What to sell to make passive income online?


Yesterday we discovered 10 awesome methods for making passive income online!

And today, we're going to dig even deeper, and talk about the key ingredient that hides in all 10 of those killer methods...

Passive Income Products!

What the heck are those?? I hear you ask ;)

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Well 'passive income' products are simply the products that you exchange for your customers hard earned cash!

Unlike the labour intensive and time consuming 'traditional method' of manufacturing, packaging and shipping each item you create and sell, once you've created a 'passive income' product and you offer it on your chosen platform you never have to do the work again!

That's the beauty of a passive income product, once you've set it up, you never need to worry about designing, manufacturing, packaging or shipping that product ever!!

Now that you know a little more about what a PI Product is...

I want to explain WHY it's so important for you to *START* your passive income journey knowing exactly what product you want to sell online!

Whether it's a digital download, Ecourse, affiliate product, advertising space on a popular blog or drop-ship good from a fulfillment company, you need to offer something of 'value' in the big wide online world in exchange for the precious cash customers or companies will be willing to give you!

For example; 

It's no good (Passive Income Wise) building a super high traffic blog that receives hundreds of thousands of views per month if you have nothing to offer in exchange for the money your customers hold!

(Note: Even if you have to wait to build a following before you can offer your PI product or service, you need to have a clear focus on exactly what you plan to sell in the near future, so you can gear your entire platform towards that goal and reach it a thousand times quicker)

Just the same, it's pretty useless setting up a kick ass Etsy shop but leaving the shelves empty and dusted because you have no clue what to sell to your customers!!

The 'big' point here is that when it comes to making money from any passive income stream, you need to know what you want to offer your visitors in exchange for their hard earned cash and you need to get super clear on exactly how you're going to tailor your selling platform, branding and audience to that exact product!

I'm going to cut the bullsh*t with you right here!!

Anyone who tells you that it's not super important to think about what products you want to offer your customers *BEFORE* you build your platform, is quite clearly in it for an entirely different reason than creating a successful passive income stream and trust me if you ignore this step before you set-up your first online business you're making your life a whole lot harder in the long run!

Believe me, i've been down the long ass road of setting up a platform before knowing exactly what product I wanted to offer and who to target it too... and 2 months later I had to go back and change literally everything i'de worked so hard to build in order to streamline my business to sell the product I eventually decided to create!

Not fun!! 💆💆

So, If you're ready to take your first passive income stream super seriously then it's time to focus on exactly what you want to sell on your first online platform!

Ready to get started?

Watch the video below to discover a wealth of Passive Income Products you could create ONCE and then sell on your platform over and over again!!

Hooray Lady, I'm so glad you watched till the end!!

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So lets check out some of these awesome resources and tools that I mentioned in the video to help you explore and then get super focused on the exact products and method you would like to use to set-up your first passive income streams:



These websites and programs are the corner stones for making almost ANY passive income product including Ecourses, digital downloads, graphic designs for drop shipped products and design elements for blog posts and marketing material!

They not only give you the tools to create your passive income products but also design your own business branding and create super traffic enticing graphics to splash all over social media and the rest of the online world.

Although there are tons of graphic software programs out there for you to choose from I personally have used and recommend all 3 of the ones I've listed below:


Note: Links marked with an * are affiliate links and so if you decide to purchase that product through the link I will recieve a small commission. I never recommend products I don't personally use or love so feel 100% safe in the knowledge that everything I recommend is ONLY because I deem it worthy to recommend to my awesome tribe and never for monetary gain!


PicMonkey* - If you haven't heard of PicMonkey then you've truly been missing out. Out of the 3 i've mentioned I personally think that PicMonkey is the EASIEST design website for complete graphic newbies and it makes creating visually stunning branding, products and social media posts a breeze for almost anyone!

Try PicMonkey for FREE here!

Canva - I love Canva. It's super intuitive and if you have even a splash of graphic design knowledge then you'll find it super easy to navigate and use. It comes fully loaded with hundreds of gorgeous graphic design templates and once you get to grips with it's set-up then you'll loose hours having fun and creating gorgeous visuals with this website!

Try Canva here for FREE!

Adobe- I like using Adobe for more of the technical stuff that to be honest you don't really have to get to grips with at all when you're just starting out selling online but when you're ready to upgrade you graphic design tools to something a little more advanced and powerful then Adobe offers tons of awesome resources and elements that will skyrocket your graphic skills!

Try Adobe for 7 Days for FREE here!



As I mention a little bit about drop-shipping in this video I wanted to include a few options for you to look at and discover more about.

I love drop-shipping. It's a super easy and managable way to be able to offer physical products to your customers without sacrificing so much of your time manufacturing, packaging and shipping each order yourself.

I personally use Printful* to offer physical art prints to my customers that I created using the graphic design programs I mentioned above.

Printful takes the digital download versions of my prints and ships physical versions to my customers everytime they purchase from my shop, so it's a wonderful way to introduce physical products to your selling platform without having to worry about fulfilling the orders yourself.

(Note: Always remember to test and sample your finished products from your chosen drop-shipping company BEFORE you offer them in your shop or website. It's always essential to make sure that you are 100% happy with the quality of the product, packaging and shipping times when you are considering offering any form of physical product to your customers)


Printful - As I mentioned above this is the only drop-shipping company that I currently work with and I absolutely love how helpful, efficient and easy to use they are. If you're considering selling physical products online such as t-shirts, mugs, clothing, art prints e.c.t then I definitely recommend you check them out!

Printed Mint - I haven't personally worked with Printed Mint but during my research phase to find the perfect drop-shipping company for ME I came across this company and the stunning wide range of items they have to offer. If I hadn't of ended up going for Printful then I think I definitely would of gone for these so I think they're worth checking out!


Examples of some awesome (small) passive income digital downloads:



Art printables are digital downloadable versions of art designs you can sell online to a customer and they can download and print out themselves. Art prints can be super fun and creative to make. Personally I love this type of passive income product simply because with a little graphic know-how (i'm talking basic) and a great design website like Canva or Picmonkey you can create absolutely stunning digital prints that you can share and sell in an online shop. 



Creating digital download cards can be such a fun way to spend a few hours of your free time. Places like Etsy.com make it super easy for you to upload your card designs onto their platform and start selling to their audience in just a few days. From season greetings cards, inspirational cards and housewarming cards to wedding and bridesmaid request cards there's a whole host of niches and occasions you can cater for. All you need to do is get to grips with an easy to use design platform such as Picmonkey or Canva (or Photoshop for the more advanced) to start creating these fun and crafty digital download products.



Digital branding kits are simply packages you create packed full of super helpful design elements your customer can use to help layout their website, blog, Online shop or Stationary branding with much more ease.

These kits can include a host of visually cohesive elements to help someone style their blog or brand their online store such as logo designs, stock photos, call-to-action buttons, unique fonts, digital paper backgrounds and textures, even business card templates and letterhead designs. Note depending on the types of elements you include in your packages there may be some custom work involved that will require you to spend a few moments catering to your customers requirements.

For example if you include custom logos or business card templates then you may have to change the wording to suit your customers needs. Again it's up to you as to what you include in your packages and how much of you're time your willing to spend customizing your work. 

It's also important to note that creating branding packages can be quite a labour intense and technical process and you may need a number of skills (e.g. graphic design, photography and computer programming) in order to create high quality original packages your customers will enjoy. 



Social media templates can come in real handy for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to promote and push their products and brands. If you're willing to put in the time and attention to learn how to create them then selling social media digital download templates can be a super useful way to help your fellow entrepreneur and start or grow your passive income.

You can include a wealth of elements to help your customer elevate the look and feel of their business online including stunning stock photos you've taken, background patterns and textures for your customer to use in their social media posts, unique fonts and Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook vertical or horizontal templates ready for them to upload to Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva or Picmonkey and overlay with their own wording.

You can even include pre-made inspirational quote graphics that they can quickly upload on their feeds when they're on the go. 

Again creating social media templates does require a level of graphic design skill but with a little patience and persistence, you'll be uploading amazing social media packages your customers will love in no time at all.



If you're a super crafty one by nature then this passive income product could be perfect for you. Do you already have a nifty skill such as crocheting, sewing, doll making or macrame that you are exceptionaly good at? Then why not create fun and inspiring craft patterns for your fellow crafters to purchase and create aswell. Most people love learning something new and using your spare time to create products that will educate and inspire others is definately a worthwhile pursuit. 



Do you love photography?? Do you have a keen eye and a knack for styling that means your images always stand out from the crowd?? Then creating stock photos may be an excellent way for you to dip your toes into the world of passive income. Stock photography is again a super competitive game and getting your images noticed amongst the wealth of free imagery out there can be a grueling task but with a little determination and focus on building your portfolio and brand you could start earning passive income from stock photography in a few months. Again I want to reiterate that stock photography is a competitive game so do your homework on the best niches, photography websites and marketing techniques to jump start your earning potential selling stock photos.



Following with the trend of photography I just wanted to mention a smaller more niche style of imagery that truly appeals to small business owners and entrepreneurs. If you're handy with a camera and you know how to create beautiful photo layouts then Product Mockups could be a really lucrative way for you to make passive income. Product mockups are photos that help businesses or online shop owners display their products. Whether it's an print frame mockup, a tote bag mockup or even a ceramic mug mockup numerous digital download and drop-ship art designers love to use styled mockup photographs to display their product designs to their customers.

I personally love to use product mockups for my digital art prints. I can easily insert my art designs onto beautifully styled frame photos and hey presto... my audience gets to see what my art could look like if they printed it and framed it in there own home. 



Printable games and coloring books have been skyrocketing in popularity and demand on marketplace platforms such as Etsy.com. From children themed colouring pages to hen night and baby shower downloadable party games there's a wealth of different printable ideas you can come up with to entertain your audience and grow your passive income. 

Using websites like Canva and Picmonkey its now easier than ever to get creative and design your own downloadable games, quizzes and colouring pages you can easily sell in your online shop. Just like art printables and greeting cards you may have to create quite a few variations and options for your customers to choose from in order to start earning a good income from this type of passive income product. But if you enjoy the process and grow your shop overtime there's no limit to money you can make from your online stores. 



Printable invitations to all sorts of events and occasions can make excellent 'passive income' products you can upload once and sell again and again. Birthday invitations, wedding invitations, baby showers and holiday party invitation templates are just some niches you can use to create beautiful invitation designs to sell on marketplace platforms or your own websites. 

Downloadable invitations can be a super easy and fun digital product that anyone can learn to create and again websites such as Canva and Picmonkey and design programs like Photoshop and Illustrator make the design process so much easier for graphic design beginners and intermediates.

For tons of inspiration and to help you see the kinds of fun and elegant designs other have created in this niche then browse some printable invitations here on Etsy.com



If you love organization and you fancy helping your fellow entrepreneurs or busy working families keep track of their hectic day to days then why not learn to create super helpful planner pages or organization worksheets and workbooks that your customers can download and print out at home.

I love designing useful planner sheets not only for my store but also for myself and if you're like me and enjoy planning ahead then why not use some of that forethought and invest your organization skills into your passive income journey. 

Wedding planners, digital journals and meal prep worksheets are just a few niches you could venture into but truly the list of options remains endless as more and more people are investing there time and pennies into organizing their hectic lifestyles. 

There are a wealth of template ideas on Canva and Picmonkey to help you create beautiful, unique and most importantly helpful organizational sheets and workbooks your customers can purchase form you and download themselves.



If you have a talent for drawing or graphic design then this really could be your ideal niche to create gorgeous 'passive income' products. I personally couldn't be without all the amazing artists I buy from who allow me to use their designs for my own digital products. If you have a skill for art and you're willing to learn how to upload and promote your work then selling your artwork as vectors or clipart that others can use on their branding, commercial products or social media graphics can be a great way to make money from your talent. 

This again can be quite a competitive sector particularly on the most popular digital marketplaces such as Creative Market and Etsy.com. Uploading truly beautiful high resolution designs and clearly stating your terms of use with each clipart package you sell is essential to not only help build loyalty and trust with your customers but also to prevent copyright issues creeping up through accidental (and not so accidental) miss-use of your work.    



Creating your own fonts could be a fun and interesting way to spend a few free hours of your time in order to make a 'passive income' product. I personally have had no experience crafting my own digital fonts and so I'm limited in how much I can attest to it's ease and the level of skill you'll need to acquire in order to create this type of download. 

I love to purchase new and unique fonts on Creative Market* and on the websites blog they have tons of useful advice, tips and tricks on how you can go about creating your own designs for yourself or your customers to download and use. Although I haven't sold fonts myself, if you're interested in this type of digital product then I suggest doing your research extensively before you consider setting up shop.

Just as with every other digital download you could potentially create there will most likely be a steep learning curve and plenty of rules and regulations you'll need to uphold in order to safely sell you fonts online.

I'm not saying this to put you off... almost the exact opposite in fact. If you have a love or real interest in beautiful typography and you think font designing may be a fun way to create your passive income then by all means have fun and explore.

With patience and persistence there truly are very few limits to what you can create. Who knows I might even be purchasing my next font from you in the near future.   



Finally I want to quickly mention a few digital download products that I have fallen in love with since starting my online income journey and couldn't be without. Business templates such as bill tracking spreadsheets, budget spreadsheets, inventory and revenue templates, price lists and even resume templates are popular digital download products loved by so many small business owners and entrepreneurs all around the internet.

If you have a knack for creating easy to follow spreadsheets, perfectly laid out resumes or business focused workbooks then the niche of business related digital downloads could be the perfect place for you to start creating your 'passive income' products.

I love discovering and downloading super helpful spreadsheets and templates that keep my business tasks and to-do's lists on track and if you think you could create something in this niche to help your fellow entrepreneur tackle the day to day hassle of running their business or keeping track of their finances then I definitely recommend taking a look at the wealth of digital design choices you could create here and help your fellow girlboss succeed by creating the perfect product to help them out!


(Big Digital Products) - ECOURSES AND WORKBOOKS:

Teaching aids such as ecourses and workbooks are great online products you could try your hand at if you fancy helping other people learn how to achieve something or acquire a new skill you've already got.

Building an engaged audience for these kinds of products can take alot more time in contrast to selling smaller digital downloads, as your audience will need to learn to trust you, your knowledge and your teaching style before they invest in purchasing a course or workbook you've created.

Fairly established bloggers and website owners can do particluarly well with these types of products, especially when they've built an audience within a particular niche that they know alot about.

Business bloggers, craft bloggers, beauty bloggers and so many other education inspired websites offer a wealth of different ecourses, workbooks and ebooks that they're customers can purchase for an in-depth teaching experience to help them achieve their goals.

Retail prices for these types of passive income products on average vary depending on how big and comprehensive the ecourse or workbook is but you can expect to offer a high quality ecourse in a strong niche from anywhere of £50 - £1000+.  

This awesome blog post by Tomas Laurinavicius, lists 10 of the most popular platforms you can use to host your online courses:

Further Reading - 10 Platforms You Can Use To Host Your Online Courses   


EBOOKS - FICTION & Non-Fiction

If your a creative person and you like to put pen to paper (or keypad to computer) then writing ebooks and selling your stories on ebook platforms such as Amazon KDP, Smashwords and Nook might be the perfect place for you to start your passive income journey. I'm not going to lie to you competition for selling ebooks online can be fierce but if you do your homework and you're willing to put in the effort and time this can be a really enjoyable way to express your creative writing passions and receive royalty income along the road.  

These are just 3 of my favourite ebook selling platforms, check them out to learn more about them :

Amazon KDP




Now that you've got some awesome ideas of some passive income products you could offer on your online platforms, I want you to download the FREE quiz "Create Your Perfect Passive Income Product" here and choose 3-5 potential products you would like to create and put them to the 12 question test!



Don't forget to read my blog post on 15 of the most popular passive income products you can create and sell online to give you even more options and help you pin point the exact type of PI product you want to offer on your first platform!

Further Reading - 15+ Amazing Passive Income Products you can Create and Sell Online!



For the next lesson I want you to have chosen at least one type of passive income product that you would like to create and start thinking about what platforms would be best to sell it on...

(e.g independant platforms such as your own website or blog or marketplace platforms such as Etsy, Creative Market and Amazon)

Why??... Because where you're going to sell your kick-ass (easy to maintain) Passive Income products, is going to be what lesson 3 is ALL about!!!!


See You Tomorrow!