It's time to start your passive income journey!


Hi Guys, 

In this video I want to talk to you about the MOST important part of creating passive income and money online...


Work out what you need to do to take the first steps towards your passive income and financial freedom goals and dive right in!

I promise you, it's no where near as scary as people make 'creating passive income' out to seem!


Watch the video to discover the most important element to making passive income online:



I’m currently working on a fun and most importantly 'beginner friendly' way for you to start your passive income journey right now, which I will hopefully be releasing on my blog in the next months...

But no matter whether that course is for you or not, what's most important is that you work out what you want to achieve in your financial future, you set your first goals and you start taking the essential steps YOU need to take to create your first passive income stream online!!

I promise you, you can do this girl!

Trust me, once you start taking steps towards building a financial future you love and that works for you (away from the time and energy draining 'normal' 9-5 job)... 

You'll discover so many life-changing skills and adopt amazing cash-flow improving habits, that your future self will worship the ground you walk on for taking that VERY FIRST STEP and starting your passive income journey now!     



As I mentioned in the video I will soon be releasing a STEP-BY-STEP online passive income course for my blog readers in the next coming months, just to help you make that BIG leap and dive right into creating your first passive income stream on Etsy (one of my favorite passive income platforms)!

If you’re interested in taking that course as soon as it’s released then sign up to the waiting list and you’ll receive a free 15% coupon you can use if you decide to buy…


When I started my passive income journey designing and selling easy and fun to create art printables online 2 years ago, I had no idea how far it would take me into growing my cash-flow online and changing my financial future for the better. 

I also had no idea that I would be learning LIFE-CHANGING passive income skills that I could easily use over and over again to steadily replace my full-time job with the low-maintenance income I now make online!

Now I want to show anyone willing and ready to build their own passive income streams online EXACTLY how I did it and more importantly I want to teach them the killer passive income skills I’ve learned over the last 2 years that have sky-rocketed my ability to make passive income from the comfort of my own home whilst working on WHATEVER online business I decide to put my focus into!

So why am I so driven to help women build their own safety net of passive income?

Well, I'm going to be completely honest and tell you it's based on my own personal experience watching so many amazing women in my life struggle to actively 'work for' enough income each month to support their families, pay their bills and scrape together a semblance of savings from their FULL-TIME job! 

    Ohh yes, I really am that blogger that cringes when asked about her life story!

    Ohh yes, I really am that blogger that cringes when asked about her life story!

For the last 28 years of my life, i've been raised around so many amazing, strong, capable women who've spent their lives working tirelessly for every penny they've been given and though its 100% admirable, its also 100% the most risky way to maintain you're financial lifestyle in the short and LONG run!

If at ANY point and for ANY reason (e.g. accident, illness) most of the women in my life had to stop working for a month or 2 at a time, they would have ZERO income to fall back on and what's worse they're monthly expenses would keep filter in, robbing them of any precious savings they'd managed to hold onto and so they have to start all over again, back at square one.

(Ohh yes, this scenario happened a lot in my single parent family).

I'll be honest with you, it's a truly scary and vicious cycle to watch someone you love constantly scramble and tirelessly work to pay the bills each month, knowing that if they took more than a few days off a year they’d be plunged into a financial crisis they couldn’t get out of.

With no alternative forms of income, nothing to keep the cash-flow pumping even if they HAD to stop working for a month, I witnessed what it truly looked like to be completely dependent on one form of active income and what’s worse what it felt like to witness that hard working person, through no fault of their own loose that job and what little financial security that came with it!

That is when I finally learned the HARD LESSON...

Relying solely on your active employment to pay the bills each and every month is not only time, energy and soul destroying but it’s also flat out DANGEROUS in the long run and quite frankly it's a cruel situation that I truly don't want anyone willing and ready to do something to improve their financial situation to get trapped in!

So, if you're willing to put in the time and the effort up front then I'm honestly here to help you steer the wheel of your finances in a MUCH MUCH MUCH safer direction!!!

It's time to start growing multiple streams of PASSIVE income!

On my blog I want to help women create and grow 'easy to maintain’ online income streams that they can run from the comfort of their own home!

I want to help you set up online businesses that give you financial choice, financial gain and most importantly financial freedom in the long and short term!

These businesses are designed specifically towards giving you back more and more of your free time, enabling you to choose what you want to spend your hours on each day knowing that you’re constant active involvement in the business isn’t needed to keep it bringing in income each month!

             Can you explain that again for less geeky folks?

             Can you explain that again for less geeky folks?

I know what I just said might sound like a lot of mumble jumble, but really all it means it that you no longer have to exchange you precious time and energy everyday to pay your bills each month, that's because your well structured and automated online businesses will begin to work for you whilst you focus on whatever else you need or want to get done with your free time!

Ohh yes, you really can create online businesses that run on their own! 

Now I never ever want to lie to any one following my passive income journey and so i’m always upfront about how much work you’ll need to put in upfront to build any passive income business… (To cut it short... ALOT!)

And it’s going to take a steep learning curve and a change in your financial mindset to reach a point in which you trust you’re online income streams to support you each and every month…

BUT I promise you, it’s so worth your time and effort and it’s truly going to be the best thing you’ll EVER do for your future self, because you’ll be granting her the holy grail… FINANCIAL FREEDOM in the long run!

What ever you do, don’t be the girl who closes her eyes to the vicious work cycle she’s trapped in and blindly follows the rest for the crowd for the next 30+ years of her life hoping and praying she can afford retirement!

Make it happen for yourself, take the first steps and grow your passive income pot from the comfort of your own home... starting NOW!!

If you want a financial future full of security, certainty and FREEDOM?

Then it's time you sit down, roll up your sleeves and make it happen for YOURSELF!

It’s time you take the state of your financial future into your own hands and i’m going to help you every step of the way to build your own online passive income streams that have got your back over the long time, steadily filtering money back into your life each and every month!


Are you ready to create your first online passive income stream?

As I mention in the video I'm currently working on creating a STEP-BY-STEP online course to help you get past that 'scary' hurdle and set up your FIRST online passive income stream which you can grow to whatever income level you want!!!

I want to show you how to go about it PROPERLY and help you skip over all the time and money draining hurdles that stopped me in my tracks for months before I got past them...

You're about to learn some seriously life-changing passive income skills in my upcoming course and I genuinely can't wait to help you take your first BIG step and create your first online passive income stream.

So let’s focus on jumping the first LIFE-CHANGING hurdle on your big passive income journey and get you up and running with your own low-maintenance online business.

You can do this lady, I know you can!

To grab an EXCLUSIVE 15% off my step-by-step to passive income beginners course “How to Make Passive Income on Etsy” and receive an email on the day of its release then sign up to the waiting list below and get ready to start building your first passive income stream with easy art printables in no time…

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