enjoy being out with your friend or at your aunties birthday party because you're paranoid of how far its setting you back.

This might sound a little dramatic to some but trust me, when you're fully ingrossed in your business and working so hard to keep everything running like clockwork it really can be that desructive to forget important events in your work week.

That's why for me i've leant to preempt these events as much as I can.

There are always going to be unforseen incidents that occur every now and then during your working hours that have to pull you from your workload but I find keeping a calender or planner with important events such as birthdays, scheduled meet ups, pet appointments e.c.t. on my desk and checking it each morning allows me to work around these occassions much better with far less of the "I'm not currently working" guilt that we all know and love (not).

After about a year I'm fully in the habit of making note of events coming up over the year that might require me to down tools with my work. On those days I might schedule to do a little less so I know I will have time to make the event and still feel like i've got a little work done.

Other days I may cancel my work altogether and rearrange to catch up either the day after or the day before. The most important element of this tip for me is that it helps me elevate 'workaholic guilt' (which is a whole other subject I will address in another post) and it allows me to actually enjoy the special occasions I schedule in that moment instead of listing off in my head a wealth of things I'm going to need to do to catch up as soon as I get back to my office.


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4. Create and Stick to Time Slots!

This is a little short and sweet tip I wanted to slip in here that i've found works great for me when I know i've got a wealth of things to get done all at once...I create specific time slots. For me this usually means that I will break my to-do list up into managable chunks by assigning 30 minutes, an hour or even more to a specific task and clear my mind of anything but that job during that specific time slot.

For example if I know I need to create 10 new products to sell in my online store and I want it done by the afternoon, I will schedule 3 hours to purely focus on researching, designing and uploading those 10 designs and I will use a timer on my phone or computer to ensure I stick to that slot.

After the 3 hours is up I always allow myself what I like to call the '10 minute' clean up to just finish off anything i'm doing and unwind from an intense few hours of concentration.

If I know that one or two of my to-do tasks consists of alot of elements that are going to take time and focus then I always use this method to get the workload done.

An important element of this method that I feel is really important to remind you of before you start (if you want to give it a try for yourself) is to always allow yourself excessive time to complete a task.

In the example I gave you of my product creation time slot I actually know that if I pushed myself really hard I could probably complete that task in 2 hours instead of 3, however I always choose to give myself extra time for unforeseen situations, bathroom and tea breaks, if an aspect of the creation takes longer than it usually would and most importantly so I don't burn myself out.

Remember the aim of time slots is to make them work for you not the other way round. Don't set yourself unrealistic time goals to get something done and then wallow in the disappointment if you don't complete it in time.

If you need more time then schedule some. Move onto your next task but make a note to come back at the end of the day for 20 minutes or tomorrow to carry on. 


5. Batch / Chunk your workload! 

This is almost a continuation of tip 4 but I feel this piece of advice is so important I want to separate it and clarify exactly what I mean. You may of seen the advice "Batch Your Work" a hundred times over on every organization or business blog and thats simply because it's such sound advice.

There are very few things harder when it comes to business then trying to multi-task a wealth of very different projects all at once and actually acheieving good results.

Whether you're a business owner, a parent, an employee or anything else you can most likely relate to situations when you find yourself running around trying to complete twenty wildly different tasks in one day and getting almost nothing done. From my experience I know how hard it is to have your accounting hat on one minute; sorting through a mountain of reciepts and crunching the numbers only to find yourself throwing your creativity hat on top when you suddenly need to switch to writing a blog post or create a new product line the second you've packed away the paperwork.

The truth is more likely than not the sudden change over doesn't work and as a consequence not only does your work but your mind suffers as you try and handle the disappointment that comes when you just can't get into the right mindset for the next task.

So that's where batching comes in and for me it's been a true help to not only my business but my lifestyle as a whole.

I'm not going to go all the way into how batching works as I want to write a separate dedicated blog post to it at a later date but the gist of batching is that you dedicate specific time and motivation to completing one task at a time much like I mentioned in the time slot tip above. The additional factor that I wanted to talk about in tip 5 however is that in batching you actually go above and beyond.

For example if I know that I want to focus on writing a blog post for my website that day then I could choose to set a time slot to write just one and then move on.

However with batching I would instead schedule a large chunk of my day to write several blog posts that I am then able to schedule ahead of time on my blog so that from them on I don't have to focus on writing blog posts for the rest of the month in my daily to-do list and i'm free to work on other tasks that might require me to be less creative or have a different mindset without worrying about keeping up with writing new articles aswell. Using batching i've been able to complete a large portion of my tasks well ahead of time.

Another example is when I choose to batch my social media content over the course of a day in which my to-do list's main focus is to schedule all my social media content for the month.

Yes i've had to accept that it's cost me about a days work to batch this task and during that time I can't really focus on anything else, however the payback is so worth the effort as for the rest of the month I don't even have to think of scheduling in social media creation on my daily to-do list, leaving me time to stash my social media hat away for the rest of the month and get on with other work. 

You can do this for a number of different tasks including paperwork, content creation, product creation even elements of your personal lifestyle but for now I will leave it here and give you time to do your own research on batching / chunking if you'd like.


6. Make A Messy List

Now do you remember that I was talking about to-do lists in my very first tip? Well tip 6 kind of walks hand in hand with tip 1 but trust me I recommend doing both. In tip 1 I noted that a To-Do list is really useful when it comes to helping me organize my day.

I wake up in the morning, get dressed, make myself a cup of tea and write my To-Do list like clockwork before I even hit the on button on my mac. What I didn't mention however is that almost always sitting right next to my neatly written out to-do list with the cute tick boxes on the side that I now write in my planner, I still keep a scraggy free piece of paper with a matching copy of my to-do list on it that I use as my messy list.

A messy list (as I like to call it) is a copy of my to-do's that allows me the freedom to scribble all over it, make non-sensicle notes by its side, add or rub out words or sentences that help me focus on the task at hand or don't and generally mind dump all over my to-do list whilst still having a clear copy of the tasks safely stashed in my planner for reference.

At the end of the day it doesn't really matter if my messy list eventually gets lost in my mountain of paperwork or if it looks a state by the end of the day as long as I get the tasks complete and I'm able to tick off the little tick box on my planner copy thanks to the scattered thoughts and words i've jotted down on my messy list.

I don't know if anyone else creates a messy list but if not I really recommend you give it a try. I love having a clear copy of my goals and tasks neatly written in my planner as it helps me keep track of the work i've done during the year and enables me to schedule anything I haven't completed again another day but I absolutely adore having a messy list at my side whilst I work day to day.

I know this might sound strange but it makes me feel as though I can interact with my list of tasks, that they're not completely set in stone and boring chores I have to get on with with no say.

If I think of a way to improve a task during the day or something useful that might help me complete a project faster or better, then I'm free on my messy list to write it down and it doesn't matter that it won't make sense to me in the future.

If you're struggling to follow a to-do list adding an interactive messy list might really help! 

Remember the to-do list isn't your boss hauling orders that you have no choice but to get done. It's a tool to help you focus on what you need to achieve in your business, feel free to add notes heck even inspirational quotes to push you through the task and make it more fun.


7. Remove Those Distractions? 

This one might be obvious but I personally don't think it's quite so clear cut as people would have you believe.

I know that for me if I was to sit in my office with no music, no youtube or no audiobook I probably would go mad by the end of the afternoon and have nothing to show for it but a doodle of a bored looking dog. I understand why people might recommend shutting everything down and focusing on your work completely because it makes a lot of sense on an "ideal world" level.

Distractions are the evil of productive work, however if you're like me and often times silence can be just as distracting as alot of noise then I personally recommend searching for your version of "white noise".

I work from home on my own for most of my week. If I was to sit in a room in silence for that length of time I think I would probably go stir crazy by day 2. This was a particular problem for me when I first started out and I had no idea how to work on my own for such a length of time, remain motivated whilst somehow keeping myself entertained through the silence.

That's when I started focusing on trying to find things that I could listen to in the background that wouldn't distract me too much but would help keep the boredom at bay whilst I got on with my projects.

For me this turned out to be old re-runs of shows i've watched a thousand times and could probably reel off every word, motivational lectures that I knew well and loved but felt comfortable listening to in the background and tuning in and out of and alot of relaxing music that didn't make me want to jump up and get the party started whilst I worked. 

Now I'm not saying that any of these will specifically work for you and if you are one of those lucky people who enjoy working in relative silence then I'm super envious but I just wanted to add this tip in there because as you will know if you've ever worked from home or even if you're building an online business in your free time after work, sitting infront of a computer for hours can be impossibly lonely especially when you're trying to do productive work.

So don't feel guilty about having some white noise on in the background and remember to take regular short breaks to stretch out and keep your mind from distractions and focused on your tasks whilst you work.     


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8. Automate As Much As Possible!

I'm going to keep this one as short and sweet as possible as I'm going to do an entire article on all the tools I use to automate my online businesses and how they work but I just wanted to make a point that automation really is a huge help when it comes to organization.

The more elements of your business that you can 'effectively' automate the better. I use the word effectively because I personally think there is a real art to incorporating good quality automation tools and techniques into a business and it's something you should really do your research on before you start.

I've had plenty of trial and error with automation tools that promise the earth and end up being more trouble then they're worth and i've also had great experiences with really amazing programs that now I couldn't do without.

In a future post I want to show you guys the exact tools I use on a day to day basis to help maintain my business but for now I just want to say that if you're really focused on organizing your day to day workload in the most efficient way possible then perhaps consider looking into automating parts of it if you haven't already.

Scheduling your social media is a great place to start. Automating your post releases on pinterest, instagram and twitter can really free up your time and give you more room to work on those tasks that require your personal attention.

Check out Tailwind (for pinterest), Planoly and Later (for Instagram) and Buffer (for Twitter) as just some examples. Stay posted for an upcoming article all about how I use my tools to free up so much of my time coming soon.


9. Don't Be Discouraged If You Don't Get Everything Done! 

For me this is a big one and I'm guessing that most of you out there have at some point felt like you've let yourself down if you haven't finished all the tasks you've set for yourself in a day or you've let a little procrastination hold you up.

I really want to make this point because I feel like it's not made often enough. Yes reaching for your goals is amazing and life inspiring and often fun but when you start beating yourself up over and over again over the things you let slip through the cracks or the work you haven't done it's time to re-evaulate how you're treating yourself and exactly what you're doing this for.

If the motive for you building your own business or creating some additional passive income is because you want to get to a place where you can be your own boss, or live a life with a bit more freedom yet you're clubbing yourself over the head everytime you miss a deadline or don't tick something off on your task list then you might aswell stay working for the evil vindictive boss that you hate so much and just let them do it instead.

Yes money is a serious game and i'm not saying slack off and don't step up if you never get anything done but always remember to take a cold hard look at yourself and think... Is what you're getting so upset about really worth the hours of sadness and anger you're putting yourself through or can you underline that task or make a note of the project you forgot to do and go at it again tomorrow? 

Be kind to yourself in this game, money isn't going to give you a big hug when you're feeling stressed out and catatonic over a missed deadline and it never will. No amount of business success or income can make up for the negative psychological effects treating yourself badly over the years will cause.

So remember to take a breath and organize yourself the best you can... trust me you're doing great even to be trying to improve the way you organize yourself so appreciate how hard you're working towards your goals and never be discouraged if something you planned to do today has to wait untill tomorrow.  


10. Give Yourself A Life Full Of Variety!

I know that this blog post is mainly aimed at helping those of you who're looking for some extra tips and tricks on how to organize yourself towards a successful working day whether you're building a full time online business or trying to manifest a little extra income online in your spare time.

I also know that whilst you're creating these amazing online businesses, researching how to build them, taking tiny steps towards carving out new income streams and gradually becoming consumed in this world of online success, that just like me you will find that there are times when you forget that real success actually starts the minute you turn off your computer and fling open your front door! 

Yes creating income and following your dreams in business can be super important and rewarding but the other day someone said something to me that really knocked me and my single minded vision to succeed in this online world. They told me that they'd realized that roughly 80% of what they'd spent their time doing in their adult life evolved solely around work and they were only 35.

What surprised me the most was how strongly I reacted to this information and how much I didn't like the reality of it even though I am somewhat of a workaholic myself. 

I think it's something that needs to be talked about, not to bash anyone who loves to work such as myself but just as a reminder that life is about more than planning your day for work tasks, beating yourself up over and over again if you don't manage to get them all done and waking up the next morning to repeat the process.

Remember that variety is the spice of life. Make time (heck schedule time) to go out, experience life, your friends, your family even just time for yourself.

Yes building a business and income may be super important to you and on some level if you're a work junkie like me it may even make up part of who you think you are inside but I always have to remind myself that although I enjoy being a #girlboss 40% of the time I also want to experience so much more than just work in my life.

Tip 10 is simply a reminder to schedule time for the real world. Don't let the world of work or money consume every aspect of yourself or you might wake up one day with all the money and success on earth but nothing to remind you of how much fun you had along the way.

I've been guilty of letting this tip slide quite a few times during the course of these 2 years so I've written this down probably more for myself than anyone else but if you ever find yourself hunched over your computer screen or a stack of work papers wondering where all the fun went in your life then remind yourself to carve out time in your busy schedule to step away from your business and succeed at something in the real world aswell.

Catch up with friends, spend time with your family heck even the dog. Your day to day existance should never be one dimentional so always remember to schedule variety into your life.  

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