WANT all THE RESOURCES I USE TO MAKE PASSIVE INCOME ONLINE AND sky-rocket my financial education?


Thanks to all the resources I've listed below I now have the tools and knowledge to create and scale passive income streams online and I have a much better understanding of how to manage the money I make to build my financial FREEDOM! 


HEY lady,

Below i've listed all the awesome personal finance and online business resources I've used, read, watched and loved to help me change my financial mindset and start building passive income online!!!

I want to make sure that i'm giving you the very best resources to help you achieve your goals, improve your financial mindset and solve all your personal finance and online business questions from 'how to make money online' to 'managing your income to create financial freedom'!!




Welcome to the resource library!

Hey lovely, I'm a 28 year old woman currently on my financial freedom journey and I'm learning (from the experts) every single day about so many amazing ways to improve my personal income, manage my money, build my assets and basically discover everything we're not taught in the school system about building a strong, happy and safe financial situation for ourselves!

I started building online passive income in 2016 and from that second on i've never looked back from my goal to become financially free and financially educated in the years that follow.

I want to be 100% honest with you!

My blog will probably never have 'ALL' the answers you're ever going to need to become completely financially and business savvy but in this super useful Resource Library I'm going to try my hardest to offer you as much guidance and direction as possible to find people, resources and products that will help you solve as many money and business questions as possible so that you have everything you need to build your online passive income streams and sky-rocket your own financial education!


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." --Benjamin Franklin












Affiliate links: Some recommendations in the resource library contain affiliate links. This in no way determines my personal opinion of any product and I would never recommend a product I didn't like on my blog for the sake of an affiliate so rest assured I have tried and enjoyed all the resources i've listed above.

Bare in mind that all of the resources i've listed above are my personal favorites and items I would recommend for you to 'check out'. I am in no way trying to push you visit or purchase anything you don't want. I also want you to be aware that just because i've seen awesome results from them does not guarantee your own success and so you should definatly think through any purchase you make independent of my advice and consult my terms and conditions if you want further details on my *affiliate disclaimer, third party websites and blog policies.