How to Easily Create Art Printables To Sell Online

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Would you like to learn how to make a super easy 'Passive Income' product you could quickly start selling online??

Then check out my 'How to Easily Create Art Printables using Canva' video tutorial just below!

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In this video tutorial I want to show you a super easy way to create beautiful and fun digital download Art Prints that you can make and sell online using Canva!

I've been creating digital download art prints for just under a year and can tell you it's one of the most fun and creative ways I've discovered to make passive income! 

They're cheap to make, fun to create and most importantly you only need to create each digital art print once and upload it to a platform like Etsy or Creative Market to be able to sell copies of it again and again and again... CHA CHING! 

I love to sell my art prints on Etsy and Creative Market and I even create physical versions of the digital prints that I drop-ship to customers who prefer to purchase a physical version.

In this tutorial i've outlined the simple steps it takes to create a fun digital download art print and I hope it inspires you enough to jump on Canva or if you prefer Picmonkey and give it a try.

Trust me if you like getting creative it's a whole load of fun!



If you want to learn how I upload these art printables onto my Etsy and Creative Market shops for customers to buy then stay tuned for the upcoming video!

If you're looking for some great places to find Commercial Use Clipart as I mentioned in the video then check out Creative Market  and 

These are a few graphic design artists I personally use and love: 

White Heart Design

Frou Frou Craft

TWG Designs


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