"Let's start from the beginning shall we!" 

On this page you'll learn the fundamentals behind making low maintenance & passive income such as What is Passive Income? How can you Create It in your Free Time? What it takes to Build It? and Where Exactly You should Start?


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I love Creative Market and use this awesome website to purchase most of the graphics (e.g. clipart, fonts, mockups, stock photos) that I use on my blog, in my Etsy and Amazon shop products and on my social media!

Rest assured whenever they're offering kick-ass freebies, discounts or flash sales I'll try and keep you updated right here on the blog as I know how important having access to amazing graphics is to every girlboss and how hard it can be to find awesome elements that you can use and love!

(Note: Always check the licensing for each element you download)

DISCLAIMER: This is an affiliate link which means I make a small commission if you purchase anything on this website. In no way does this effect my opinion of a product and I would never recommend something that I did not use and love myself! 


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New Blog Posts

How To Create A Successful Ecourse (1).jpg

Hey guys,

So in todays video I really want to talk to you about some tips and tricks I use to help me navigate building online businesses (including your art printable Etsy shop) when you’re a little bit uncomfortable with being on Social media.

I personally struggle with the comparison and competitive nature that some social media platforms can foster a little bit, and when I first started my online passive income journey…

I have to confess that I wasn’t sure I would be able to deal with promoting myself and my businesses on social media day in and day out.

It’s taken a little trial and error and a lot of learning curve lol but now, 3 years later…


Hey guys,

So in this video I want to talk to you about a HUGE subject when it comes to not only your art printable Etsy business but pretty much any business you decide to create online…


Creating a cohesive environment for your audience to explore, should be the main focus for any online website or shop!

That’s why in this video I want to talk about the significance of creating a cohesive brand, whether you’re building an art printables Etsy shop or any other online business.

Discover the importance of branding your Etsy shop here!


Hey guys,

This is a sneak peak video taken from my PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP which is available for all of my amazing Art Printables On Etsy (aka Art Printable Academy) students!

I create specific videos and content in my Facebook Group each week as ADDITIONAL help and guidance to my students as they work their way through the course.

I love to give all of my awesome students a huge amount of support and attention as they set up and scale their own art printable Etsy shops.

And I would love to help you along your journey aswell…

Watch the Exclusive Facebook Video here!


Hey guys,

So in this video I just want to give you an update on how my first course launch went!

If you've been following my blogging journey, then you'll know that i've been working on releasing my first ecourse for a couple of months now and i've tried to keep you as updated as possible on how it's been going.

Now that i’ve been through my first course launch I would love to let you know how it went and some of the steps I took to make it as smooth and successful as possible!

Watch the launch update video here!


Hey guys!

Today I will be talking to you about how I'm planning on sky-rocketing my passive income in 2019 by growing and monetizing my blog!

I'm going to be sharing all the awesome tips and tricks I learn along the way about how to scale your blog and blogging income as a newbie blogger that's ready to go, and I can't wait to see what awesome blogs you girlies create if that's your goal aswell!!

I’m so excited to share this blogging journey with you guys starting with this first blogging 101 introduction video!

Watch the start to my blogging 101 series here!


Hey guys,

In this video i’m going to be talking to you about my latest passive income venture….

Creating my first online course!

I’m currently in the middle of creating all the content and I can tell you i’ve put true blood, sweat and tears into making this the very best and most comprehensive course I possibly can!

I absolutely love every single one of my amazing blog readers and as much as I love creating online income streams, I think I love even more receiving awesome messages from you guys telling me how you’ve started your own financial freedom journey or how my videos and blog have enabled you to get past a huge online business hurdle that was standing in your way.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to receive your amazing comments lovelies!

That’s why when it comes to creating my first online course, I have been tirelessly working to ensure that i’ve given you as much helpful and actionable information on how to set up and grow a successful ‘Art Printable Business on Etsy’ as I can.

I want you guys to feel empowered, motivated and most importantly knowledgeable enough that you can create your own online passive income stream and start growing your money pot as soon as you can.

I’m so excited and super grateful for all the overwhelming support and love i’ve had from you guys and it’s encouraged me to give everything I possibly can into making an online step-by-step video course that you and I will can truly be proud of!

Thankyou so much and enjoy watching the video in this blog post!


 5 essential elements to a successful art printable etsy shop!

In this video and blog post I'm going to be talking about 5 ESSENTIAL elements that you'll need to set up a SUCCESSFUL Art Printable Etsy shop!

I've been the proud owner of an Art Printable Etsy shop for the past 2 years and in the last 7 months I was also able to take that awesome business and include drop-ship art prints simply by taking a few more steps to easily transform my awesome art printables into physical products.

Although for the first 6 months of my Etsy shop journey I truly struggled to understand exactly what my shop needed in order to drive traffic, attract customers and grow my low-maintenance business...

ONCE I started really buckling down and putting in the timeenergy and focus to learn everything I could about creating a successful Etsy shop I began to see my sales rise from 550100 to 600+ sales in the course of just a year and a half!

Discover what I learned inside this blog post!



Check out The Awesome Subscriber Tribe Here - SUBSCRIBER TRIBE

Hey ladies,

So this is a little bit of a unique video for me because for once i'm not waffling on about my own blog and resources lol.

In this video I'm going to be talking to you about a truly LIFE-CHANGING program and the MOST influential online business resource i've ever become a part of... and am still a member of to this day!!


Because I know that so many of you kick-ass girlies are looking for fun and easy to follow ways to start your own online income streams that will help you sky-rocket to financial freedom and if there is one awesome course that i've personally taken that has seriously helped me grow my online income then without a doubt it's been this one! 



Hey guys,

I created this essential video to help you easily navigate how to ethically and legally source the GRAPHIC DESIGN ELEMENTS you'll need to use to grow your business and visually style your brand from day 1!

Whether you need stock photos and product mockups to create your shop banner, product listing photos or to decorate your blog posts or email freebies...

...or you need gorgeous clipart and fonts to use directly on your products such as art printables, tote bags, mugs, digital planners... 

You will eventually need to SOURCE and download all the amazing graphic elements you're going to need, to add the finishing touches to your online business and products!

In this video I will show you how to easily use an amazing graphic website to find and download all the elements you'll need! 



Hi guys,

So in this video I wanted to talk to you about 5 mindset changes I had to make when I started out on my financial freedom journey!

I'm not going to lie, it's taken me time and required me to drastically improve my financial education and understanding to really shift my mindset towards focusing on slowly building up my assets rather than constantly scrambling to create more and more 'active'income, but once you start to see the drastic difference building 'passive income' can make to your financial situation you'll never look back!



Well hello there Lady!

In hopes of finding other like-minded financially driven women, I initially created the Evaknows blog to share my personal experience in building my own online income streams from scratch and quickly started talking to you about the invaluable lessons, tips and tricks i've discovered along my journey to help keep me moving towards my financial freedom goals

Well I felt it was finally time to share a HUGE PROBLEM I'm constantly working on and I know so many of you all wrestle with whilst trying to grow your income in the big online world...

What's the problem? 

Well I'm going to be straight forward with you and tell you that for the last month I have been endlessly struggling with one BIG problem... A mammoth lack of self motivation and drive to keep pushing towards my goals!!!

That's why in this video I want to talk to you about the 1 word that keeps me pushing on towards my personal goals each and every day... PERSISTANCE!!!



In this blog I want to talk to you about the MOST important part of creating passive income and making money online...

AND... what you need to do to take the first steps towards building passive income streams and reaching your financial freedom goals! 

I promise you, it's no where near as scary as people make it all out to be!

Inside this blog post I've also got a super cool video for you to prep your mindset and help you focus on the awesome life-changing journey you're about to embark on!

Creating passive income is such an amazing way to increase your cash-flow and secure your financial future in the long run...


My Top 3 books for Personal Finance and Money Management

Hi Guys,

So in this video I quickly want to talk to you about 3 awesome money management and personal finance books i’ve purchased that have helped me to seriously sky-rocket my money skills as a 28 year old woman!

I think one of the MOST important elements to building wealth and gaining financial freedom is learning how to manage your personal finances properly...


If you’re looking for an awesome place to start your money mindset journey and learn how to manage your income properly then I seriously recommend picking up these 3 amazing books...


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HOW I MAKE A £1000+ each month from my online income streams!

In this blog post I will tell you exactly how I make over a £1000 a month through my low-maintenance online income streams.

That's right i'm going to list out every single method I use to make low-maintenance and passive income online myself including how much money each stream brings me on a monthly basis!!

I'm doing this because I truly want to help every woman discover that there are so many other ways to making money that don't involve you waking up day after day and handing over your time by the hour!

So if you're ready to discover exactly what I do to earn a full-time income online then please check out this blog post!



In this blog post I will explain to you exactly why you should be factoring passive income into your life in order to secure your financial future and ensure that you can enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams free from pushy bosses, work deadlines and sacrificing your precious time, energy and life-force just to ensure the bills are paid!

Building online passive income streams are your ticket to financial security without sacrificing the next 30 years of your life working endlessly for every penny.

Start creating easy to maintain online passive income streams now and within a few months you could be bringing in enough money to quit your job, stop actively working and use your new found free-time to pursue your life's dreams!


What is passive income + 5 ways to create it in your spare time!

Lets start with the very basics shall we. Before you begin your passive income journey read this article to gain a clear understanding of what passive income really means and the 5 basic ways to grow your passive income online!

There's a whole host of ways to build passive income online and if you're willing to give up a little free time you can easily build a little money pot of your very own!



Discover the Top 5 most disheartening and unrealistic myths about making online passive income and learn exactly what you can do to avoid falling into these time consuming traps so you can hop, skip and jump straight to your financial freedom! 

Just before you embark on possibly one of the most exciting and addictive little adventures you're ever going to take to create the most amazing form of income out there, I want to tell you guys exactly what you're getting into and what you need to expect as you create and grow your very first passive income stream!



How to easily create art printables to sell online! (CONTENT VAULT)

Hi Guys!

This is a step by step video tutorial showing you how you can create fun and beautiful digital download art prints that you could create and sell online as a 'Passive Income' Product. 

Art printables are a great product to try your hand at creating if you're interested in making passive income because they're really cheap to make, super fun to create and help you learn and hone your graphic design skills which comes in real handy when you're designing your social media marketing material and building the branding in your shop or blog. 



7 Amazing Resources to Skyrocket your Passive Income!

"Most of the time when it comes to making money online the hardest place to be is at the start!"

I'm going to discuss some of the most helpful courses and resources that I've personally used and frankly adore that have helped me turn my little online shops into unstopable powerhouse money making machines!


How I Organize My Day For Online Success!

Organization is both my obsession and my worst nightmare. For years I was the girl who's favorite line was "i'll do it later!" which really meant you better remind me tomorrow because it still won't be done.

So i've made a list of 10 things I do each day to ensure that I've set myself up as much as possible for a successful working day. I hope you guys can find something useful to incorporate into your own daily routine if your looking for a little guidance on how to organize your workload.

 Discover the list RIGHT HERE!


40+ amazing digital downloads you can sell online! (CONTENT VAULT)

Inside contains a short hit list of 40+ amazing passive income creating downloads you can easily create and sell online!

Inside i've created a short list of 40+ great digital downloads that with a little practice and time you could learn to create yourself and sell online.


10 essential items and tools every #girlboss should have in her office!

Discover the top 10 essential items you need in your home office!

From finding the perfect office desk to littering it with inspiring and stylish office accessories we have everything you need in this guide blog post. 

I have to say creating a fully functioning, well kitted out work space has helped me immensely to achieve all the outlandish business ventures i've took on in the past 2 years and I know this blog post might be a simple one but I definitely think there is huge value in making sure that you've got all the essential tools and resources you need to kick start your productivity as you set your new office up...  

Discover the essential guide RIGHT HERE!


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