what platforms to use to make passive income?


Today I want to tell you a story. (No please don't worry, I'll keep it short!)


When I first started selling digital downloads online over 2 years ago, I made a fundamental error that quite literally stopped me from making ANY passive income for the first 2 months of my businesses life!

Want to know what that mistake was??

I took zero time in all my passive income planning to consider '''WHERE''' I should start selling my first passive income products and as a consequence I took what would of been a super profitable passive income idea and f*cked it up!

I remember it like it was yesterday! 

(day dreamy eyes a' fluttering)

I'de narrowed down the exact passive income product I wanted to sell to customers ✓ 

I sat down and created beautiful, carefully designed art printables that I was super proud to offer in my shop ✓✓

I had also done my research and discovered that there was a HUGE audience for art printables on places like Etsy and Creative Market ✓✓✓ 

...And then I went and created my own crappy blog in the middle of nowhere land and tried to flog my ten little art printables on there instead!

I don't even want to tell you how many things were wrong with that short story, but by the end of this mini-course you're going to know exactly why everything I did in the first few months pretty much guaranteed that I was going to make £0 selling printables online.

I'll give you a heads up on the BIGGEST mistake of all...

I completely ignored the fact that I had zero experience in selling anything online, I had never tried to drive traffic to anywhere in the online world before and I hadn't the first clue on how to promote a brand new website (that not even Google knew about).


I had completely ignored the fact that I had already discovered EXACTLY where my target audience liked to hang out and instead of following my existing tribe and sticking my products right in front of their Etsy scrolling eyeballs, i'de followed the advice i'de heard from everyone else on the internet and created my own blog!

Now I'm not telling you this because I think blogs are bad... Obviously not!

I love mine and I wouldn't be without it now, but the cold hard reality is that creating your own independent platform such as a website or blog is a super labour intensive and long winded task for a complete newbie and you have to be aware that it's probably one of the hardest and slowest methods to start creating passive income!  

I'm going to be slightly controversial here and suggest that if you're a 'complete passive income newbie' and you want an easier way to start generating passive income NOW...

Then don't start out with a personal website or blog!

Don't worry I promise you once you've got to grips with the basic fundamentals of selling and marketing online (which might only take you a few months) then you're more than ready to start building your own domain + you've already got a solid passive income stream generating you income each and every month!

Pretty cool huh!

Don't get me wrong, blogs can be incredibly lucrative passive income streams once you know a little more about how to generate traffic, make sales and set up simple automation systems!!

I see too many ladies hastily throw up a blog or website in search of passive income.

They plow at them aimlessly for a few months, chuck a few passive income products like ecourses or digital downloads onto their platform and inevitably give up when they realize they have no clue how to market their products, drive traffic and set up basic automation systems and it all gets too much!

Like I said building an independent selling platform takes its own set of rules and systems and if you're adament that at some point you want your own website (quite rightly) then I will be showing you exactly how to build a passive income blog as I go along building my own.

But, if you're looking to start making passive income pretty quick and you don't think you're ready to scale a blog or website on your own then don't panic because their is a whole other (much easier) option for you out there which is super beginner friendly, fairly fast to set up and MUCH less technical!   


Video lesson:

So, in this video I want to talk to you about some of the pros and cons that come with both marketplace platforms and independent websites and blogs to help you decide EXACTLY which type of platform best suits your needs to make your very first passive income stream as easy to create and manage as possible!

Ready to discover which platforms to start selling on?


Ohh yes and another one bites the dust...

You're flying through these lessons and gearing up to hit your financial future full force! 

cat fight.gif

Well done lady, i'm so happy you're sticking with me and really focusing on creating your first passive income stream!


Mini Task:

Now to keep it simple, all I want you to do before the next email is take a look at a few marketplaces and independant platforms that you could possibly sell on!

I've listed a few strong contenders below but feel free to go out and explore the big online world for any more.

Once you've found one you really like then be brave and check out what you need to do to join the platform!!

You don't need to sign up to any of them right now, but just jot them down in a notepad for use in tomorrows lesson!



Deciding where to set-up your first low-maintenance business whether its on an online marketplace like Amazon or Etsy or on your own independant website or blog is a huge decision and one that can have a huge impact on how easy and profitable your online business will be in the long run.

I'm not going to go into this super IMPORTANT decision in this little section on this blog post but I will be focusing some major attention on it in my up-coming videos because it literally can make or break your low-maintenance business if you don't do your homework and understand the pro's and cons to each BEFORE you set-up shop!

I actually have a super helpful video HERE on "Marketplace vs Independant platforms" that lays bare the clear Positives and Negatives of selling on both and helps you find the right platform for YOU before you even think of selling anything online!

If you've already watched that video or you're just ready to dive in a take a look around some awesome platform options then i've created a list of options below:


Marketplace Platforms:


Amazon - A huge marketplace platform ideal for selling drop-ship products!

Etsy - My personal favourite beginners platform for passive income. You can sell both smaller digital dowloads and drop shipped products on Etsy.

Creative Market* - Great platforms for stock products such as photography, graphics, templates etc. 

Not On The High Street - Can be tricky to set-up on, as they tend to like you to have an existing successful business and you'll need to apply to be accepted onto the platform.

Rakuten.com - A big online marketplace platform for both beginners and experienced sellers.


Platforms to Create Independent ecommerce websites or blog:


Wordpress.org - The most popular online blog and website builder amongst bloggers and entrepreneurs however its platform can be trickier to use then the other recommendations below and take a little more advanced skill. 

Squarespace.com - An awesome drag and drop website builder ideal for beginners looking to create beautiful/easy to manage blogs or ecommerce websites.

Wix.com* - A super easy and intuitive website builder. There are a wealth of pros and cons to this platform so i definately suggest you check it out and do your research to make sure it's right for you before you join.

Shopify.com* - Shopify is the only website builder I have not personally used in this list but i've added it because I know many fellow entrepreneurs love and adore this platform and their strong reputation means they're definately worth takign a look at.




Guess what?

Tomorrow is our final day of the "How to Make Passive Income Online!" Mini Course.

I'll show you how to take everything we've learned so far and put it all together to help you take the final step... Creating your very first passive income stream!

It's all headed your way girl!

See you tomorrow!