Get started building your first passive income stream!


Today we're going to discover the '5 key steps' you MUST take to ensure that your passive income stream will be 100% successful...

That's right baby, we're discussing the 5 ultra important steps you need to follow to create a strong, sustainable & super successful low-maintenance income stream online!!!



This is the time lady!!

The time for you to round up all your new found knowledge from the 'Passive Income!' Mini Course and get going, dive right in and this week set up your very first platform!!

Whether you've decided to start on a marketplace platform or go it alone and create a website or blog...

For the next week I want you to take accountability, get focused and get to WORK creating your very first online passive income business!

I promise, you know 90% more than most folks who start and go on to build super successful online passive income streams that replace their full-time job!

"Like Moi!"

So all I want you to do right now is grab a cup of coffee or wine (your choice), sit back and watch the last video in the mini course...


Has anyone ever told you how much you rock girl?!!


Well you are, and what's more you're so ready to get to work creating your very first PASSIVE INCOME STREAM!

I know it might seem daunting but trust me all you have to do is give it focus and dive in.

Choose a passive income product you want to create, find a platform to sell it on and just get started!!

Believe in yourself lady, you've totally got this!

Now that i've hopefully got you a little pumped, I want you to spend the next hour laying out a simple plan for your first passive income business.

That's all you need to do!

Commit 60 minutes to answering the 5 questions below to help you get super focused on the very FIRST step you need to take to set up your first online passive income business.


Take the MINI QUIZ:


1 What passive income product would I like to sell?

(e.g. art printables for teenage girls, cross-stitch needle work based ecourses, I want to be able to offer business resource based affiliate products)


2. Is there an existing audience for my passive income product?

I want you to spend 15 - 30 minutes browsing the internet for similar products to the one you want to sell: 

Answer -

  • Are there any particular platforms that your product keeps showing up on?

         (e.g. Etsy for art printables, Creative Market for stock resources, Udemy for Ecourses)  

  • Does there appear to be high demand for your product online, if so where? By what audience?

  • Find your competition and work out where they sell, how many similar products to yours they have on their platform.


3. What platform/s do my target audience tend to use to buy [Insert your passive income product]?

  • Etsy - For art printables

  • Udemy - For ecourses

  • A personal website/blog- For affiliate products


4. What tasks do I need to do BEFORE I can start selling my first passive income product?

(List them all out)

  • Create a blog and build an audience?

  • Set up an Etsy or Amazon shop?

  • Learn to create my passive income product using tools such as graphic design software or a drop-ship company:

            Graphic design software - e.g. Picmonkey or Canva (great for complete newbies)

            Drop ship companies - e.g. Printful and Printed Mint (plus many more) 


5. What is the FIRST step I need to take to set up my passive income business?

  • Research more about my passive income product and if there is an audience for it online?

  • Join or create my first selling platform (e.g. Marketplace or Independent website).

  • Learn to create the passive income products I want to sell.



Now that you've got your very first starting point I want you to download the 'Ultimate Passive Income Planner' FREEBIE and dive right in...

The Ultimate Passive Income Planner Workbook

I know that the first few steps towards passive income can be super overwhelming but I promise I will be right here for you on my blog giving you all the advice and guidance I possibly can.

Over the next few weeks we're going to get you up and running AND totally glued up on what it takes to create a passive income business that makes money for in whilst you sleep!!


In a few months you'll of created an income stream that works seamlessly on its own, bringing you cash whilst you're out doing what ever else you want to do with YOUR TIME!

Now i'm not going to sugar coat it, you're going to need to be prepared to spend a good chunk of your free time for the next few months growing and nurturing your first online business and depending on which method you choose you might not see big results for the first few months...

BUT... Believe me, when you start seeing money funnel into your bank account each month from you passive income streams you'll worship the ground your past self walks on and thank the stars you got stuck in and got stuck in.

You can do this... I promise you it's no where near as hard as you think and with a little guidance and focus over the coming months you'll create something that will change the course of your financial future FOREVER!!!!


Doesn't that sound freaking awesome and so worth doing??


Well done lady, You're well on your way to starting your first kick-ass online business in the next few days...

Now all I want you to do is decide what next step your going to take, jot it down in the passive income planner and get to work making it happen this week!!

No more excuses girl, you totally got this!

See you back on the blog lady, Ohh and don’t forget to watch out in your inbox for a *BONUS* task headed your way NEXT WEEK!